Wednesday, 8 January 2014

What We Got For Christmas 2013

Generic 'Christmas gift haul' here! Enjoy. 

This year on Christmas day I had nothing to open in person as my gifts from Jake I already had! He got me a lovely little dog Pandora charm that looks just like our Baker to sit next to the J,D and heart that were already on my bracelet. He also got me a new pair of jeans, some underwear, Soap and Glory hand wash and moisturizer set and is getting an old photo of my Granda at a sheep market blown up to hang on our wall for me. (Since writing this he has also bought me another Disney Couture necklace and Disney agenda that will feature in my Disney collection post at the end of the month. )

Due to having to work over the Christmas this year we didn't get to see my parents until the 27th which is when we did our gift exchanging with them. 
As always, I got far too much from my parents for a 23 year old but I am obviously, immensely grateful. Among the goodies was a box of Lush products, 3 Disney charms for my Pandora, socks, leggings and a hoodie, some Minnie Mouse slippers, sweeties, Disney Classic DVDs(for my collection), some skincare items and of course my phone which I got in November.

My favorite gifts will forever be the practical ones, like health and beauty products and socks as I need and use them but begrudge buying them myself haha
Thank you Mam, Dad and Jake. Oh and I can't forget Nana who gave us money to fill our freezer and cupboards for quite a while.

It's kids that make Christmas fun, exciting and joyful or so most people say. It's true, but in our house it's the animals that light up our day - especially special days.
If I were the type that had no self control and didn't possess a sensible head when it came to money I could of easily bought out the whole of Pets at Home for my little guys but when they already have so many toys and treats I didn't go too mad at all.

From us Baker got a selection of Christmassy plush toys as well as a little sausage on a rope, a cracker filled with munchy treats, a doggy Christmas pudding and a stocking filled with a Giant Roast knuckle (not pictured as half demolished), Dentastix, marrow filled bone, poo bags (more for me than B-man!) and a chewy starfish treat. Then from his Granny and Granda he was lucky to get a lovely new 15kg container for his food, a selection of treats, a new ball launcher, a brush (which he hates!) and a lovely duck toy similar to his favorite toy from when he was a pup.

Unexpectedly, Bunny was so amazingly interested in opening and playing with his gifts, I was chuffed!
I'd looked into games and toys to stimulate a rabbit for a while and settled on getting him the Teach 'n Treat which was a great choice because he took to it immediately and actually did what he was suppose to with it. I also got him a rack to hang carrots/veg on as he has free reign of his room and hanging it somewhere for him to climb and get it is more fun that laying it in his bowl. The cutest thing ever was a tiny Kong especially for small animals, accompanied by a new fleece blankey and a stocking of wooden chews to complete his lot from Mam and Dad!
Then when Granny and Granda arrived my gifts were forgotten and he had a ball running through and sitting in a big tunnel they got him. He got a stocking of rabbit sweeties, some natural nibble sticks and a couple big bags of hay from them too and is loving playing with it all in his bedroom still.

There we have it!
A huge thank you to my lovely family and friends for gifts and cards from Baker, Bunny and I. We appreciate it all so much.

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