Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Who Do They Think You Are? #3

Meet this weeks stranger...
If you saw her in the street what would you think of her?

I showed this photo to a 24 year old female and this is what she thought.

Name: Zoe. She looks like a Charlotte or Emily too!
Age: 20
Occupation: Bar Tender
Location: Manchester, UK.
Hobbies include: Animals, Vintage Fashion, Irish Dancing!
Musical Taste: Indie Music
Other: She looks quite shy but likes to try new things. She likes experimenting with hair and make up and has tattoos.

Now here are the real answers from the photo subject herself!

Name: Kayley
Age: 24
Occupation: Supermarket Worker
Location: Newcastle, UK.
Hobbies include: Photography, Art, Live Music.
Musical Taste: Rock / Folk / Indie.
Other: I would say I'm weird in a sense. I always say what is on my mind even if it sounds crazy and I'm a big animal lover 'cause I loveeeee my kitty cats!

The judge this week got pretty close don't you think?! Did you guess anything correctly?
A huge thanks to both participants for joining my little social experiment and if you would like to know what strangers think about you get in touch either via my Facebook fan page or email!

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  1. What a brill idea for a feature! I'd have said she was an Emily or a Charlotte too tbh haha :)