Monday, 17 February 2014

Cruelty Free Cleaning Products

It's now been around 4 years since I consciously started to ban all items that had caused any animal a life of hell in a laboratory  from my shopping list.
As the (brilliant) trend of people becoming cruelty free becomes more popular by the day I thought that this would be a worthwhile post to write as many people I have spoken to are actively seeking to buy make up and cosmetics that aren't tested on animals but lack the thought about what their household hygiene routine includes - so here are my affordable, everyday cleaning items to give some inspiration.

There are lists upon lists online of  'cruelty free' brands, however the majority from my list are not listed and extra delving is needed. I research a brands name before purchasing and go though their websites as well as well know forums and non testing websites. I will leave corresponding links below.

Easy - The Easy brand is from well know Producer Jeyes. It displays a 'not tested on animals' logo on its products is listed here and here as being clean.
Astonish - Has popular items in its line such as the oven cleaner but other products in the line are less accessible, I bought mine from eBay. Their website confirms they are vegan and they are listed on the Go Cruelty Free website.
Dr Oetker - is a baking ingredient company and is suitable for vegetarians.
Asda - Along with a big percentage of top supermarkets Asda do not test or commission tests on any of their own brand products. See here and here.
Tesco - As above. See here and here.

For floor and glass cleaning I use a steam cleaner and my water has only been tested on my own animals after coming from the tap and being put through a water purifier! haha
Overall you'll see that all of that costs me less than £15.00 whereas the top name brand items, at the same size/ content (including those in place of what I use my steamer for) comes to over double that!

The reason I choose to use the above brands rather than popular clean brands such as Bio-D and Ecover is simply because I am not made of money and they are harder to get your hands on!
I hope you found this somewhat helpful and even convinced people who use the likes of Johnson & Johnson, Proctor and Gamble etc that picking up Asdas own brand of washing powder not only saves you money, but doesn't hurt bunnies (and it works just as well before you argue otherwise! :P)

No excuses! Buy cruelty free okay?!


  1. Great post! I still live at home but when I move out I'll need to make sure all my cleaning products are CF! A lot of Co-Op cleaning stuff is suitable for vegans and are all BUAV Approved which is great! Now following you, saw you on the CF blogger facebook group! xx

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I heard co-op stuff is good but we haven't one anywhere near us :(
      I'd like to try it sometime though.
      Have followed back :) Look forward to reading more of your blog.

      Best wishes, Danielle.

  2. This is such a brilliant post Danielle! I think it's important that you've not only highlighted the fact that these products are cruelty free, but also that they're a cheaper and safer alternatives too, so it's a win-win, for both you and the furry friends you'll be saving :)

    Claire xo

  3. Great post as cleaning products are next on my hit list - and Poundland it is - thats fab - savings, financially and animal :) - Happy x

  4. Thanks Fab post as cleaning products are next on my list, am thrilled they are affordable and also saving our bunnnies :) x

  5. I've been meaning to educate myself on cruelty free cleaning products so this is a massive help :) thanks, Danielle!x

  6. I always love to see a cruelty-free post. One thing I would say, is to be careful with Tesco. "This product is not tested on animals" doesn't necessarily mean that a) the ingredients weren't, or b) that other brands in that company's range aren't tested on them. We have a pack of Tesco brand soaps at home, which turned out to be made in China.

    Sainsbury's own-brand is BUAV-approved, though. If there's one near you, you can be absolutely sure that their products aren't tested. :) Or M&S if you're feeling fancy!

  7. Astonish anti-bac is available in Savers as are many Astonish products. Also Superdrug own brand is a good one