Monday, 24 February 2014

Finishing Touches Wishlist // Living Room*

It's now reached the 3 month mark of our moving into the new place and things are still coming together.
My kitchen is complete, apart from tiny nic-nak type of thingy'm'bobs that I'd like to add eventually and the bathroom is fine too. Our 'study' is of course Bunny's bedroom and the spare room, Bakers so that's another two rooms I don't really need to touch.
Our bedroom is on the back burner, last priority as noone needs to see it and it needs alot to make it presentable (a bed for our mattress to go for a start haha) but we're in no rush to do that just now. So that leaves the living room of which I've complied a tiny wish list of 'finishing touch' pieces I'd like to tick that room off the to-do list.

All of my furniture and accessories in our sitting room are old fashioned, or so people say. Both my TV unit and prized cabinet were sourced from the British Heart Foundation shop and are both beautiful, sturdy and old. They don't seem to make the style I like anymore so I have to hunt to find awesome stuff.  Alot on the above mood board are examples similar to what I'm after because of that fact.

Victorian Library Chair  at £300 it's just a smidgen over our budget...ha! But this is the style I like. I've also been looking at chesterfield arm chairs but I think with our one two seater sofa a more delicate, wooden seat would suit the space better.

Toile Print Cushion When working my first ever job, as an interior design consultant, I fell in love with Toile de Jouy. I remember one woman in particular who papered practically her whole house in Lewis and Wood toile - jealous! This one in particular is especially lovely because of the pretty bird on in!

Herringbone Tweed Cushion We already have a lovely woolen tartan thrown to make the sofa more snuggley but it really lacks in cushions. I like plain, traditional things that are practical to use (easing my sore back) so this is lovely. Maybe I'll whip the sewing machine out and make my own as this is a little pricey too!

Tiffany Style Roman Hanging Lamp Lamp shades are my worst shopping nightmare. The first house we lived in was fully furnished and had awful square paper lantern type shades and this house and the previous one had none so I left it that way. However a bulb just hanging isn't the classiest sight and so this shade is the most fitting I could find.

Round Lamp Table I love this! It's the perfect size and shape to sit at the end of our sofa for Jake to rest his mug of tea and Xbox controller haha. The only thing is that it isn't the same colour as the rest of our wood...

Mounted Red Deer Antlers Okay, so not everyones cup of tea and probably a controversial point when I am against animal cruelty etc. However, the site these come from is a reputable company, passionate about natural history and protecting our planet by supporting the WWF. Most of these pieces come from old, diseased, road killed or accidental death animals and personally I think they are beautiful. 

'We're All Mad Here' Cushion What would any room in my house be without a little Disney hint. I suppose my living room has more than a hint already with it taking over my mantle and my display cabinet but this is so subtle and I did mention I need lots more cushions! (Psst there are alot more designs and quotes to choose from or personalize, check them out!)

Personalized Canvas Here is another thing I plan to DIY. My Mam got a lovely present from a colleague as part of the 'Secret Santa' game this past Christmas. It was a framed 'heart' made up of words all about her. I want to create something similar although more in the style of this canvas shown.

Ornate Mirror Oh now this is something that will bug me forever. I missed out on the chance of the most beautiful mirror, almost identical to this, for less than £60.00 in T K Maxx a few months ago. I wish we had had the money to of just bought it then and there because I didn't even want to leave the shop without it but alas, poor girl problems! When I went back with my parents after Christmas to show them the style I was after it was gone. Inevitable but gutting all the same.
Anyways, this one is very pretty and would tie in with the colour of our fireplace nicely...again a hefty price tag though.

I think with these items my room would finally be complete and make this even more the place we'll call home for a while now. 
It's been quite a while since I went internet window shopping for one of these posts and I've enjoyed it, so maybe I'll do another for the bedroom soon... Keep an eye out!


  1. I'm also in the process of decorating our home! But I'm leaning more towards the upcycling of old furniture found in thrift shops to make it my own. That's the plan anyway. Let's see how well that goes.

    1. Awesome! /it's the best way! Like I say all of the furniture we have so far is second hand either from charity shops or hand me downs from family. It gives a room a story and more character I think :)
      Would love to see how you get on.

  2. I love the antlers. Looking for some myself. Do you have the website name?

    1. If you click the link it'll take you straight to the website! :D

  3. Hmm some nice things and i'm suprised that the mirror is Next lol but i like it :)

    1. I know! Your fav eh. See if they have it in store to have a better look at :)

  4. Ohhhh wow Danielle, your living room will be absolutely beautiful if this is your style! Such gorgeous, rustic pieces and I actually agree with you regarding the antlers, they're fantastic looking! I would literally love to buy them just to hang jewellery on them :) Do you ever venture onto They also do personalised pieces and they have such gorgeous items on it! Ahhh this is such a brilliant post, I'm now inspired to give my wee student room a bit of a rejuvenation too!

    Claire xo

  5. This is exactly the style I would have guess you would have! I love it. =)

    Corinne x