Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project 52 // January

Well I'm back with silly photos from my personal life to bore you with again!

If you remember/were here, last year you will of seen that I completed a full Project 365, from January 1st 2013, over on my photography blog theSweetness:365. Each month I shared a summary post on this blog and seeing as I couldn't give the photo blog up cold turkey, you get the pleasure of seeing even more pointless photos - this time a Project 52!

I would of loved to of done another full year however with the amount of time and effort I already put into Underland to Wonderland, theSweetness:365 became overly stressful sometimes. 1 photo a week I can manage no problem and it still helps to document my life.

Here is the first month worth of photos. To read what I got up to each of those weeks, click here!


  1. oooh that leaf photo is amazing... it looks magical!

    1. Thank you :)
      Frost and snow are so pretty to photograph, shame they're so cold! ha x