Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Review // The Most Wonderful eBay Diary

After Christmas I was browsing online for a unique Disney themed diary. There were a few dotted around the inter-webs but they were either too cartoon like or too common - I like things out of the ordinary!
Then I stumbled upon this beaut.
It was from the Sellzzang shop on eBay which is based in Korea, so you know it's gonna have some super cute stuff! I'm usually rather skeptical about buying on eBay, I don't know why, but Jake got it for me as a late Christmas gift as it was just too perfect for me to pass up.
Ordered on 3rd of January it took until 18th to get here (that was a Saturday and I was at work so had to wait until the 20th to go pick it up from the Post office booo) which is an okay shipping time when you think how far it is travelling to get to you.

Once converted to pounds it cost me £12.51 with free shipping. I thought that it was a little expensive for a diary alone but when you look in the likes of WH Smith and Paperchase I guess that seems to be about the going rate so I'm happy with that, again considering the over seas shipping.
I'ts well worth it anyway. The little book is crammed with lots of useful pages and surprises. It is undated and therefor can be used any year or starting on any month and I will most defiantly be purchasing another, although a different style, for next year. 
The beginning has monthly overviews, just like a calender, then following is the weekly planner with a 'Monthly Cash Accounts' (super awesome if you run a home and like to keep track of your bills etc) page at the start of each month. Mixed in the middle of the book are lovely little snippets from the original story, original artwork and space for your notes or doodles as well as a very helpful and useful  Daily Record section. There are a few little list and personal pages at the back too. 

Did I mention it comes with stickers?! haha Not only does it come with month tab stickers for you to label the sections as you use them, it also comes with all these super traditional, beautiful, Alice in Wonderland style postage stamp stickers.
I love it all. The quality and style of the diary itself is more than what I was looking for and the seller I bought from was fab. It was even wrapped up neatly in bubble wrap inside the envelope to keep it all safe.

Some of you are probably thinking, ' Why are you telling us about a diary in February?!' and the truth is I forgot all about these photo's I'd taken until Leona commented on my Life Lately post asking about it. After a little twitter banter shes snapped one up for herself so I though if she liked it...maybe you will too.


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! I love anything Alice In Wonderland themed, and this diary is just so perfect. I'm really trying to stop spending money on myself at the moment what with a busy birthday month coming up, but I'm oh so tempted by this!

    Steph x
    Lay It Bare

  2. I need this diary! I don't even care that we're almost 3 months into the year I need it! Haha it's just too beautiful to pass up!
    Kloe xx

  3. Wow it is gorgeous ... so unique with really beautiful pictures! Worth the wait I think x

  4. That looks a really handy and useful diary - mines a Star Trek one, to go with my love for the show although I really should use it more than I should!

  5. This looks like the ultimate planner! What a great find, thanks for sharing! x

  6. It looks so beautiful! This makes me want it even to hurry up and arrive even more!x