Friday, 28 February 2014

Who Do They Think You Are #4

Are you ready to judge this stranger by their appearance?

A 20 Year Old, Female thought this: Name: She looks like an Abby or Lucy. Age: About 15/16, so still in school. Location: A small-town type area. Occupation: [see age] Hobbies: Watching films, hanging out with her friends, sleepovers etc. Musical Taste: I'd have to say rock / indie / alternative etc. General Statement: Very pretty face! Even though shes not really smiling she has good defined features. Looks like a nice girl! Not plastered in too much makeup. Not in a low cut dress or anything. Not that im dissing those sorts of things but this experiment is based on judging by looks and I would say she's probably an intelligent, well rounded girl with her head screwed on. Just needs to smile a bit more

And the true facts are...: Name: Cheryl. Age: 22. Occupation: PGCE Student /JD Wetherspoon Associate. Hobbies: I play Ukulele. I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I draw and write LOTS. Musical Taste: I'm quite varied. From Punk to Classical. Although I'm really into folk and Acoustic stuff at the moment, especially Keaton Henson. General Statement: I never really know what to say about about myself. I'm a general nerdy oddball, I guess.And I'm cool with that.

A huge thanks to both participants for joining my little social experiment and if you would like to know what strangers think about you get in touch either via my Facebook fan page or email!