Wednesday, 19 February 2014

YouTube Videos You Need To See #5

The title says it all really. (Although, yes, true, one is not a 'YouTube' video) Here's my monthly list of videos I have enjoyed and wanted to share. I'll let them do the talking.

A trip down memory lane for all my fellow 23+ year olds! 

This guys awesome birthday surprise for his partner, prompted his high school bully to offer a heart felt apology over facebook. 

If only everyone had this attitude towards their dogs. <3

Here's something doing the rounds on the social networks recently and I was hesitant to watch it originally. I urge you to though. 

Not to go overboard with the 'Gay rights' shizz, and to be honest I don't care whether someone is gay or not. But this here, as a general speech, is amazing. 

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