Monday, 17 March 2014

Dear Danielle,

[Apologies for the lateness in posting this...I had alot of posts jump the draft que!]

Whilst exploring one of the newer blogs that I've discovered, this post caught my eye. I've seen people writing letters to their kids or even sometimes to a teenage self...but never this - I thought it was a fab idea!! 

So here I am, being unoriginal (for a change though I think) and 'copying' the idea. Please do make sure to check out Emily's original post here and peek through her blog while you're there. 

Okay. Here goes.

Dear Danielle or Darnell as you seem to call yourself in that silly little voice Jake and you use.

Right at this moment it's 22.04 on the 19th of February 2014 and of course you're making tea! Do you still eat so late? Even on days when you haven't got the late shift at work to blame?
Talking about work are you still with the KP massive. It'd be cool if you finally followed you're heart and got into some kind of animal care or something though and definitely in a nicer, more permanent home? There's no doubt in my mind currently that you'll still be blogging as so far it's been over 2 years (on Underland to Wonderland and over 4 in all!) and it's such a big part of you right now.

What about the babies? Bunny is at my feet right now, as I sit at the table it the kitchen and you know how sharp Baker is about bedtime so he's in the land of nod. He's been a little clingy today, just in his teenage phase I hope. Oh, and Bunny won Bark's and Bunnies Valentines Competition! I just found out an hour or two ago, yey for Bunny! Baker will be almost 3 now and Bunny 4, am I right? I hope everything is still as it was and they are both well and being good, the little tinkers. Ohh I hope you haven't been silly enough to cave into the temptation of adding to the family just yet...well unless you have won the lottery (fat chance, do you even put it on yet?). I mean the animal variety by the way..I know for certain you won't of added a human to the family!
This is becoming a little hard to think of things to say and especially to avoid the point of Jake. I'm sure you two are still strong as a rock but you never know what time brings eh especially with how snappy you can be! Remember that he was one of the best things to happen to you and although life has been hard it's been getting alot better lately.

How about Disneyland?! Right now I cannot wait to get back there and the whole trip being with Mam will be a lovely memory making time. The only other big event you have planned for the year is your sponsored dog walk and I hope your first time organizing a charity event yourself went smoothly!

It's taken me the whole time of eating my pasta, finishing to cook Jake's lasagna and potatoes as well as watch 3 episodes of Sabrina to write this so to give you some advice for the future - quit procrastinating!!

Love you, bye :)

That sign off line makes me sound conceited but I swear I'm not haha. You never know I might be having a bad day on the 19th of February 2015 and need something to make me smile, this being what Jake and I say to each other all day everyday (even when neither is leaving) will be sure to do that.
Let me know if you've done a post like this, link it below.
As always thank you very much for reading I greatly appreciate it. 


  1. I love Sabrina!!! hah. And I love this idea. It would be interesting to see how different your mindset is in a year. I might try this. :)

    1. Do ittttt!! I'd love to read it!
      I wrote it a while back as you can see and now looking back I'm a little embarrassed by it already - imagine what I'll say next year?! haha


  2. Wow I love this idea! Its quite personal and I like it, like a window in time.

    (Also so glad you still watch Sabrina, I'm not the only one :P )

    1. It's fun isn't it?! You should do it before you jet away!!

      Oh and of course. I have the full series of both that and Saved by the Bell :D