Friday, 14 March 2014

My First Charity Event...

Well technically my second. But my skydive wasn't that difficult to organize and only concerned me, so this is a little bit more of a big deal.
So yeah, maybe you've seen me mention it here and there over the interwebs but since January I have had a sponsored dog walk event in the works! This is just like any other sponsored walk however you bring your dog along and collect sponsors for them, isn't that cute? haha I'm really excited about it especially as it is raising funds for the Guide Dogs Association who (I'm sure you'll agree) are very important and a magical charity.
What could be better for a blind or partially sighted person to receive not only a best friend for company, but someone who will give them the confidence, mobility and freedom to live daily life to the fullest capacity possible?!

The facts
It costs over £5,000 to breed and puppy walk each guide dog puppy and the lifetime cost of a guide dog is nearly £50,000.
The guide dog service transforms the lives of around 4,600 blind and partially sighted people every year.
The guide dog service receives no government funding. 

So you see, little events such as mine are very much needed to help the astounding dogs and awesome people keep doing what they are doing to change peoples lives.
There are many other ways of helping such as donations, puppy adoptions, other sponsored or fundraising events and way more.

Obviously my event will be taking place very far away from the vast majority of you who are reading this, but that doesn't stop you from supporting us! I urge you to consider one of the above options and give to the Guide Dogs Association. 

Details of my event for people that may be able to attend are as follows -
Date : June 15th 2014 
Location: Berwick Town Walls (Berwick Upon Tweed)

No entry fee, but sponsor forms will be given to all who register and are encouraged to fill them up! :)

All dogs welcome however they must be kept on leads and you must pick up their waste.
Time and meeting point will only be given to those who register as this is a closed event.
To register email: 

For those who live too far to be able to take part or would like to support me, we have a justgiving page where every penny you can spare is greatly appreciated -Bakers GoWalkies - thank you!

I'll let you know in a few months how my event goes, but for now, wish me luck?!
Oh and yes, that is Baker is a puppy :) 


  1. Good luck!

    This is such a wonderful idea - I love that you've switched it around and it's the dogs that are collecting the sponsors! Well done for organising something as amazing as this - I've volunteered with charities before, but I've never organised an event myself. Such a wonderful thing to devote your time to.


    1. Aw thanks so much! I really appreciate that :)
      Yeah I'm the same - take part in lots, volunteer but just really wanted to give it a go organizing my own. Hopefully this goes well and I'll make it a regular thing organizing events.

      Best wishes x

  2. Ahhhhh! I heart this time a trillion!
    So great that you're putting this together. Not only for the puppies but for those that need a guide dog.
    As the mother of a Deaf child, it moves me when people go out of tier way to help those we normally don't think of. And even if my child wasn't Deaf-I still find this so moving! Cheers to you. I will be looking into the giving website later this evening.

    1. Aw thanks Kendwy!
      In the past I've been criticized for favoring animal charities but technically this benefits animals and people so I thought it a worth while charity to support :)
      I really appreciate your support!

      Best wishes <3