Wednesday, 19 March 2014

News That Made Me Happy #4

Uh, life has been getting me down lately so I knew it was time to share my 4th installment of  'News That Made Me Happy' to cheer myself up. 

I hope they make you crack a smile too. 

The Baddest Breed Proves You Wrong
We all know Staffordshire bull terriers are horrible, vicious, nasty dogs, actually, hold on that's what were told by the media! Staffys are no more dangerous than any other breed with the right owners and this is thankfully a story proving exactly that!
2 year old Staff, Charlie saved his owners life when the blind and diabetic John collapsed. Johns blood sugar had dropped as well as his body heat and hero Charlie then laid on his chest, licking his face and howling. This gained the attention of Johns son as the dog rarely barked let alone howled and paramedics were called. Another 5 minutes lying in the floor and John would of died. That dog is a dude!

Finders Keepers...Unless You See A Service Man
No doubt you've already seen this one but I saw this on the social network (that I dislike) and cried like a baby. 
Only in America would an 8 year old be so caring to give $20.00 he found to another family just because the father was in a military uniform. This kid is a dude! Watch the video here to hear how and why the little boy did what he did. 

Seal Adopts Photographer?!
I know that this feature is meant to highlight the good people in world but I can't help but include awesome animal stories. You have to CLICK HERE to see the full series of photographs and read the stories, but in short, this photographer was one of the luckiest people alive to be able to experience this kind of care and compassion from a wild animal. See, they're not stupid!

Just Another Reason Disney is Awesome
This story is short but sweet: My favorite cooperation in the whole world, Disney, has ended funding to the Boys Scouts of America due to their policies regarding gay troop leaders. BOOM. Go on Disney!

The Arctic is Safe. For now. 
And finally, some news that effects our dearest Mother Nature. Instead of posing high risks of contamination, oil spills and harm to fish and marine life, Shell (the multi-national oil company) have a new CEO. Why is that good news? Only because he's called for a stop to the companies exploration of the Arctic in 2014. Oh yes. Let's take that as good news. Baby steps are still steps in the right direction after all.

I thought I'd also include this quick video for you. 
Although it's not in English I'm sure you will understand what is going on :)


  1. I'm sorry life has been getting you down :( what a wonderful post though to help get out of the rut!

    1. Thank you! I just need one little thing to turn around my train of thought and get me back into an optimistic mood. :)

  2. Life has been getting me down a little lately, so it's great to see all these wonderful stories. Hope you're feeling better!

    1. Oh no, that's no good. I hope everything is okay. Always feel free to pop over here and read old happy news stories ;) haha x

  3. I hope life stops bringing you down soon :) sorry to hear that you're not feeling happy. :(

    THAT STAFFY STORY IS THE BEST STORY EVER! Yay for positive dog stories!x

    1. I managed to be productive and force myself into optimism. haha
      Isn't it just?! Just goes to show what being a good owner can do :) x