Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pet Pawtraits Competition Entry

I was so super excited this week to receive an email inviting Baker and I to join in on an awesome blogger photo competition: Pet Pawtraits with Animal Friends insurance.
Now I always research a company before taking part in anything and the first thing that caught my eye upon visiting their website was the words 'ethical' and 'charity'. 

''As of the end of 2013 we have donated over £1.5 million to over 230 different animal welfare charities worldwide.'' 

Whhaat?! How fab is that! They even give their employees a chance to be able to give a considerable sum to an animal charity of their choice through the employee of the month scheme...sounds like someone I'd like to work for haha.

Of course my little man is already insured but I went ahead and got a quote and the prices are very competitive for the benefits you receive, I think I'll definitely check back when Baker's is up for renewal especially when they donate such large amounts of their profits to help other animals in need.

Anyway, back to the competition. Basically we just had to take a portrait of us together. My regular readers will of seen the amount of photos I take of Bunny and Baker but rarely with myself included in them so this was gonna be a little bit of a challenge for me.
I'm not 100% comfortable in front of the camera and yet wanted my photo to be something different, showing my excitement for this competition.
And so here is our entry....

It was very difficult to get! haha But I am very happy we were blessed with a gorgeous sunny day yesterday which made the colours around us that little bit prettier. We took the camera and tripod along with us to the field, got the settings all sorted and then had some fun. :D Baker always loves his photo taken, probably because he's grown up with my lens in his face bless him!
I want to say a huge thank you to Animal Friends and Cassie for inviting me to take part, because if you didn't I wouldn't of had such a fun lovely day with my best friend and gotten some fab images to treasure.

Oh and here are some outtakes to make you smile!


  1. This photo is amazing :D I'm not surprised it took ages but it was definitely worth it .. you guys look like you're having so much fun x

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad you like it :)
      We had alot of fun and laughs...although maybe not laughs from Baker haha. We played frizbee, football and anything else to try make him jump lol

  2. Love it! It's a great photo, I hope you win!
    I also really like the one where you carry him, so cute <3

    1. Thank you! Me too haha There's a gorgeous new bed I have my eye on for him :D
      He's not a little dog but I carry him all the time ha such a softy.

  3. That is a fab entry! I hope you win, it must have been so hard to get that perfect shot.

    Good luck!

    Corinne x

    1. Thanks :D
      It was very difficult and although this is exactly what I was hoping for I really like it.
      Fingers crossed eh? :)

  4. good luck for the competition! i can totally feel the bond between you and your dog in the pics xx

    Pudding Monster

    1. Aw what a lovely comment - thanks so much! He is my best friend and my baby :)

      Best wishes <3

  5. I am not one bit surprised that won! Cracking shot, worth the effort...pure joy; well done & congratulations :) x


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