Monday, 24 March 2014

The Perfect Pet Lover Gift Guide

I have no idea where the idea for this list came from as my Etsy hunt originally was for cute Easter gifts for my anipals! Along the way my search has some how been compromised and turned from gifts for pets to pet gifts for people! Anyway, this is in no way a hint hint to the people in my life of future gifts they could get me...really, it's not...well maybe a little :P
I hope this gives others some cool ideas as to what is out there in the range of unique gifts for the animal lover in your life. (You could even sneakily email or post this on your other half's Facebook, you know, to put them in the right direction when they're struggling on what to buy you!)

1- Teeth Vial Necklace Right, first up is something I know will be very hit or miss (hopefully hit with alot of you I know who read this blog) but I find it ingenious. I have a little memory box, as does Jake, but we also have a separate one for little man and in the very bottom of it are his baby teeth floating around! Alot of people are grossed out when I whip them out but it's a dear memory of his puppy days and I think they are too cute! Sadly they're wasted not being seen and this is the perfect solution...definitely an ice breaker topic when hanging around your neck.
2- Hand Painted Rustic Wood Sign Family When we finally manage to get onto the property ladder this will be my housewarming gift to myself. I've seen alot of people with similar things, though none including the pets. What would be sweeter in the entrance to your home than a quirky introduction to who lives there? Love it.
3Pet Nose Impression Necklace Just Uh! How amazing is this?! Amazing is such a rubbish word but I was lost for words when I saw this. How perfectly personal and completely unique is this necklace? A dogs nose 'print' is just like our fingerprints in the way that a dog can be identified using it, so carrying an exact replica of your pooches sniffer around your neck would be a very sentimental thing indeed.
4- Custom Charcoal Pet Portrait Framed, up on the wall, pride of place. I know my pet lovers will agree with me that their little guys are like children and when I was young my parents had a portrait of me done which is on their living room wall, so why shouldn't I have one of Baker. There are alot of artists on Etsy but not alot jumped out to me. However I thought these ones were fab!! Very traditional looking and extremely well done.
5- Italian Greyhound Silhouette Pillow Well Baker isn't an Italian Greyhound but it's highly unlikely that I'll find anything of a Border Collie Lurcher cross! This is a pretty good match to his stature though and would be very well suited amoung the rest of sitting room accessories!

6- 'My Dog Rescued Me' Bangle, Customized with Pet Name. I don't often wear bracelets and when I do they are modest and comfortable. This bangle is so sweet and plain with just the right quote to match every true pet lovers thoughts. The best touch is the personalisation of your dogs name on the inside.
7- Dog Shaped Chalkboard I need this for my kitchen!! I love the nostalgia of a chalk board and this is a perfect version to suit our animal loving household as well as be different from the boring hanging rectangle. It comes in different breeds and in black too which I prefer.
8- Custom Portrait Illustration Art These are the types of things I see across many different blogs and always wonder how cute ours would be with a little dog and rabbit added to the family. Yet again there were a few different artists doing similar things but I found this to be executed the best. Of course I'd frame it but I also reckon it'd make a cool greetings card or business card!
9- In Memory/In Adoration Pet Illustration Yet another piece of artwork but I couldn't pass it up for this list. Crazy cat lady, dog mama, whatever, this would be sure to memorialize the love for a past pet or show off how much you think of them right now. Brilliant idea, really well done.
10- Needle Felted Sculpture of your Pet Now this item on the list is very special. It takes some real talent to create something like this, so much so I don't really have anything else to say. I would adore one for both my little guys. Superb.
11- Wooden Pet Photo Memory Book Last but not least the cutest photo album I've seen n a long time. I mentioned that I had a memory box for Baker and like the teeth it's a shame for things not to be seen. Displaying photos, tickets and vet cards etc in this and having it laying on the coffee table would make it so much easier to force people to look at! haha

And that brings us to the end of the gift guide. I have to point out that some of these do not ship internationally and are based in the US but I wanted to include them for my US readers. I'm sure you could always get in touch and ask about shipping options or alternative suppliers if you really liked something!
Let me know what your favorite thing on the list is. What would you like as a gift personally or what would you give to a friend?
I hope you enjoyed looking at this post as much as I enjoyed researching for it and thank you to all of the store owners for letting me include them. :)


  1. I've been wanting a pop art print of my pooches to put in my pop art themed office! :D

  2. I love it ! Wonderful and thoughtful collection. Sharon

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my very unusual pet (or baby teeth) Glass Vial Pendant Necklace Keepsake! I know it does indeed gross some out (haha!) and still so so many other people have me make these custom orders on a regular basis. I just wanted to point out to all of your UK readers that I do offer this service worldwide so just contact my shop if interested. :)

    1. You are more than welcome, it is a very inspired and unique piece - love it!!

      Read that everyone?? Uk shipping! Go get one! x


    1. Isn't it?!?! It took me FOREVER but I'm super happy with it. I just want all of it now... ha x