Monday, 28 April 2014

Baker's Easter Haul!

(Late) Happy Easter wishes from Baker!
It was a very happy Easter indeed for our spoiled little man with a little basket of things from Jake and I, a big box of goodies from my Mam and Dad and then his new things that we got him with the prize winning voucher from the Pet Pawtraits competition arriving after the bank holiday too! I get so much joy from seeing the expressions on his face when hes rifling through things - it's so much better than opening gifts for myself. 

Anyways, here is just a quick summary of what my little man got for Easter. Hope you enjoy the video!

Easter Basket from us-
Flying Duck soft toy,
Pedigree Biscuit Bones,
Pedigree Jumbone,
Pedigree Schmackos,
Rope Toy.

Barks and Bunnies  Forage Box-
Small Antler dog chew,
Natures Menu chicken treats,
Barks and Bunnies handmade 'Time for Bed' biscuits,
Chubleez Patchwork Elephant,
Kong Zoom Groom,
Gor Pets Quack Duckling (free easter gift!).

Do you treat your pets during the holidays too? What did you get them? 


  1. I bet he loved all his new toys and treats!!

  2. Wow Baker, that's a lot of good stuff! I feel bad that I only got Stella some new treats now! She does have proper presents on birthdays and Christmas and her Gotcha days though so I don't think she's hard done by! Love that Easter chick :) x

    1. Oh I'm just crazy, it's not like he needs any more toys or treats but my Mam spoils him like a child and I just can't help myself when new things come in at work as the pet isle is my isle haha!

  3. That is so cute! They always go for the fluffy thing! And it's good to hear you speak, I've known you for ages but never heard you before! :D x

    1. Oh goodness I hate my voice!! And I didn't realize I'd gotten my face on camera until afterwards and I had no make up on :/ lol x

  4. Aw how cute! He's such a happy dog! Mines got nothing for Easter feel bit bad now lol