Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Life Lately // April

Alot of dreaming and looking to the future. A little planning, as much as can be done, and some trying hard for good measure! I know this sounds so super vague and you'll wonder why I've bothered to mention it at all but time is the solution to most things, give me a little of that and I'll soon be able to share everything with you all. It will be worth the wait. 

How lucky I have been lately! After my two, yes two(!) wins of awesome artifacts from top detector Dave, we then seemed to extend our amazing luck by winning Barks & Bunnies Valentines Day competition for my little Bunny B (of which you saw our super prize package) and last month, after being invited to take part in Animal Friends Insurance Pet Pawtraits I found out that I actually won!!
I can't tell you how thankful I really, truly am because when we don't have spare money as it is, these wins means my anipals get spoilt like they deserve to. Watch out for a Muddy Paws haul of what we bought with the winning voucher! This was my winning entry by the way... :D

The sun yo!! Ahh how beautiful the weather has been lately meaning dog walks and days out are even better than usual! The good weather also brings more species of birds and the sound of them singing is my favorite sound ever. It really does make a difference to how you feel when the sky is blue and the weather warmer - I've been getting up earlier and everything! haha 

The children from round here. As if it wasn't sad enough that some silly person decided to tether two horses on the communal grass behind our flat, the kids are off school and would not leave the horses alone. Throwing apples at them, pulling on the chains and just generally causing them harassment. It was so sad to see. 
Of course with them being off of school there has been way more noise, alot of rubbish left all over the streets and there has been some completely unnecessary obscenities graffiti-ed  on some builders containers out the front of ours. 
City living eh?

Other stuff
- I'm now a moderator of a forum! It's a pretty awesome forum too that you should all be interested in because its for us - bloggers. Come pop over and say Hi, share your posts, give and get help with anything you may need and most of all meet other bloggers.
-Although we had to work over the Easter, plus being ill with a stomach bug for most of it, we got to see my parents and enjoy a quick bite to eat with them on Easter Monday. I'm looking forward to seeing them again, along with my 'uncle' and family this weekend!
- I don't like to make a big deal of it incase someone gets embarrassed but someone has not had a real rolled tobacco cigarette for 2 weeks now and has instead been using an electronic, cheaper, healthier alternative. I'm very proud!


  1. Thanks for the tip about the forum, I've just signed up! Off to see what's going on. Oh and congratulations to the e-cig user! :)

    1. Ah fab!! Hope you enjoy it. It's a good way to get help/advice/feedback etc as well as find new blogs.
      Thank you, I'm very proud of him :D x

  2. Yes the sun!!!! It makes me soo happy:) I'll have to go check out the forum when I get to my computer later! Sounds awesome!

    1. Ah as I'm answering comments it's busy pouring with rain! Boo. Typical haha.
      Oh do! I hope you join :D x

  3. Love this birdy shot! Congrats on all the winnings - amazing how sometimes everythin just comes at the right time! We were loving the sun & nicer walks but short lived & back to rainy, bright side means Bailey gets to splash in puddles a bit longer ;)

    1. Thank you! Birds are my favorite thing to photograph...well apart from Baker obviously. Baker's actually not a fan of puddles but was a little disappointed there was no snow here this year because he LOVES that! x

  4. Those kids sound horrible! I know kids will be kids but still :( Congrats on being a moderator for your forum! I'll have to check it out :)

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    1. Oh it's what makes me not want to have children! Or at least home school mine!
      And thank you! It's a very cool forum to help fellow bloggers and find new blogs and stuff :D