Monday, 7 April 2014

My Favorite Disney Characters.

As the title says, although I suppose they are subject to change haha
Also, this seems to be good timing with last nights overload of Disney on my timeline through the 'fill up Facebook' game! Enjoy.

Favorite Prince
As none of them are skinheads with a full beard - I'm gonna have to settle on the tall, dark and handsome Prince Eric. I like that he had a dog and that he is the only Prince who did not sing in his 1989 movie, The Little Mermaid.

Favorite Princess
Most Disney girls dreaded question! But for me it's simple. The original, from the beginning, legendary Snow White! She cooks, she cleans, she looks after the men and is friend to animals - me much?!

Favorite 'Wild' Animal
My first instinct here was Thumper from Bambi. With quotes such as, ''If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all. '' and the following quote, you can't help but love him. Plus he is a bunny rabbit <3

Favorite 'Domestic' Animal
Nana! From Peter Pan. I just always wish she had been able to go to Never Never Land too! Shes clumsy but cute at the same time and is so caring treating the children like her pups. I want a doggy like her when I'm older - although I might not use her as a servant...haha

Favorite Sidekick
Although there have been many through out the Disney decades and especially as of late with characters such as Olaf the snowman from Frozen, I think my all time favorite is Stitch.
I have to say though it's mainly through my interaction meeting Stitch at Disneyland in 2010 and the Stitch interactive experience in the Walt Disney Studios Park which I loved!
Of course the fact that the film always reminds me of my Dad with Stitch loving Elvis plays a part too...

Favorite Hero
Bolt! This scene is explanation enough. 

Favorite Villain
Captain Hook even if he is probably the biggest failure of a villain ever haha and I think his full name, Captain James Bartholomew Hook, along with his effort to be cunning makes him even more of a fool. Unlike all the other villains I actually like him as his pairing with the crocodile and never ending battle with Peter Pan make me more sympathetic towards him than spark any dislike like I have towards other Disney baddys.

Favorite Female
Alice. I want to be her so much! Even if I had to fight a Jabberwock as in the Tim Burton adaptation of the movie. It's not just the awesome adventures her mind takes her through that I love but her classiness and stereotypical British accent (which was also voiced by the same actress who played Wendy Darling in Peter Pan!), her daydreamer attitude paired with her Victorian life make her the most endearing young girl.

Favorite Male
Does Captain Jack Sparrow count...?
Favorite Couple
Aside from the obvious and epic Minnie and Mickey, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen come a close second. It's not long since I actually got up the courage to put myself through the emotional ride that is 'Up', but they immediately became my relationship inspiration. 

Favorite Duo
Timon and Pumba of course! Possibly the funniest characters in Disney history and from my favorite childhood movie. I also met Timon at Disneyland and he was pretty gangsta! haha

Favorite Family
The Banks family from Mary Poppins, even more so after watching 'Saving Mr Banks' and finding out the true story behind that movie. I love the fact that it shows a family that isn't perfect and the tribulations that were went through to become a closer family unit. Mr Banks, despite his initial bitterness was always my favorite member of the family along with Bert as my favorite character in that movie. Dick Van Dyke has never been better. 

So there we go, this took me weeks of taking my thinking cap on and off but I'm relatively content with my choices for now. How about you? Tell me your fav's in the comments!


  1. Captain Jack Sparrow definitely counts! He's my favorite too. Of course, that may just be because I love Johnny Depp. ;)

    1. How anyone can't like Johnny Depp is beyond me! :P

  2. Being a Disney lover myself this post was awesome!!!! I love all that you said! Bolt was such a cute movie! My favorite classic movie has always been beauty abs the beast and my favorite princess Belle.

    1. Thanks so much :D It was wasn't it? I sobbed through alot of it holding onto my dog haha x

  3. Replies
    1. I think played by Johnny Depp it counts twice as much :p x

  4. I would find this sooo hard to do. So much to love about Disney, but Olaf is definitely the best sidekick, or maybe Pascal from Tangled!

  5. Haha, this post lead to a discussion between me and my housemate about if other princes sing or not!

    Corinne x

    1. For all your Disney questions! Look no further than >> :D


  6. I might have to take part in this post... I also love Thumper! x

  7. Oh Timon and Pumba are my favorite! Ahhhh I love the smell of Pumba in the morning. I've never seen Bambi! I'm so missing out. That Bunny rabbit is just too cute!

    1. lol they have some funny lines don't they! Oh and I'd tell you to watch Bambi but I won't even watch it again...too heartbreaking.. :/ x