Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 29

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year. 

196.What's the biggest lie you once believed was true?

I asked Jake and he said, ' You mean what you still believe is true: that fairies are real.' That isn't a lie so ner ner Jake!
Urm, I can remember when I was younger someone told me I had been adopted. And although there are plenty photos me as a baby, in the hospital etc, I still believed the little poop heads.

197.In your lifetime, what have you done that hurt someone else?

Physically - I punched a guy in the face at a Reel Big Fish gig because he was getting too rowdy and scaring a group of teeny boppers.
Emotionally - My parents were very, very upset with me when I first moved away and when I first got Baker. But they saw sense and realized I was right in the long run :P

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198.What's the best part of growing older?
Being taken more seriously by others, although that's still not 100% true as I often encounter ageism. I think other than that, becoming more aware and appreciative of the little things. 

199.What's been on your mind most lately?

How much I regret moving to the city. I never understood why my Dad always says he would never move back to Newcastle. I thought there is so much to see and do! You forget that those things cost money and there isn't many places within walking distance. You don't realize that people down here are different to in a town, more street wise and less friendly - even the kids. 

200.What do you think is worth waiting for?

Your 'happily ever after'.

201.What chances do you wish you had taken?

I actually had the opportunity (many moons ago) to work at Disneyland as a photographer. In a way looking back I wish I had just of gone and saved myself being put through the things I would, plus being able to work for the most amazing organization on the planet! On the other hand though I always say I would never change anything as it in turn would change my life now and maybe I wouldn't have Jake or Baker in my life.

202.Where else would you like to live?  Why?

Oh goodness! As rural as possible!! If I had my way I'd live in a cottage completely in the middle of nowhere but I know that isn't feesable. I'm hoping a detached/semidetached small house in a village is in my not too far future.  


  1. I love your answer to 200<3 and I totally agree that growing older and being taken more seriously is great. I'm sure it would of been awesome to work at Disney, but there's a reason didn't end up there and you hve to trust in it in the end.

  2. I figure that there are reasons behind everything, so while Disneyland would have ROCKED I'm sure there is a reason your life didn't go down that road! It really is true that cities are not all they're cracked up to be. There are advantages and disadvantages to both city and rural living, I think.

    1. Oh for sure it would of been awesome but I don't regret it one bit!

  3. I love the idea of living in a cute romantic fairy tale worthy cottage in the middle of the countryside, as inconvenient as it would be! I definitely prefer living outside of the city though!

    x Hayley-Eszti |

    1. Wouldn't it be fab?! The inconvenience doesnt bother me as right now the cons of city living way out way the pros! x

  4. We moved a year ago to a small village. We have a wee shop that opens whenever the owner is free, a pub, a tearoom (in a cottage), a museum dedicated to the village round tower & a primary school. It is lovely, I went from travelling 60miles there & back to work in a city, from a flat in a town. Our life has changed so much for the better! We leave the house & head round the fields or to the forrest & my dog just loves it! We totally weren't looking at a village but the village, the house just fell into place. I am a big believer in what's mean to be, will be! Your time will come, right now you are just being prepared so you will truly appreciate your rural life :)

    1. Oh rub it in!! :P haha
      I fully agree with that last sentence. We will love it a whole lot more knowing what its like to live in the opposite!