Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Share the Love #10

It's been quite a while since one of these posts. I think it's over due.

Jumping right in, the main point of this and originally the reason I planned to do this post was to bring to your attention two blogs inparticular that more people need to read! I'm very much glued to them recently, constantly checking for updates and want to shout from the rooftops about how great the bloggers are! They keep me coming back for more after each magical post because of the stunning photography and admirable adventures...
These blogs are Life as a Rolling Stone by Anne and Rowan: Resident Zoologist of course by Rowan.
I admire these girls so much for having the guts to do something I haven't - travel.

Anne is from the Netherlands,where I first started to follow her journey, and is currently on an internship in Malta!
From her beautiful smile, bright sunny beaches and completely stunning architecture, the photos are enough to make you jealous. Along with her words about what they have been getting up to and hearing how interesting the history and culture is over there it's really made me want to add Malta to my 'To Visit' list!

Rowan is a high school friend of mine and after recently graduating in zoology from university has gone on a once in a life time volunteering mission to a nature reserve in Africa!!
I say it alot, but I really am so proud to call someone doing the things she is doing my friend. Reading her blog it's so surreal to know she is there and the photo opportunities she has had are truly enviable.

I hope that tiny passage was enough to convince you that you need them on your read list. Please do pop over and check out their online accounts of their travels, leave them a comment or two and tell them I sent you :)

While we're here and sharing some blogs I thought it would be the time to thank and share some people who have enjoyed certain posts of mine and decided to do their own versions!
- Taking part in my Weekly Wondering series is Martha from Quick Cheap and Pretty who is answering one question a day for the full year!
- Sharing her version of my 'Favorite Disney Characters' post is Charlene from Tartan Mouth with some very thoughtful and fun picks.
If you too have done a post that you have seen here please do link me to it! I love seeing your versions :)

Last but by no means least, I have a very special family to draw your attention to. There is no way I can sum up their hardships but please do go over to Mind of Kiwi's post and read up on their story. She has a Go Fund Me page all set up for donations to help re-build their lives after a devastating fire took all of their possessions after only 3 days living in the new apartment. Go and check out Kendwy's post for their full story and give if you can #ForNatalieGrace!! Thank you.


  1. Thanks for including me! Man, I wish I could travel like Anne and Rowan. I'll have to travel vicariously through their photos. :)

    1. You are more than welcome.
      I am loving following your answers and seeing how they differ to mine :D
      Uhh I know eh!? I am so jealous! x