Sunday, 11 May 2014

Weekly Wondering // Week 32

I found this set of questions, '365 thought provoking questions to ask yourself this year', last year and bookmarked the webpage. After having rediscovered it I am answering 7 of the questions each week  until I complete the year.  

217. What worries you about the future?
Being alone when I'm old. Hands down. I hope that I'm lucky enough to live with the person I love for a very, very long time and (as dark as it sounds) I hope for us to pass away not too far apart so neither is left to live alone. Is that a strange worry?

218. What one ‘need’ and one ‘want’ will you strive to achieve in the next twelve months?
We both need and want to find new jobs and relocate in the next year. I'll tell you all more about why as soon as I can but it's most certainly important for our happiness as well as safety and well being to get out of the place we currently live. 
I would also love to be on the road again!

219. What life lessons did you have to experience firsthand before you fully understood them?
I don't know whether it classes as a life lesson or not, but fully trusting my parents opinion could be the answer to this! They always told me that they didn't like a certain person and worried about me all the time. I then wasted 7 years and experienced awful treatment until I finally realized they were right! 

220. Do you like the city or town you live in?  Why or why not?
NO!!! Newcastle itself if a nice city overall, to visit. But after you have lived in the suburbs and experienced true city life, when you're originally from a small town, you see the true Newcastle. The people are so 'streetwise' and forward about everything, the kids act older than their age and are allowed so much more freedom than they should at that age. There are too many flats and buildings, noise all the time and no where near enough places to explore and adventure to with Baker. I could go on but I don't want to see ungrateful for having a roof over my head and a job that is a 15minute walk away!

221. What’s the best part of being you?
The friends and family that surround me. 

222. When you look back over the past month, what single moment stands out?
This lovely trip and the following day when Jake, My Dad, My 'Uncle' and Matt went to Newcastle's last home match and then we went for a meal afterwards. It was lovely to catch up with my second family.

223. What do you do to relieve stress?
Watch YouTube videos, especially the Shaytards. 
Have a bath, preferably with Lush goodies!
Eat chocolate, while watching a Disney movie.


  1. Being alone when old definitely. Glad you answered these its always refreshing hearing someone else's feeling.

    Meg | Meghan Silva's Blog

    1. It's scary to think of isn't it? Thank you! I enjoy reading similar posts from others too :)

  2. 219 all the way!! That has happened to me so many times with my parents. Even to this day they can read people better than me and I now go to them and ask for advice willingly that I understand it!

    1. I think it's something all kids/teens go through and have to learn - parents really are (almost) always right! haha

  3. Shame you don't like living in Newcastle, I lived in Byker and Heaton for three years and loved it (and I grew up in a rural town but i'm certainly not a country girl at heart!) - I loved the noise and the life, seemed so much alive from what I grew up with.

    1. I've lived it both Heaton and Byker too haha. Heaton was the only place that was okay. We just want peace when we come home from work - not screaming kids, blaring music and chavs shouting :P
      I'll do a post all about our experiences once we move for safety reasons! haha

  4. Thank you shay, and kaitellete, sontard and princesstard and babytard and rocktard and malakai the dogtard tooooo.

    WHY DIDNT I KNOW YOU LIKED THE SHAYTARDS? I'm basically obsessed with them and have the last 3 calendars, 2 shirts and a phone case. I can't wait to go home and spend my first day back in England catching up to 2 weeks of Shaytards! Rocktard is so funny now he can talk more. Funny boy.

    Corinne x

    1. Aw I miss Malakai. Its so amazing to see how far they've come though eh? Especially when being there from almost the beginning!
      You have some awesome vlogs to catch up on by the way! :) x

  5. That's not a weird worry at all! I think the same thing quite often.

    Baths and chocolate with Disney movies sounds like the perfect way to unwind!!

    1. It's seems since I've said this it's actually quite common which is comforting :)
      Oh yeah they are haha! x

  6. I don't think it's a strange to worry of being alone, intact I think it would be much stranger if you weren't, I don't think there's anyone that isn't afraid of it.
    Hope you both manage to find those new jobs soon and can leave where you are and that you're back on the road again soon, I can't imagine not having the luxury of a car after having one for so long now, must be annoying x

    1. That's good then. I always feel awful to think of older people living alone :(
      Yes, thank you, me too :) x