Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Who Do They Think You Are? #6

I had totally forgotten about this series and thought that it had been longer than it actually has since I last posted one, but here is our 6th installment! Place your guesses now! As always just get in touch if you'd like to take part by either judging or being judged :P

A woman in her early 20's thought this..- 

Name: ... He looks like a 'Steve'. Age: Definitely thirties. Maybe 33 or 34? Occupation: Between jobs at the moment. Might be good at something to do with creativity from the tattoos. Or sport?
Location: -..? Hobbies Include: Likes to travel. Goes to a lot of gigs. Left school young but not he's not stupid, just uninterested in the education system.
Musical taste: Bit of rock, but really a bit of anything with decent lyrics, sound and rhythm. Other: He looks like quite an easy going guy. He goes with the flow and doesn't let the world get him down. Bit of a rebel in his youth maybe, but he's mellowed over the years.

This is what our subject answered about himself! - 
Name: Ian
Age: 32 
Occupation: Promotions/sales surf & skate store/online marketing. 
Location: Nottingham UK now living in Malta. 
Hobbies Include: Street workout/Spearfishing & Free diving (both go hand in hand) & Meditation. 
Musical Taste: Chill out/ Hip Hop mainly underground/ rock / ka /reggae/d &b/R n b pretty much anything that's not mainstream c**p.
Other: I'm a positive person that loves challenging myself both physically and mentally I'm very driven toward traveling the world and living life as simple and mindful as possible in as many places as possible.


  1. Me next please still Danielle, gemma lol xx

  2. I love this it's such a great idea, can I nominate myself?

  3. Ooh this is a great post idea. Interesting to see how people judge you based on appearances alone.

    1. It's mad isn't it! The idea came to me when a lady on the metro was giving my chest tattoo dirty looks...little does she know I do loads for charity, don't drink or smoke and am actually a nice person! Apparently tattoos mean bad person haha x

  4. What a fab idea - we make so many judgements on what we see & yes something can be right but def a somethings you don't get from a first look! Interesting to see what people think about you from a photo

    1. Thanks! Yeah it always bemuses me how people reach the assumptions they do. It's also scary to think what people in public must be thinking...

  5. This is an interesting game, how can I play?

  6. +JMJ+

    I have the same question as K! How do we get in on the fun? =)

    Comparing my guesses to the first guesser's and then seeing the real answers was eye opening! We can tell a lot from first impressions . . . bu we can also miss a lot, aye?

    1. I love this series and everyone that has taken part thinks it's so funny! I hated my answers but it really is interesting :) I've tweeted you about taking part!


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