Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Guest Post // Belle's Dream Disney Wedding

Hi all, I’m Belle and can usually be found over on Part of Belle’s World but today I’m making a special appearance here for the lovely Danielle. Of course there wasn't anything more perfect to write about than the subject of Disney, who doesn't love a good Disney post? even better I thought I’d combine two of my obsessions, Disney & weddings.

Most girls will grow up imagining their wedding day to be the most biggest, lavish and huge event and that’s exactly what they’ll plan when the time comes, but not me, I knew that wasn't what I wanted, the thought of 100+ people all having eyes on me walking down the aisle, worrying about who does and doesn't get on when arranging seating plans just wasn't my idea of fun so before I even got engaged I knew there was one thing I wanted to do and that was escape the UK and everyone I didn't really want at our wedding and get married abroad, that special and perfect place in my mind was always Disney and that’s exactly what we did.

Way back in September 2009 towards the end of a perfect day in Disneyland California we found a lovely quiet spot to view the fireworks from and my then boyfriend made a dream of mine come true. Since I can remember being proposed to at Disney while watching the fireworks was, in my mind the most perfect, amazing and magical way it could happen and in that moment my dream came true, as a complete shock to me and it was just the start of even more magical Disney dreams coming true.

The hope, wish and dreams of a Disney wedding all started long before I was engaged or even close to getting engaged, for someone who loves Disney as much as I do there probably isn't a more perfect place to say ‘I Do’ after all Disney is the place where dreams come true, however I never thought I’d have this dream happen for me even after being engaged because unfortunately for me the other half of this ‘Disney couple’ actually has no interest in Disney, I know what you’re thinking, why did I say yes then? I know, call it a weak moment ;)
Within about a month of being engaged I just couldn't let this idea go, I needed to at least put it to him and have him say ‘no way’ rather than never even suggest it and regret it for ever, so I did and well you can guess what happened next.

He said YES, without any hesitation, second thoughts and doubt he told me if that’s what I truly want and where I dream of getting married then that’s where we’ll be having it :) this is why I said yes, he doesn’t love Disney, he isn't the most perfect person in the world but he has the most amazing quality every person deserves, he’ll do anything to see me happy.
We set a rough date, late April/early May 2012, it gave the people we wanted there enough notice and of course us time to save, as we were having a small Disney wedding, or at least that was what I spent nearly 2 years planning, we couldn't contact Disney fairy tale weddings until 8 months before to book our date so for now it was all just planning in my head, researching, lots of researching and making all the choices so when the time came I was ready to tell them exactly what we wanted and no wasting time or missing out, things didn't quite end up how I initially hoped and dreamed, DFTW department changed some of their rules between when I started planning and when I could finally book to do with what spaces could and couldn't be used and with things no longer looking or feeling ‘perfect’ I looked at other options in Orlando, Florida. In the end we chose to have our ceremony off Disney property at the gorgeous Cypress Grove and would return to Disney property for our reception or rather wedding meal and to finish the days celebrations. 
Switching our ceremony to Cypress Grove was a decision I’m so glad we made, the venue was beautiful, private and so peaceful and our wedding planner was amazing throughout, she went above and beyond to help make our day perfect.
We had 2 hours at our ceremony location which was about 20 minutes drive from the Disney area, we spent the time of course having the ceremony and then taking some of the most gorgeous photos with our amazing photographer Jason Angelini and enjoyed some delicious cake and champagne. 

The ceremony was perfect, with just 10 guests it was kept intimate and relaxed, I walked down the aisle with my 2 bridesmaids and mum to ‘See the light’ from Tangled, I can’t put in to words how special that moment feels, the excitement, the emotions and most of all the amount of happiness you feel is overwhelming, it was the moment it really sunk in that I was about to marry my best friend, the person I will be spending the rest of my life with, it couldn’t have been more special.

We headed back to Disney for more photos and to continue celebrations, it’s beautiful to see how special Disney cast members treat you and really make you feel like a princess and all the little kids are so cute with their comments, we had so many congratulations from everyone we walked past and most kids would be telling their parents ‘there’s a real princess’, one of my most special moments of the day was as we were leaving the Grand Floridian to go back to our hotel at the end of the day a little boy came running over and said ‘I just wanted to tell you you look like a real princess and are so beautiful’ he must have been about 5 or 6 and it really was such a special part of the day that I won’t forget, as much as I didn’t want a huge wedding here due to so many eyes on me it felt very special having so many strangers wishing you well and giving you compliments, there was no where else I’d have rather been.

Due to being such a small party we decided to have our meal in a restaurant rather than a larger space which worked out extremely well, we still had a private room but it never felt too big and empty, if you’re heading to Disney World anytime soon I cannot recommend Il Mulino at the Swan & Dolphin enough, the food and service we received was some of the best I’d ever experienced in at a restaurant and our guests still mention how amazing the food was till this day but not as much as they mention our perfecting ending to what can only be described as the day of our dreams, we decided to hire The Grand 1 Yacht to watch Wishes (if you've never been to Disney that’s the beautiful fireworks show that is put on nightly at Magic Kingdom) this yacht was stunning and I wish we could have just stayed on it all night, we had the most perfect view of Wishes, it was so incredible watching it with no other people around us, we couldn't have wanted anything more special to end the day, in that moment I never wanted the day to end, I wish we could have all been put in a bubble and stayed there forever, it’s going to take something incredibly out of this world to ever beat our wedding day for us, 2 years on and I still miss it so much and want to do it all over again.
Our wedding wasn't planned to see how many people we could have there, how lavish it could be, or to try and impress our guests with a huge venue with as much free food and drink as they could possibly have but it was about making memories, about having the most special people by our side as we said our vowels and started our happily ever after.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the moment when wedding planning and spending more money than you need to, thinking about every little detail and all the materialist aspects when in reality you should take a step back and just remember what the day is about, celebrating the love between you and your husband to be and enjoying your day as much as possible because believe me it goes by in a flash, you’ll forget so much, you want notice tiny little details and neither will your guests.
If you’re thinking of having a destination wedding or a wedding at Disney, then do it, don’t put it off because of what your family might think, this is your day and it should be exactly what you and your husband to be want not anybody else. I promise you it will be the day of your dreams and you’ll never regret it. Having a destination wedding especially at Disney was the best choice we made despite the sarcastic comments and judgement we received along the way like ‘oh is Mickey mouse marrying you’ ‘are Mickey & Minnie going to be there’ you say Disney and wedding to people and some just see it as a big joke, if I wanted characters there I could well have and would have, this was our wedding not theirs, we had the last laugh because our day was special, magical and what dreams are made of and not once have we ever looked back and thought we should have got married over in the UK with all our extended family that we hardly ever see.


  1. I just got chills reading this. First, what a guy! That is so incredibly sweet! Second the story...amazing. I love everything you said about planning the wedding for you both and your memories. That's definietly what it should be about. And lastly those pictures. That are breathtaking. And your dress was beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love this post! Your dress is so beautiful, and it sounds as if you had the most perfect day. It's so important to remember that it's your day and no one else's... I definitely need to keep that in mind! x

  3. Wow what a lovely post. Your wedding sounds wonderful. We also decided on a small ceremony, did a lot of things the venue kept saying "they don't normally do that" but it was our day - no one else's. We saved & spent money on the things that mattered to us & the memories we wanted.

  4. Thank you again for allowing me to guest post, I loved writing all about my wedding again :) and thank you Clare, Beth & Nichole for the lovely comments

    Belle x