Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Life Lately // June

Urm, just MOVING HOUSE. Uh. Packing, cleaning, washing, stressing and seeing friends before we re-locate on the 21st. I'm still looking for a little part time job, though Jake has actually landed an awesome job with amazing hours, perfect for us.
I've also been trying to juggle the blog making sure there are still good quality posts going up on time and have been gathering some pretty sweet guest posts to cover the next week or so, giving me a little breather while I'm so busy.
Other than everything moving related I had my charity dog walk this Sunday past and there will be a post all about that in a little while, so hang tight!

That it's now or never. As much doubt I've had and people thinking I'm crazy, I'm sure we're doing the right thing. I saw a quote online the other night saying, 'There are 7 days in a week. And someday isn't one of them.' We've had such a hard time living here, I actually detest it and the people and that is a strong, strong word, so Saturday the 21st is a day and it's the day we're doing something to make us happy. It's going to be difficult and there will be new stresses to handle until we're sorted but if you want to make a change in your life you just have to do it now.

That I'm starting to read alot more again. I eased myself in by re-reading the Harry Potter series. I'm currently just reading a few pages a night before bed, or in the bath (just whenever I can get 5 minutes to myself!) and am now 3/4 of the way into the Prisioner of Azkaban after a month. I'd love some recommendations, nothing lovey dovey, romatical please as I'm a crime, fantasy, historical type of girl :)  Hopefully I'll be able to step my game up on the reading front. Not as much as some of you '5 books a month' guys though!

Mosquito's, my never ending laundry pile and playing the waiting game. Now that our 'to let' sign is up outside and the 'neighbours' are aware we're moving they're pushing it even more with all the horrible things they do to us. I don't like it :( 

- Now that the move is common knowledge, I've realized how many friends I've made since moving to the city. Hearing the words 'I'm gonna miss you' means more than people think.
- I saw 22 Jump Street with said friends at the cinema on the 8th and it was awesome. 
- If you haven't already we would be ever so grateful if you would donate to the Guide Dogs Association in sponsorship for our charity dog walk! 
- I also saw Devils Knot Monday the 16th and it's not what I thought from the name at all. It doesn't seem to have had much publicity but fans of true stories and crime thrillers should check it out!

The next post to go up will be a guest post and the following 3 will be also, this is allowing me to take a slight step back and not have to worry about producing content for a week while the move is in full swing so I'd like to take the opportunity to thank my guest posters and tell them how much I highly appreciate the time and effort they have put into such wonderful post for you guys to read. I hope you all enjoy them and you had better get over to their blogs and show them love there too!



  1. Good luck with the move! I imagine it's a chaotic time for you!
    Hearing I miss you does mean more than people think, I'm with you 100% on that one

    X Hayley-Eszti |

    1. Oh it's the 3rd move in 3 years so it's getting rather tiresome :P
      Indeed it does. :)

  2. Good luck with the move! I hope you settle in quickly and find a nice job :)

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

    1. Thank you!
      I'm really lucky that I have the luxury of being a little picker with finding a job now that Jake has gotten such a good opportunity. If only I could find one where I could take Baker too...that would be the cherry on top haha

  3. Good luck with packing, I know the stress and the job of packing up as i'm mid way packing up our apartment for moving (hopefully) moving into the house we're trying to buy, exciting but hard work all the same!

  4. The mosquitos are horrible this year! They constantly go for my ankles :// Hope the packing is going okay. I really really really need to get into reading again! I miss it so much. I have a book I've started I just need to make the time to sit down with it.

  5. Excited about reading all your guest posts :) Thanks again for asking me to contribute! Sorry your neighbours are being so mean, what is wrong with people...? Sounds like you've definitely made the right decision.

    I highly recommend Tess Gerritsen's books, starting with The Surgeon! X

  6. Good luck with the move! Onwards & Upwards x

  7. Good luck with your move and the job hunt! :D As for books, I'd recommend Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and The Doll's House by Tania Carver. They're both really good suspenseful books. :)