Monday, 9 June 2014

My 2014 Goals, 6 months on.

June. The 6th month. That means we are already half way through 2014 and as always, time is slipping through our fingers far too fast.
In January I posted a 'Non- Resolutions, Resolutions' post documenting the main points of 2013 and looking towards this year and thinking of things I'd like to achieve, work towards or do more, and now six months on I want to reflect on how it's progressing. (You can read the original here.)

The first point?
'...Am going to do differently.''
In January this is what I wanted to do differently - 'I am going to be less trusting. I am going to try to be less emotional outside of my own home. And I am going to spend more time and/or arrange more outings and meetings with Jake and the true friends I do have.'

Now with this I've finally realized that somethings you can't change about yourself and that it's just part of who you are and so although I have been slightly less trusting with people, the emotional side of me just can't be changed. I had a lovely lady put a compliment into my senior at work and then come back to tell me how much she appreciated my help and I teared up. It's just me. I cry easily. Happy, sad, whatever it's just how I express myself.
On the point of spending more time with friends and stuff, I have made a conscious effort and have had people round to play monopoly and stuff even when we've not been able to afford any other kind of outing. Jake and I hanging out more is a little more difficult when we have Baker to think about. We can only go places where he can come too or someone has to stay at home with him. He can stay in the house alone for 3/4 hours but with the neighbour situation I'm hesitant to leave him for even 15 minutes. Hopefully we'll work on it more after the move.


'...Strive to achieve.'

For 2014 I said that I wanted to be 'Playing a bigger part in alot more fundraising and charity events. Last year I only took part in the Race for Life, adopted a dog with the Dogs Trust, put together a gift for the shoebox appeal and gathered  a hamper of goodies for my local PDSA.
This year I want to do all of that plus more. I am already looking into organizing a sponsored dog walk to raise money for the Guide Dogs association and welcome any invites you may have to events - especially those involving animals. '

So far this one is not as fulfilled as I wish it could be, however the majority of things I want to do are later in the year. BUT my sponsored dog walk is actually all go. If you haven't seen my incessant plugs about it, it's happening this Sunday!! (the 15th) So please, if you can spare anything, sponsor us through Bakers just giving page. You can read more about my event and where your money will go here.

And my little points...

Other goals.

- Reduce my salt intake for my health's sake. It is the only bad thing I do but it's still bad enough. 
Nope, I'm an addict. :(

- Start exercising more after my new asthma treatment starts taking effect and that is under control. 
Only walking. I'm looking into coming off of inhalers and switch to a more holistic therapy, so just now my breathing isn't 100% under control just yet.  

- Continue to spread positivity and inspiration though this here blog! 

- Spend as much fun play time, if not more, with my two B-Boys. 
At least 1 half hour play session at the field every morning this year. Most days another or two in the evening with Jake in tow too. There will be many, many more to come and maybe even another attendee in the future...

- Keep my 'finances' (lol, money and bills) organized and under control. 

- Perhaps be back into a position where I can have a car again. 
Almost. Hopefully by the end of the year!

So, overall, I feel I'm doing pretty okay at progressing with my goals for this year. It's refreshing to see alot of people on my social media accounts that have kept up and done well with diets and stuff too. Have you done well with your 'resolutions' or goals? Did you make any? Let me know in the comments and link me to your blog posts!


  1. I think you're doing a great job! I hear you on trying to get out more--I have to curttail my activities so I will be home thrice a day for feeding/insulin shots for one of my cats, which makes it hard to take off for a day or overnight unless I can arrange for someone else to be there. Hopefully after you move things will improve with Baker. :)

    1. Oh bless your kitty! I suppose it's the sacrifices we make to have them in our lives. I wouldn't change a thing though :) His Granny and Granda will be closer at hand to dog sit after the move though! :)

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job knocking those goals out and you still have 6 months left to go! :) I smiled when I got to the one about spreading positivity through the blog! Yes you are!

    1. Oh bless you, thank you. You are a big inspiration yourself and your blog helps me to stay positive!

  3. Well done you! I've failed pretty much all of my resolutions hahahah! Maybe next year I will do better :D

    -Amber xx
    The AmbiiSmiley Blog!

    1. Oh no! There is still 6 months to go though! You could always try again... :P