Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The 10 Best Walt Disney Live Action Films of All Time!

Being the serial drafter that I am, I started this post many, many months ago and never got around to completing it. It was so hard (yeah, I know blah blah I say this for all of these type of posts) but it really was. Not just the narrowing down of the 10 choices but also how to portray to you in words how much I utterly adore some of these productions.
I hope you enjoy my most recent 'My Top...' post. Let me know your favorites in the comments or if there are any you disagree with and why! 


Saving Mr Banks 2013
Gotta kick things off with the best movie I have seen in the last few years hands down.
I knew I had to see this at the cinema as apposed to waiting until it was available on DVD, although I predicted my public break down and so had to be okay with crying my eyes out in front of a theater full of people.
Of course I don't care and I in fact cried no less than 13 times through the duration of the movie. That in itself is a great indicator as to how amazing this movie was. I cried out of sadness, happiness, in sympathy and relief. The journey it took you through was portrayed so well, by the perfect actors for the roles and has got to be award winning in the eyes of even non Disney fans.

Oz the Great and Powerful 2013
This one got bad reviews at the time of release I remember - apart from my review of course. A fab mix of live action and animation as well as a cast full of endearing characters with the perfect dash of sentimental stories. I can't wait for the (so far) untitled sequel.

The Chronicles of Narnia 2005
Not widely known for being Disney productions (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian), the Narnia films are stand out favorites without the brand. Being from the classic children's novels that they were and involving talking animals in a fantasy land what's not to like?

National Treasure 2004
For the older audience, history fans and even my other half, National Treasure is by no means stereo-typically Disney but is exactly the type of thing I like to watch when not watching an animated classic. I'm an avid adventurer, museum visitor and conspiracy theorist - this movie allows me to do all that from my seat.

The Princess Diaries 2001
Having this on my list will probably be a huge surprise to alot of people that know me well, but I have something to admit; I'm a closet cheesy teen girly film fan (I have a particular soft spot for all of the Olsen twins movies!). I think the story to this is just so believable and actually something that will probably happen to me in the future...

Cool Runnings 1993
A Jamaican bob sled team, a lucky egg and John Candy. Need I say more?! Another that has humor to suit a teenage and above audience but also funny and suitable for the whole family, it's just a ridiculous, generally hilarious 90's movie and I love it!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey 1993
Remake of Disney's original 1963 movie by the same name, it came out when I was 3 and is a VHS I can strongly remember watching alot during the mid-late 90s. Another tear jerker, team work based, animal adventure story, it's certainly loved by many.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids 1989
Not so high on my list of favorites but definitely a classic! This popped back into my memory after my 2010 trip to Disneyland and my first time on the 'Honey, I Shrunk The Audience' experience. As with all Disney productions I think the movie was at the top of it's game concerning effects for its time, and the crew won a BAFTA for Best Special Effects!

Bedknobs and Broomsticks 1971

'Bobbing along on the beautiful brriiinneey sea! '
Angela Lansbury (of Murder, She Wrote) and David Tomlinson (Mr Banks from Mary Poppins) along with animated creatures, set in Britain and involving magic. I am so down with this movie. Uhh, it's actually like Harry Potter crossed with the Jungle Book, in the 70's. I really love everything about it but especially the live action, animation mix and the interaction between all of the characters.

Mary Poppins 1964
Does anyone NOT like this movie? Again I must state my complete satisfaction about the casting - perfect choices, awesome actors. Yet another animation and live action combination, you can tell the fantastical stories are the ones that grab my heart the most. This is one of my all time favorite Disney movies full stop and there is no more I can say except Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

I couldn't leave it at that. There are so many amazing productions and I just had to pop a few more into the mix. Therefore, honorable mentions also go to -
Song of the South 1946
The Santa Clause 1994
Flubber 1997
Snow Dogs 2002
Bedtime Stories 2008


  1. I reckon Bedknobs and Broomsticks is my absolute fave - I remember being a bit scared by it as a child but it really is such a good storyline and so well done! :-) x

    1. It's fab isn't it. I love the story even if parts did slightly frighten me as a child haha x

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes to all of these! Except I haven't seen Mr. Banks yet, but it's on my list. :D

    1. Oh you need to! I was worried they were going to ruin Walt but Tom Hanks did him justice :) x

  3. Raises hand and admits she also loves teen girly films, yes even at the age of 30, the Olsen twins films will always be some favourites of mine :) and don't hate me now but I'm not actually fussed on Mary Poppins and I know I'm going to probably be the only person to say that and for that reason I wasn't sure what I'd think of Saving Mr Banks which actually I ended up loving so much more than I expected and yes, I also shed some tears.
    I never really see people mention Snow dogs or Bedtime stories but I love those too, have you seen Eight Below? that's another of my favourites x

    1. I have! But it's too much of a tear jerker so its on my 'black list' of movies haha. Meaning movies I will never watch again or very Bambi and Seven Pounds!
      I only actually saw Bedtime Stories a few months back when I first got Netflix but it was awesome!


    I can hardly contain myself, haha!

    1. Well its Tom Hanks as Walt Disney but there will be photos of him himself there too! haha x

  5. +JMJ+

    I hadn't even known that some of these were Disney movies! I really love Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I presume that the lackluster sequel is not a Disney production? =P

    1. As far as I know the sequels are also Disney productions - proving Disney doesn't do it right every time! ha.

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