Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Go Walkies! Doggy Sponsored Walk.

As promised here is a quick post of photos from the Go walkies sponsored dog walk I organized in aid of Guide Dogs.
You can read the initial post here and it's never to late to sponsor us via just giving as the funds go directly to the charity!

It's now been well over a month since the actual event but I wanted to wait until I had every last bit of sponsor money in so as to be able to announce a total...I'll tell you at the end of the post ;)
I didn't take too many photos on the day but here are some I did, enjoy!

So hard to take a group photo with so many doggies!

So as you can see from the photo above we raised £170 in sponsor money!!! However, that isn't it...because of online donations via Just Giving, the final total was actually £421!! Wow! It's an amazing cause and I'm glad to of been able to organize an event that raised some funds for them.
If any of the participants are reading this - thank you for coming. There may not of been many of us but it was a lovely time with you all :)


  1. So many cute dogs! It's awesome that you organized this and wow you got a great amount of funds to help the Guide Dogs! I hope one day I can set up something for charity like this, I bet it felt AMAZING to help them out! :)


    1. They're all so adorable eh?! They were fabulously behaved too :)
      Thank you very much. I love to help out where I can!


  2. That is so coool. I think its extremely nice and great that you organized it. Love it& Well done !!

  3. Such a great cause!! And congrats on raising such a great amount.