Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Recent Disney Purchases Haul

Recently, I've been lucky enough to have a little spare cash for a change and of course that meant nothing other than treating my collection to some new additions. This 'haul' is collective from over the past month and is by no means large, but I wanted to share a few of the cool bargains I've found. 

First is something I've actually had sitting since we moved from Newcastle and have had it stashed away until doing this post haha. Although I'm not Frozen's biggest fan (I really like the film don't get me wrong, but I just don't see why such a big deal has been made about it...) I still had to have Disney bath products!
I checked the production company, looked them up online and emailed them to ask if they tested or included ingredients tested on animals and once I'd had a reply stating they were safe for my use I went and snatched them up. They actually smell awesome too!

Like any true Dis-collector I collect the Disney 'classics' DVDs. I collect any Disney dvd really but I NEED all of the one with the little yellow circle that has the number in it on the spine - to put it in lamens terms.
My full collection is with all of our other dvds in storage but here is the four I've gotten recently. With Jake's first pay check he treated me to The Little Mermaid which was surprisingly only £7.00 in Tesco (instead of £15.00 everywhere else!) and The Emperors New Groove and Basil the Great Mouse Detective for £2.99 each in the HMV sale when we went to Newcastle for the weekend :)
Using my reward points from these, with some I already had in my account, I got the only other Disney Movie rewards movie that had the classics number that I didn't already own. The Princess and the Frog!

Last but no means least is yet another T-shirt. I'm always on the look out for any Disney related clothing and there is alot floating around of late. However, I'm not a fan of these big garish bright cartoony patterns or many of the true movie scene prints so the Primark line is mainly stayed clear of. I find that George at Asda (where this top is from) and F&F at Tesco are the best for affordable, cool Disney gear.

Have you found any sweet Disney finds recently? Link me to bargains!!


  1. I'm also an avid collector of the classic DVDs... I currently have 32 :) I bought The Emperor's New Groove last week too! x

    1. Oh you've not many more to get! Dis-collectors unite! haha x

  2. Yay for new Disney DVDs, I love how we all understand and do it when it comes to collecting the classics ;) a couple of mine don't have the numbers on and it drives me mad, so mad infact I've considered replacing them!
    I love the Frozen bath products and the fact you were able to find out about animal testing and they were fine, big thumbs up to that company

    Belle x

  3. I'm not a collector of DVDs... if I had more money I totally would be though! :P That top you got is pretty awesome!!


  4. I love the Emperors New Groove, it my favourite feel good movie! When shit hits the fan, I grab my ice cream and that's what I watch :)

  5. OMG those Frozen products are soo cute. I want them too haha! You seem quite a Disney fan. I guess there's something about it that still makes us feel giddy. :D
    Love, Somdyuti

  6. Ughh I'm so jealous! But I got to educate two kids under the age of 10 about two Disney classics I grew up on, The Aristocats and Hercules. Oh, and trying to explain Greek mythology to a six year old is a bad idea lol :D

  7. I have that t-shirt!! It's so friggin cute! Asda have some amazing Disney tees in for both men and women!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland