Monday, 14 July 2014

Rock Pool Hunting at Cocklawburn Beach

With at least 4 beaches within walking distance of our current location, there is always somewhere to explore on a weekend. After our first full week here and Jake's very first week in his new job, we spent the Saturday having a slow stroll to Cocklawburn introducing Jake to another of the beaches, for Baker to play and to investigate what we could find in the rock pools.
It wasn't one of the super warm, sunny days that we have been being blessed with recently but it was dry so with backpack we set.

You can tell how much Baker adores the beach because the look on his face when he sees the sea is priceless. Once we were away from the road and his lead was clipped off he bounded straight towards the water. Jake then proceeded to take no less than 300 semi-identical photos of us jumping waves, throwing footballs and running to and fro, so it made my editing process even longer having to fish through that many. 
Sorry Jake, but I just grabbed some of the first few I found and of course one where my face wasn't showing seeing as it was a no make 'let my skin air' day haha.

With the beach increasingly filling with other dogs and walkers as the day ticked on we veered towards the rock pools and were presently surprised to find so many little creatures. Baker was so very well behaved and tottered nicely across the rocks not even splashing in the pools to disturb the wildlife - thankfully!
We spent lots of time oohing and ahhing and whisper-shouting, 'Over here!!' whilst pointing like maniacs when one another found something. There were little tiny fishes, star fish, anemones, wilikes, crabs and more.

After spending far too long raking along the beach and back we started the 2.5mile walk home and on the way again encountered many more of our wild friends. You're lucky to have that photo of the bee and butterfly on the thistle as most of you should know I'm petrified of butterflies. I flinched every time it moved! The lengths you go to to get a photo eh?! You can see the full set of cow photos, some of which I took on this trip and others I took when on a walk with my Mam, HERE.
Oh, I have to end this with expressing my delight at capturing a rare red status, Yellow Hammer on camera took. The photo isn't the greatest due to camera shake and distance but it's still a photo.


  1. I absolutely love your photography! Every post has some amazing photos!
    I love how much dogs enjoy trips to the beach, it's so cute!
    Kloe xx

    1. Thank you very, very much. That's lovely of you!
      Uh it's so much fun for me to see him have so much fun. The cutest thing ever!

  2. Rockpools are always so fun to poke around in. Kris loves to look into them and I quite enjoy looking at what he's found :)

    1. It's cool to see what kind of sealife we have in the UK too as apposed to stuff we're used to seeing on TV.
      Very interesting indeed! :) x

  3. Wow this place looks gorgeous, I haven't been to a rock pool for years and years!

    1. Oh you need to don the jelly shoes and get out to St Mary's Lighthouse! Some fab species of bird along there too. x

  4. Great photos!! Looks like an amazing place, love seeing how much Baker is enjoying it! x

  5. Your photos are really great!
    I think the butterfly is a cinnabar (sp?) moth (as mentioned by my boyfriend, I'm rubbish at butterflies and moths). I love the colours on it.


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