Friday, 18 July 2014

Underland to Wonderland Photography

I have a favor to ask.
I may aswell just come straight out with it! haha. Though it is free and only takes seconds of your time!

If this isn't your first visit to this blog there's a fair chance that you are aware of my photography passion and maybe even that I do/did/have done it as a job. I've written posts with samples from sets, shown the progression in my skills and even written a post quitting.
Even though I 'quit' taking photos for customers I had kept my Facebook page (JD Photography) to share wildlife snaps and such but in recent months had to delete it because of abusive messages URGH.

Anyway, since moving back North to a smaller town with more chance of meeting potential customers as well as being asked to do jobs by a couple people I thought it a good idea to make a new page and see what becomes of it.

I would LOVE if anyone that has ever told me they appreciated my photography would pop over and give the new Underland to Wonderland Photography Facebook page a quick like...pretty please?
I went from having 300+ likes to 50, so I'd really appreciate your support.
Thanks in advance! <3


  1. I done it couple of days ago :)
    I'm disgusted that you received abusive messages on your old page, I don't know what's wrong with people. I'm glad you set up a new one though and hope you get asked to do jobs soon, your talent is amazing x

    1. Aw thank you Belle <3 I really appreciate it.
      Ah I'm used to it! Had it since school but it's a shame not everyone is mature enough to just not say anything when they can't say anything nice...

  2. OH some people just have nothing better to do... Sigh! Anyways, I liked your page :)


  3. This is beautiful. I think the bets thing you can do best in this situation is to plain ignore it. I'm sure you'll regain your followers again. :) Hence, a like from me too! x
    Love, Somdyuti (stopping by from #socialbloggers chat)

    1. Oh that's what I try to do just ignore. But to prevent myself being upset I just deleted and started again...
      I really appreciate you 'like'ing it, thank you :) <3 x