Friday, 15 August 2014

Baker's New Toys Review.

My little lad has been a very lucky little dog again! His birthday isn't until the 26th of this month but July was when he got lots of lovely presents.

First of all, a brand that already features in Bakers toy box, Gor Pets got in touch asking if he'd like some new toys to test out. Ever the hoarder, of course he said yes (and I did ask him!) and a week and a bit later there was a knock from the postman and we tore open a little parcel to reveal the above!
[I decided that to get a true view of how robust and fun the toys were that I would leave this post for a number of weeks so here it finally is!]

Somehow Baker always knows, or thinks, that when a package arrives he should open it. As I thought the first thing to be pulled out was what kept his attention and has in fact become one (if not thee) of his favorite toys - the Gizmo! I was a little skeptical upon first impression seeing as Bakers Granda and Daddy are not fans of toys that squeak, but he adores it and it's so multipurpose. It squeaks, floats, bounces, is practically indestructible and can even be used as a treat toy!
Baker has sat in his bed and just made it squeak over and over, he's splashed about with it in his swimming pool and thrown it around bouncing it down the path and thoroughly enjoys playing with it so that is a giant thumbs up from me.

The other toy he received was a gigantic Tug & Play rope toy! When I say gigantic I mean it - it's huge! Pretty much the length of Bakers back. Him being so involved with the Gizmo meant that he didn't really look at this straight away but more so of late he has been sneaking this out of his toy box for a late night playtime.
I like this because it's not only something he can use alone or with us but he can play with his doggy friends with it too, as most other rope toys are far too small for two dogs to get a grip of and actually play tug of war. It's main claim however is that it keeps teeth and gums clean and healthy which I can actually vouch for, Bakers knashers are gleaming!

If you take a look online you'll be surprised at how affordable Gor Pets products are but also the vast range of, as they state on their website, 'quality, safe, ethical and beneficial pet accessories' they provide. 

Other goodies Baker has been enjoying lately include a couple of items that I ordered from Barks and Bunnies for him to play with in his pool in the warm weather.
 The Kong Aqua was intended for perhaps playing at the beach with (now that he can swim, eek!) but I'm too afraid of him deciding not to swim to it and us losing it like we have with 3 other toys haha! He has had fun with it in his swimming pool though so thats the main thing. 
The Freeze n Chew is another story. This was the main item I wanted to order but it was out of stock :( Our lovely, amazingly helpful, customer service extraordinaire, friends at Barks and Bunnies did what they could to get this back in stock and I ordered it that day! Like the Gor Pets Gizmo, it was what he took to first and spent many of the sunny summer days chewing on it, keeping him cool just as I wanted.

I'll leave with with another video, this one of him opening his forage box. It's so funny!
Please make sure to let me know your experiences with Barks and Bunnies and if you dog has any Gor Pets toys. If you are unaware of either company I urge you to go introduce yourself to them, especially over Facebook (they do competitions sometimes you know :P), your dog will love you forever!


  1. What a lucky boy and a bit happy birthday to him!

  2. I clicked the link for Barks & Bunnies just to have a browse and somehow a couple of things have made their way in the post for my border collie! No idea how that happened ;) I got her a floating frizbee, because I was up to my thighs in water in March trying to find a rubber ring that she'd dropped in a rock pool on the beach, so a floating toy will be much better!
    Thanks for bringing this company to my attention, now I just need a rabbit :P

    Hannah xx

    1. Aww fab!! I'm sure your little one will be super excited when it arrives. You definitely won't be disappointed by their B&B customer service, they are literally the best company ever!


  3. Thank you so much Danielle and Baker. I love the video of Baker opening his forage box, it's brilliant to see it in action, sorry about the mess though! Happy early birthday to Baker, although I don't need to wish him a happy day as I know you are going to make it a super special happy day for him already. Sending hugs to you all and Albie sends a big paw wave too. x

  4. Aww Baker really is a lucky boy - Bailey not had a new toy for a while in fact his faves are looking a bit tired! Off to search these sites for some goodies!