Friday, 1 August 2014

Youtube Videos You need to see #9 AND #10!

Introducing your monthly dose of inspiration, cute, funny and general awesomeness! Enjoy!

Sticking along similar lines of last months first video, a brilliant Male Choir cover Shakira for charity! Talented, up for a laugh and giving. Proud to say they are British too!

My next fundraiser has to be for this! Truly mans best friend.

This is very clever! Frozen the Horror movie!

I love this! Sir Mix Alot, the Seattle Symphony and the ladies from the audience!

We've all seen the reaction from the girl who hears for the first time, but what about a dog who gets to see it's owners for the first time?! Aww!

DOUBLE EDITION!! I've favorited so many videos over the last month that I have even more to share with you today!

I tried to get Baker to react to this but he's too silly. These other dogs reactions were good though!

More people proving that there is goodness in the world <3

Funny but irrational fear of helping an owl back outside. I'd of been in my element!

What a cool idea to preserve the memories of your favorite place. I am so going to do one of these!

Yes, another animal clip. Proving that dogs are not all naturally hunters. I'm sure this would be Bakers reaction is he ever came to be beside a deer. 

So beautiful, but not what you expect. Please watch this is you love animals too. 

How many of you guys actually watch any of these videos? This is my least popular 'series' and i don't get much feedback for it. I'd love to know if anyone does enjoy it! :) Let me know what video you enjoyed the most below!


  1. I have had a good giggle over a couple of these videos. I have seen the Hips Don't Lie video so many times and it still gets me. I'm so tempted to join an Acapella group when I start at UBC in September just so I can upload my own version. The dog video is so cute!

    Rachael at

    p.s. Definitely keeping this page bookmarked for a rainy day - you can never watch too many YouTube videos!

  2. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to comment and let me know you enjoyed this.
    And I fully support the notion of you joining an acapella group...though you need to send me a link to it if you ever do film it!!