Wednesday, 10 September 2014

YouTube Videos You NEED To See #11

Hope you enjoy this months collection of videos I've enjoyed on YouTube. There are 10 more of these posts, so do check back and have a look at other cute, cool, funny, interesting and inspiring videos I've found!

How lovely is it to see such animals sit amongst each other with no amnesty towards the others. 

Not all homeless people are there though addiction etc. Sometimes life can be cruel. Hats off to this amazing guy. Inspirational!

Oh to experience something like this! I wonder how many people jumped out of their skin when they started. haha. 

How have I never noticed this before?! It's so interesting. They'd never have to do that again with how much the company is worth these days. 

To me, this is the most well thought out Ice Bucket Challenge. A great idea. I did the challenge too by the way, did you see it? Although not for ALS as (even though it is awesome another charity other than cancer research etc has had this publicity) they do test on animals and so I could not support that. 

Just one of the many reasons that I actually like Miley. Way to use your fame for good!

What videos have you favorited this month?


  1. I'm a big old fan of Miley Cyrus too! Everyone hates on her but she's never actually done anything to hurt anyone. She also loves her pets like crazy and you know I'm always a friend to anyone who loves their furry friends! Xx

    1. EXACTLY! Thing is, she may do outrageous things but people talking about her is just giving her free publicity so its a win, win for her. I think shes fab. There was hell on when she got a tattoo for her dog when he passed away and I thought well I will do the same! x

  2. These are brilliant! The Disney one was really interesting; I'd certainly never noticed that before!

    1. Isn't it?!! I can't believe the amount of times I've watched those movies but never clicked! haha It's really clever of them really. x