Sunday, 12 October 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 1

Hello, happy Sunday and welcome to my new end of the week series!
Upon approaching the end of the Weekly Wondering series I had many suggestions from you lovely lot of what to do to fill the space in the schedule. 100 Happy Days, weekly challenges and most commonly another thoughtful question series.
However, after a little deliberation with...myself...I've come to the conclusion of a mixture of things.
This is my first Weekly Reflections and I hope you enjoy it.

October 5th - October 12th. 

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
I won Stella's 10th Gotcha Giveaway! Thank you Stella and Lisa <3
The beautiful Starlings and 1 little robin who visit our garden everyday to eat.
Amazing friends who are so thoughtful and make the effort.
Lovely bloggers who included me in tags and awards the past month. (That Jesse BlokePart of Belle's WorldJemma at DorkfacePam's Stuff and ThingsPrompts by DeeYaris AdventuresHollie Garner44Louisa at Duck in a Dress)
I've had a few little orders of prints from doggy photo shoots I've done lately and seeing the customers pleased makes my day.
Everyone who has commented and tweeted to wish me a nice holiday!
Jemma for my super cute Birthday card, I can't wait to write back after I get home next week :)

Favorite Photo.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
10 Lies I Told Myself About Blogging by Miriam
Backing Up Your Blog by Angie
Dogs Unite by Lisa and Stella
When Will My Life Begin by Jordan
Wedding,Honeymoon and New House by Beth
Wanderlust Wednesday: Fictional Edition by Lynsey
All Aboard at Didcot Railway Centre by Louisa

Other Articles etc of Interest.
I've started a petition to make it a legal requirement for all pet owners to hold a licence. I have a post coming soon to explain my thoughts further but please, would you consider signing and sharing it?!

Over the past weeks, I've seen more and more of this story creeping up on my Facebook timeline. Bucket List Baby, a little boy diagnosed with birth defects who fulfilled a bucket list with his parents whilst in the womb was born and lived just long enough to meet his family and be baptised. Obviously, it's heart breaking news that they lost their new baby son but their attitude and the fact Shane lived long enough to be welcomed into his church is just amazing.

Some amazingly creepy places  to get you in the mood for Halloween!

I've been proper stressing out about all this Ebola craziness (don't get me started...why weren't borders closed immediately when the 1st case was diagnosed to contain it?!) but I'm lucky to have a couple very intelligent and rational friends who ensured me I'll be okay when traveling tomorrow. This was a site they linked me to and I found it very helpful!

Question of the Week.
Q: If age wasn't mathematically figured out, how would you describe how old you are?
A: I would say that I was nearing a quarter of a century old...but technically they are mathematical phrases. Okay. So, I'm young but no longer a teen, with the maturity of an adult that has life experiences, though interested and excited by things that a child would enjoy.

Share your answer in the comments!


Today also happens to be my 24th birthday, so it's pretty cool that the start of this series is today. However, that also means that tomorrow my Mam and I will be flying to Disneyland Paris, so you have a week of awesome guest posts to look forward to!  Please show them the gratitude and support they deserve for being so lovely and putting such effort into posts for you in my absence.

I'll catch up with you all for Weekly Reflections #2! Watch out over on my Facebook page for any sneeky Disney photos while we're away ;)


  1. Happy birthday lovely lady! Fabulous birthday cake and hope you've been properly spoilt over the weekend! :-)

    I love these sort of posts too, it's a great way to discover new blogs and little snippets of information (ta very muchly for the shout outs as well!). I've just popped over and signed your petition and my answer to the question, hmm... you're right, it's difficult without using mathematical terminology - old enough to manage my way though life but young enough not to be too jaded by it? Bit wishy-washy but hey ho :-) xx

    1. Oh thank you very much!! :D
      And yes a very good answer to a hard question!


  2. Happy birthday lovely :)

    Thank you for the mention too :)

    Will certainly look at that petition and look forward to your post all about the hard bit...

    Q: If age wasn't mathematically figured out, how would you describe how old you are?
    A: Will try and think of a more intelligent answer but for now here's what my nan used to tell us when we asked her how old she was..."as old as my tongue but younger than my teeth!"

    Have a fab holiday, give my love to Tigger! X

    1. Thank you very much!!
      And a very good and clever answer haha - I love it!


  3. Happy birthday again! ^__^ Hope you're having a wonderful day today, and so excited for you to have a lovely trip! xx

  4. Lovely post! Wow that cake is so colourful! Abi :)

    1. Thank you :) Isn't it?! It was a gift made by a talented friend...wish I still had some left haha


  5. Happy birthday lovely, hope you have a great time away :)


  6. Happy birthday and happy travels!!

    I like this end of the week idea. I can't decide with Sunday post, I keep umming and ahhing over it.

    1. Thank you!!

      I was considering dropping mine after the WW series ended, but I think this rounds off the week nicely :)