Sunday, 26 October 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 3

October 20th - 26th

Favorite Photo

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
Putting my Halloween decor up! It's so cute. 
Living close enough now to have a last minute, quiet catch up with a take away with Mam and Dad.
Hot water bottles and Strepsils.
Having a home. A little vague, but as the cold weather approaches I'm just so thankful to have a roof over my head and a fire to light. 
A snuggley, Netflix day on the sofa with my Baker B.
Spare change savings = little retail therapy trip.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

1st Disney Ambassador Comes Home.
Karen Returns...and with two HUGE announcements!!!! <3<3 Congratulations again Karen. 
Scottish Outlander. I have highly enjoyed all of Lindsay's recent posts. How couldn't you adore seeing your own county from another persons point of view. Stunning photos!
Diwali: The Festival of Lights by Manpreet Upon reading Manpreet's 'Happy Diwali' post, I followed a link through to a post she did last year explaining more behind the festival. It's an awesome, really interesting read and I urge you to go learn more!
Fleabag Friday - Baker  Yes. Baker! I am so excited to finally be able to say my little man is a featured furry on Helen's Fleabag Friday series :D She needs more people to take part and brag about their pets (any pets, it doesn't have to be only dogs or cats), so please go over and shower her blog with views, comments and requests to be a part of the series. Thank you! 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse raglan Halloween tee I wanted this so bad in Disneyland, but dunno if I could pull off the biggest kiddy size...ha
'Sexy' vs 'Modest' Halloween Costumes At least I know someone agrees with me!! 
What to do if you Find a Stray Dog.  Did you know you have a legal obligation to reunite it with it's owner? 
I'm not a fan of cats but if 2,6 & 11 don't make you crack a smile, I'm not sure what will. 
Teaching Assistant Asked to Leave Because of Tattoos Exactly why I started Inked & Awesome! Not that I was sacked or anything but I was treated poorly by two big British high street brands but can't to this day understand how art on your skin effects your work ethics. 
Halloween Treat from J.K Rowling!  I don't know if this is a trick or a treat.
Self Portraits from a Alzheimers Sufferer.  

Question of the Week.

If your life was being turned into a movie, what would the title be?
Underland to Wonderland of course. ;) This blog started out as the long winded yet apt, 'Once Upon A Time, They Lived Happily Ever After', however when in the need of a shorter url and catchier title, the mixture of Disney-ness and descriptiveness of our life at the time, Underland to Wonderland just popped into my head! It really has been rather fitting to our situation the past few years and so wpuld obviously be perfect to title a movie.

What would yours be and why? Share it below in the comments. 


  1. I do enjoy a good sofa day! But today I think it's more of a stay in bed day!

    1. Well if its as cold there than it is here I dont blame you!


  2. Oh Danielle thank you so much for the mention! I think my movie would be Scottish Outlander Returns as I'm dreaming of making the move back to Scotland.

    1. Not a problem, really have been loving your posts!
      Thats a really catchy title Braveheart! Haha Are the plans iminant or just thoughts just now?


  3. Baker is famous! YAYYY! I might have to suggest Jewel! She might like her face on the internet a bit more! ;) I heard about the teaching assistant. It's so sad that the world is becoming like this and making someone leave because of their individuality. xx

    1. Yey! Haha. Yes, definitley do get in touch as Id hate for the series to stop.
      And I know right?! As gay rights etc are progressing, body modifications are still not being accepted. Boo!


  4. I can't even think about an answer to that question, I got so distracted by Baker being all disneyed & cosy! :) Better drag Stella along to Fleabag Friday I think ;)

    1. Aww haha hes so canny isnt he?!
      I was actually going to tweet you and suggest Stella! Get in touch with Helen Im sure she'll be over the moon to have you.


  5. Love the answer to this weeks question! !! & Wow Go Baker :D!!
    Jade x