Sunday, 30 November 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 8

November 24th - 30th.

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

Seeing as this past week it was Thanksgiving in the US, I thought I'd list what I am thankful for in general instead of just this week. In no particular order...
I am thankful to have a roof over my head, and a beautiful 'roof' too. 
I am thankful to be living in a safe neighbor hood without the harassment and torture we've had for the last couple years.

I am thankful for my amazing other half and how hard he works to keep said roof over our head.
I am thankful for Baker who keeps me company, gives me reason to get up and go outside and makes me smile.
I am thankful to have some of the best parents in the world, to have them still together and to live so close again.
I am thankful for my true friends. New and old, who take the time out of their busy lives to be in my life.
I am thankful for all of my blog followers who interact with me, appreciate my posts and give me their friendship - even if only via social media!

And the little things? Northumberland and all it's beauty, chocolate, my rocking chair, pajamas, Netflix, sweeties, my books, Walt Disney, cake, our Xbox One and so much more. 

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

The Underland to Wonderland Calendar by Oh Leona ;)
A Frosty Start by Down By The Sea
First Impressions of Tokyo, Japan by Not Quite Enough
Facts About Camels by Crumbs in the Bed
Christmas Gift Guide for the Crazy Cat Person by Prompts by Dee
Doggy Christmas Wishlist by Sophie in the Sticks
Giving Thanks by Wanderlyn
Thanks Giving by Rowan: Resident Zoologist
Films We've Watched Recently by Oh Leona
A Letter to Say Goodbye by Amazzable
Friday Fleabag: Stella by Tea in the Tub

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word is - Someday.
Something I, along with I imagine quite a few others, say too often in relation to dreams, aspirations and the like, is 'someday'. Instead of seizing the day and living every moment to it's fullest, like we so often preach, I find myself all too often dropping the comment, 'Oh maybe someday...'. The difference between someday and today is life. Money, time, commitments get in the way but when someday eventually comes around (if at all), it's a great day. 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

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Question of the Week.
What, in your opinion are the most and least attractive traits in other people?
Honesty, Modesty, Morality, Humor.  Greed, Vulgarity , Selfishness, Malice. 

How about you? Leave your answer to this weeks question, along with one thing you are thankful for in the comments! A very happy, albeit belated, Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers who celebrate it!

Friday, 28 November 2014

How To // Feed The Birds

Okay, so maybe it'll cost you a little more than 'tuppance' but this isn't 1910 anymore! Although, if you are the type to have a fully stocked kitchen you could probably make these for free.
The 'these' I am talking about are obviously bird fat cakes and are something everyone should have to help out our little wild friends, especially in winter.

I usually buy seed and bird fat balls/cakes but with the amount of birds now aware of my feeding ground the supplies deplete quickly and become costly for me. So! Instead of paying 80-90p for a coconut shell of feed I decided to pay 39p for a 250g block of lard and make multiple cakes to feed my birdy friends.

If you too appreciate our wildlife and would like to know how to make cost effective, yummy treats yourself carry on reading! (ps. It also makes an awesome hands on activity for kiddies, who, I recon,  should all be being taught to help and look after mother nature in schools)

You Will Need:
- Something to mould your cake with.
eg. Empty yogurt pots or any size or shape. Cleaned out shells/hangers that have already been used as bird feed. Any other old, small containers that can easily remove the set cake from.
- String or Twine to hang the cake up with.
- Scissors.
- A microwavable bowl or a Pan for the hob.
- A bowl to combine the mixture.
- Knife.
- Spoon...any will do.

You Can Use:
- Lard or Suet.
This is the main ingredient to bind everything together. Do NOT use fat from cooking, margarine or vegetable oil. These are all very bad for birds and will effect things such as the waterproofing and insulating qualities of their feathers as well as cooking fat being a bad bacteria breeding ground, not good for the little guys health!
- Uncooked Porridge Oats.
- Bread Crumbs.
- Currants / Sultanas.
- Seeds and Nuts.
Different types of seeds and nuts attract different birds. If you want certain species to visit, take a look at this to find out their favorite things. Never feed anything salted like salted peanuts etc.
- Mild Grated Cheese.
- Small quantities of 'natural' Breakfast Cereal.

For a full list of things that are suitable and not suitable for birds to eat, click here.

Let's Get Started!:
Step 1: Prepare your pots. Make sure they are clean and dry, then measure a length of twine suitable to fit from the bottom of the pot out and back to create a hanging loop. Tie and place in pot.

Step 2: Mix your dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Step 3: Chop up your fat of choice and place into a microwaveable bowl. Heat on full power in short bursts, stirring in between to make sure it all melts thoroughly. I did half of the 250g block at a time to avoid spillages but you could also melt your fat in a pan on the hob to get it all done in one go.

Step 4: Combine your liquid fat and dry mixture together, around 2 parts dry to 1 part wet. Mix well.

Step 5: At this point you can either get messy and use your hands to roll the mixture into balls or spoon it into the prepared containers, making sure to keep the string centered and to the bottom. Press down firmly with a spoon to compact the mix in the pot.

Step 6: Pop in the fridge and leave to set over night.

Step 7: Pushing from the bottom you may be able to ease the cakes out of their containers easily. If not try dunking the outside of the pot into warm water or alternatively wrap in a warm damp cloth for a minute or so. This should loosen the cake, like with ice cubes, so you can pop it out.
If unsuccessful, carefully cut up the side of the pot with a pair of scissors and remove that way.

Step 8: Hang out in the garden for all the wonderful wild birds to enjoy!!

After filling two yogurt pots and a coconut shell, I still had a bit left over and so I let it set in a little Tupperware box I had then broke it up and sprinkled it along the wall. The Blackbirds and Robins that have visited recently have enjoyed that stuff more so than the ones hung up!
I hope you guys give this a shot or at least make sure to pick up a bag of seed or fat balls during your next shop and pop them out for the birds - the winter is the hardest time of the year for everyone after all.
Let me know if you give this a shot and send me an after photo! Even try and spot which breeds you attract. I'd love to know what little guys you have in your areas :)

Last but not least, a little plug for my photographic wildlife 2015 calendar...I'd like to thank Leona for her amazingly generous shout out , as well as to those who have placed an order! I am sending them off for printing TONIGHT, so pretty please if you would like to support me let me know by 5pm. Only £10.00 (alot cheaper than most calendars these days!) and 12 fab images taken by me in the North East of England. Here's a peek at the final images.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Disneyland Paris 2014 // Toon Studio & Toy Story Playland

It feels like forever since I've posted a Disneyland post, though it's only been since last Monday. I had been posting them every Monday and Friday to try and get them all up and out of the way but I still seem to have around 6 (I think) and have had to space them out a bit with other posts that needed to go up!
Sometimes it makes me feel abnormal that I have so many posts ready to go when others constantly go on about lacking motivation, inspiration and then there's those that say 'posting too much diminishing quality'. I hope you still think my posts have substance even if there are 4 of them a week. I put alot of time and hard work into everything I produce and personally think the quantity here doesn't effect the quality - what do you think?

Anyway, tangent diverted, this post is a few photos of the second part of our Walt Disney Studios adventures. THIS made me very happy indeed. Opening later in the same year of my previous (2010) visit I never got to explore the Toy Story Playland until now and I'll tell you it wasn't disappointing!

As you can probably work out there are rides based on different Toy Story toys like RC Racer, Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin and Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop. I was so excited to accidentally stumbled into what seems like 'Andy's Bedroom' after our first go on the Ratatouille ride, just aimlessly walking to where ever chattering away about what we'd just experienced. (Have a peek at what I thought of the brand new this year Ratatouille ride here). I'd totally forgotten about this addition to the parks so was very happy to explore and discover awesome touches like the 'Pixar Ball', even if the only ride we got to do was the Slinky Dog Zigzag Spin. It itself was pretty cool, though probably meant for the younger ones - that's my style!
My Mam has a fear of heights and so there were a few rides she couldn't do and I didn't want to do by myself haha. Fingers crossed I can get a new job soon and go again for a short trip next year to experience the ones I missed ;) 

To end my little double poster of the Walt Disney Studios Park is just a quick mention of Toon Studio. So okay, I admit, I failed again! Crush's Coaster was one of the main things I wanted to do from my Ride Hitlist and ended up being yet another I didn't do! We were actually in the queue for a while until we reached a sign that warned off people with back issues etc, etc so we bowed out then to save my Mam any discomfort. Afterwards we found a couple rides that we had already done no bother with the same warnings, so we could of probably chanced it. Oh well!  
What made up for it was surprisingly the Cars Race Rally! Something I'd never bothered to try before and a ride that we only did because of an non existent queue due to the rain. It was so much fun!! We did it twice :) 
This is also where we met Woody and heard the most brilliant story from a cast member. As a little boy questioned why Woody was so big the cast member proceed to say, 'Well we had to sprinkle Woody and Buzz with a little fairy dust to make them grow, 'cause otherwise we'd hardly see them in your photos!' The kids were awe was I to be honest and that is what sets apart the Disney staff! <3

Until next time...

Monday, 24 November 2014

Baker and Mammy's Christmas Wishlists 2014

So I suppose it's finally time that I accepted it's that time of the year. Yes, Christmas is next month and although we won't be (as we usually don't) doing many gifts, it's still nice to do some window shopping! Here's a selection of things that Baker and I would love at any time of the year really but wouldn't say no to finding under our tree! haha Little man has been particularly good this year Santa Paws...just sayin'.
Feel free to check out Baker's Christmas Wishlist  from last year too if you're looking for ideas on what to get your doggy pals :)

Top left, Clockwise.
- The best frisbee I have ever had for Baker and it's so reasonable priced! It's made of a flexible rubbery material (virtually indestructible) and the bright blue makes it easy to spot in the grass. However I'm not a great shot and one day on our walk the wind took it from it's already off course route never to be found again!

- Such a good idea to get a whole bunch of new goodies to try! Love the mix of brands and treats. Lots to help the dogs join in on the Christmas celebrations with special 'mince pies' and even a 3 bird roast!

- We got him one of these in one of his Barks and Bunnies boxes...his Easter one, here it is. (Definitely go have a look, there's a video of him opening it and it's so cute!). He loved it! He's recently gotten a little bored of raw hide strips and bones etc and prefers to throw them around so another of these wouldn't go a miss. The other lasted for ages too so it's worth the money!

- I've never really thought about anything like this for dogs but I know Bunny had so much fun with the maze type treat toys that he had, I'd like to at least see if Baker would enjoy them. I think it'd make a nice boredom breaker and a change from his Kong and Netflix combo!

- Since moving back up North B-mans granny bought him a new pillow to go inside his crate to save lugging the old one up with us. He has however proceeded to shred it (see evidence here!) through his habit of scratching and digging to get comfy. Therefore he obviously needs a new one instead of making more washing for me using multiple fleece blankets a week... 

- We haven't tried these ones before but he has had and loved another type of B&Bs homemade biscuits in the past. It'd be cool to try out the seasonal special! *

- My goodness I could write a whole post on just these blimmin' balls!! It was one of the first ever toys that Baker got as a puppy, was fabulous when teething and grew to be his favorite thing. As aposed to other balls it never broke. It floated in the sea. You could stuff treats in it. It bounced up high making for fun catching games AND it fit perfectly into regular ball launchers.
After over a year and a half of this one ball going strong, while we were living in Fawdon (Newcastle) and playing on the field one day some kids ran out of the trees and stole it before Baker got to it! It was a sad day. We then bought another after searching all over the internet for one and only went and lost it a couple months back in the wheat field. I searched for over half an hour for that thing and again each day we passed the same spot with no luck. So if the makers would just like to send over a life time supply we will happily promote the heck out of it! haha ...Sorry, I told you I could write a whole post on them...:P

- Something that I think would be helpful for those cold winter days where someone just had to run through a muddy puddle but it's too chilly to fully bath them!

Top Left, Clockwise.
- Everyone is well aware how fab the Disney range at BHS is this year and yes, I'm just another one who wants something from it. My old Disney money tin had to be cut open to get my savings out so I'd prefer a more permanent one. 

- I dream of one day having/working on a farm. Plus my current jacket isn't very water proof.

Mickey Mouse Spoon Rest
- I make so many cups of tea for Jake everyday that if I used a clean spoon each time we'd have no spoons left by the end of the day. I usually like to rinse mine off and leave it on the draining board but I've had my eyes on this (and the rest of the collection) for sometime now.

Beauty and the Beast Throw
- So beautiful and adding a bit more of Disney into our house without being too over the top. I think it would look nice in our 'good' room once we get the new sofas eventually.

- Not usually being into white made this addition to the list a surprise but I fell in love with it when I saw it in store about 3 months back. I have a couple other little woodland creatures in my bedroom and this owl would fit in nicely!

- Self explainitory. Any books to do with the greatest man that ever lived would be well received. 

- Disney Couture has some beautiful pieces and I own a couple too. But lately there hasn't been alot of it I've been crazy for, (not being a fan of Frozen and all!) I have always liked the thought of collecting up some of the other bangles though. I think this is my favorite.

- Any animal on a cushion! I have a deer and a highland cow and I want a full wildlife exhibition on my sofas!

And there we have it. Our little 'Letters to Santa' so to say! haha Maybe it helped you think of a couple of ideas of things you would like or could get for someone else. Please remember though that having your family and friends happy and well is the greatest gift. If you can spare the time or funds this year, do remember those less fortunate.

Other ideas for gifts can be found in my 'gift guides and wishlists' link in the sidebar to the right of this post as well as this Perfect Pet Lover Gift Guide that I put alot of effort into at the beginning of this year.

Last but not least I am selling 2015 Calenders! They are beautiful 12 photo A4 wall calenders full of photos of the stunning wildlife here in the North East of England - all taken by me! I'd love your support so just let me know if you would like one (all my contact methods can be found in the tab at the top of the page!). Only £10.00 each! Fab Christmas gifts or just a treat for yourself :)

* We are NOT sponsored or endorsed by Barks and Bunnies in the slightest. Just big fans! They are a fab family run business with amazing customer service and their forage box packaging is one of a kind! Go give them a shout of twitter or facebook and tell them we sent you :D

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 7

November 17th -23rd.

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

Seeing the birds enjoy my homemade treats. Lots of different species than usual swinging by!
Jake working so hard to provide for our family.

Baker got to make a friend! He was a Turkish dog, who had been rescued by his owner who was living in Germany, they then moved to Spain and eventually back here to the UK. He responded to Spanish. It was so cool. haha
The #BDIB (bloggers do it better) twitter chat on Friday night hosted by my beautiful friend Amy.
Spending the day with my wonderful Nana on Saturday, looking at old photos and such.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

The Reading Tag by Tanya's Tea Party
A New Member of the Family by Down By The Sea
Hungry Followers by The Lucky Diamond
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Honeymoon Destination 1 - Rome by Little Miss Disney
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The Christmas Gift Guide for Disney Lovers by Hello Miss Jordan
The Reading Tag by Eloises Diary
Curacao Fortkerk by Jasey Jade 
Cheeky Gooey Cookies by Wanderness

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word is - Currently.
Currently. Everything is the same. Just colder. Currently we are heading straight for Christmas gathering up every piece of winter we can, even if we don't want it. Winter is the worst month for me because the air and weather effects my breathing and general health and the dark mornings and nights effect my 'mental' health. Yes, I am looking forward to Christmas. Though only because the sooner it's here the sooner Spring will return and we can play outside again :)

Other Articles etc of Interest.

9 Better Ways To Use The £3,350 It Costs To Kill A Badger
I'm a Celeb's Gemma Collins shouldn't have to face 'fat-shaming' and abuse on Twitter
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6 Year Old Rewarded After Donating Savings Upon Hearing of Stolen Poppy Appeal Tins
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30 hilarious struggles only cat owners will understand.
Border Collie Named Man's Best Friend!
Dog Owner Hands Over Cheque for £63,000 to Rescue Team Who Helped Find His Dog.
13yo Boy Comes Out to Best Friend...

Question of the Week.

When Winter blues strike you, what do you do to repel them?I like to get up early, but not too early. I like the sun to greet me as I get out of bed and so I rise about 8am, pull on my clothes and then come and snuggle with the dog on the sofa, watching YouTube on the Xbox. After breakfast, I wrap up good and well, complete with wellies and have a brisk long walk with little man to tire him out and then as we arrive home the thought that we don't need to leave the house again is comfort enough! We get straight back onto that sofa, with our cosy blanket, while I edit photos or write up blog posts and play with his toys. A lunch of homemade lentil soup or a dinner of mashed potato complete the day providing a full belly from the best comfort food and a great Netflix session with my bearded one. 
Long and short of it? Stay cosy, get fresh air, eat well and make yourself happy. :P 

Have you had a nice week guys? Let me know what you are thankful for this week in the comments. 

Please make sure to check out all the blogs listed in the ones I've enjoyed this week - you never know, you might find your new favorite or even make a friend!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Project 52 // October

A super quick photo only post to catch you all up on October's Project 52 photos! Sorry it's late - I have a jam packed schedule of so many posts to get up! 
If you enjoy the below photography you can see more at (and feel free to follow) my second blog Underland 2 Wonderland.

Make sure to tell me what your favorite photo is and why in the comments!

[While we're on the subject of photography I would like to mention that I am producing some 2015 calenders! 12 leaf, A4 wall hanging calenders full of stunning wildlife photos taken in the North East of England, by me! If anyone would be interested in one they are £10.00 and I need orders in by the 30th of this month! Get in touch.]

Monday, 17 November 2014

Disneyland Paris 2014 // Walt Disney Studios Park

So silly me, gets to 7pm on a Sunday night and remembers I haven't finished editing the rest of the photos or even started to write up Monday's post! Eek! But as you are reading this I obviously stayed up late (it took until 11pm FYI) to get it all done ready for the 9am posting deadline. I'm awful at half writing up and scheduling a load of posts and then doing exactly this! Ahhh! 

There are two parks at Disneyland Paris, the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios Park and this post is one of two about the latter. I've decided to split it into two parts because, surprise surprise, I took way more photos that I thought and was indeed necessary! 
Since my last visit there have been a few amazing additions I'll tell you about them when we get there...

As you walk through the first courtyard and into the building you are met with the buzz, bright lights and colour of restaurants, snack bars and boutiques with a real Hollywood feel and it only gets better from there!
My favorite sight, and something I don't care about admitting shedding a tear at, is the Walt and Micky statue. It's not the most flattering photo of myself, but I had to include it just for that fact. To me 'Disney' is more about rides and cute characters. The whole life and story of the late, great Mr Walter Elias Disney is pure inspiration to me and I adore all he achieved and stood for. He and the Walt Disney company are a huge part of me and mean more than I can express in words.

Oops, sorry... I seem to of digressed. 
Anyways. We knew the times of the shows we wanted to hit and as we had a bit of time to spare decided to take advantage of the '5min' wait time for the Flying Carpets of Agrabah ride. It's good fun - although I do prefer the Flying Dumbo ride (to come in a future post).
Animagique was next port of call and I enjoyed it more having seen it before and knowing Mam would love it. It's such a simple concept but so well done and fun to sing and bob along to. It's technically a stage show, performing some of the best Disney songs by the characters but in the dark and UV. This makes characters like four legged animals, fish and the like, that cannot be physical characters to meet in the parks, come to life! Amazing.

Of course we also thoroughly enjoyed The Art of Disney Animation (of which the guide loved my chest tattoo I might add!), Stitch Live and Cinemagique shows. 

Something that I got to tick off my 'Ride Hit List' was the Studio Tram Tour of which had been closed for maintenance on my 2010 trip to my dismay! It wasn't what I had expected, maybe a little shorter but the things included were pretty awesome! I'll include a little video of the best bit at the end of this post.
Oh and actually the brand new this year 'Ratatouille' ride was also on my hit list so - BOOM - that's dos things I can mentally pen a tick next to!
It was probably another highlight of the trip (along with the Disney Dreams and Tam Tams) because it is just on another level. You are in a car, just like most of the indoor rides, Snow White for example, but it is all in 3D. It's super crazy with simulation effects and things like temperature changes, sprays with water as a giant mop hits you and a blast of air and water when a champagne cork is popped! You could tell it was going to be awesome when we joined the queue with a wait time of 75mins!!! But it was worth it. When we went back into that park another day it was raining and so not as busy, meaning a shorter wait for our second go. :P

There we have it. I'll leave Toon Studio and the Toy Story Playland for next time. Until then let me know what your favorite attraction of the WDS park is in the comments below. If you haven't been before would you like to? What do you think you'd most enjoy?

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 6

November 10th - 16th

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

Having Yari pick me as one of her favorite blogs!
Being chosen as one of Miriam's 3 'Tour of Blogland' bloggers :D
Finally getting the guts up to film a video after over 5 years of wanting to!
Getting such encouraging, sweet comments about said videos.
The compensation from our Air France escapades finally coming through!
My thoughtful Mam getting me an awesome new iron and pan steamer.
Pizza and movie night catch up with Claire.
For Leona's encouragement and support regarding my (possible) 2015 calenders.
Family day in Edinburgh (despite my crowd frustrations) with Mam and Dad.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Blogmas Post Ideas for First Timers by Prompts by Dee
Simple Autumn Outfit by Crumbs in the Bed
World, Meet Milo by Ami Rose
The Laughing Project - Spread Happiness by Hello Miss Jordan
Daddy Who Wakes Up With Fire in His Eyes by After April
Remembrance Sunday by Cream Tea and Rose Jam
Happy Birthday Stella by Lisas Life (The most beautiful, emotional poem ever included!)
The Northern Lights by Sprinkle of Neon
15 Problems As A Dog Owner by Dib Dab Debs
The Scottish Sealife Sanctuary by Scottish Outlander
3 Wonderful Years by Dream Days Blog

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word was 'Story' -
Everyone has one, and you may never know all of it. Some people stories are sad, some blessed, others full of adventure and interesting to share but no matter what their story and whether they have shared it or not, you should never let it effect you. Treat people with respect and realize that if they act/react/do things in a certain way it's because they have that story. That makes them who they are. 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Before and After: Puppy to Dog Photos
Duggar's Response to Kissing Controversy  (I look up to this family very much and adore the way in which Michelle and Jim Bob have stood up and supported their newly wed daughter) 
Weetabix Support Family of Child Who Will Eat Nothing Else
Chickens Help to Tackle Elderly Loneliness
33 Things UK Kids of Today Will Never Understand
Paraplegic Veteran Surprises Bride For Their First Dance
Ed Sheeran Accepts Engagement Ring from Fan Suffering Cancer

Question of the Week.

What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?
- People stopping in the middle of the street while you're trying to walk there. (Stand into the side to have a family meeting, check your text or tie your shoe!)
- Littering! Of all sorts. Fly tipping, dropping of rubbish, not picking up dog poo...etc It is not only unsightly but effecting our wildlife amoung other things. Put it in a bin or keep a hold of it until you get to one! (Fly tipping - go to a skip/junk yard/ recycle plant)

- Drivers not indicating or using the rules of the road at all. Whether I am a fellow driver or a pedestrian.

Hope you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed your weekend. Feel free to share any articles or blog posts you have enjoyed this week, something you are thankful for, a happy moment and/or your answer to this weeks question, in the comments below :)

Friday, 14 November 2014

Disneyland Paris 2014 // Discoveryland

It seems that the day we decided to hit Discoveryland was the day the rains came and the park cleared out alot! I'm telling you that because some of these photos seem very gloomy and that is why but I assure you that it didn't effect our mood at all. :)

This land is unfortunately my least favorite and that's hard to say because I love it too but without a whole lot of things to do the main attraction for this land to most people is a ride that I just can't do haha! That ride is Space Mountain. You may remember it being on my to ride hitlist, as I hoped to conquer all the 'must dos' of DLP, though upon further inspection (or actually hearing the people scream as the ride was in motion) I changed my mind and decided it wasn't for me after all!

Conversely however, one of my all time favorite rides at Disneyland is here, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast!! I dunno how anyone couldn't like it - it's so interactive and fun that you just wanna join the end of the queue again when it's finished. Not to mention the hilarious photos you get taken during it with super concentration faces. It's one of those ones that really is for everyone.

...Just like Autopia! Always overlooked by me, this year saw my first and only go at this attraction and it was fabulous fun, I only wish it was a little longer 'cause it is a nice little relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the park, that I saw alot of Dads get to enjoy with their kiddies.
It would be just like the thing that as we're about to pull away our car conks it! Did you know that the cars are ran by just a little petrol motor like you'd find on a lawnmower? The lady just yanked the cord and we were on our way again!

'Les Mystères du Nautilus (French for "The Mysteries of the Nautilus") is a walkthrough attraction at Disneyland Paris in France. It is an updated version of the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea walkthrough attraction that was at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA in the early 1950s, based upon the film of the same name. This attraction takes guests throughout the various rooms of Captain Nemo's submarine, especially those seen in the film.' [Taken from Wikipedia]

Nautilus never seems busy and for that reason, alongside it's museum esc feel, I really enjoy it! Just now while writing this it has clicked how much of a chilled land Discoverland really is for me and I'm now regretting saying that it's my least favorite...haha

I can't end this post without giving a quick mention to Star Tours aswell. I'm in no way a fan of Star Wars but this simulator is awesome and no trip is complete for me without going on it at least once! Even the queuing system is fun!

I wanted to leave you with one of Disney's cutest couples! <3 (Spot the rain drops all over Eve?!)
So what do you think of Discoverland? Any of these rides in your top favorites from DLP?