Monday, 24 November 2014

Baker and Mammy's Christmas Wishlists 2014

So I suppose it's finally time that I accepted it's that time of the year. Yes, Christmas is next month and although we won't be (as we usually don't) doing many gifts, it's still nice to do some window shopping! Here's a selection of things that Baker and I would love at any time of the year really but wouldn't say no to finding under our tree! haha Little man has been particularly good this year Santa Paws...just sayin'.
Feel free to check out Baker's Christmas Wishlist  from last year too if you're looking for ideas on what to get your doggy pals :)

Top left, Clockwise.
- The best frisbee I have ever had for Baker and it's so reasonable priced! It's made of a flexible rubbery material (virtually indestructible) and the bright blue makes it easy to spot in the grass. However I'm not a great shot and one day on our walk the wind took it from it's already off course route never to be found again!

- Such a good idea to get a whole bunch of new goodies to try! Love the mix of brands and treats. Lots to help the dogs join in on the Christmas celebrations with special 'mince pies' and even a 3 bird roast!

- We got him one of these in one of his Barks and Bunnies boxes...his Easter one, here it is. (Definitely go have a look, there's a video of him opening it and it's so cute!). He loved it! He's recently gotten a little bored of raw hide strips and bones etc and prefers to throw them around so another of these wouldn't go a miss. The other lasted for ages too so it's worth the money!

- I've never really thought about anything like this for dogs but I know Bunny had so much fun with the maze type treat toys that he had, I'd like to at least see if Baker would enjoy them. I think it'd make a nice boredom breaker and a change from his Kong and Netflix combo!

- Since moving back up North B-mans granny bought him a new pillow to go inside his crate to save lugging the old one up with us. He has however proceeded to shred it (see evidence here!) through his habit of scratching and digging to get comfy. Therefore he obviously needs a new one instead of making more washing for me using multiple fleece blankets a week... 

- We haven't tried these ones before but he has had and loved another type of B&Bs homemade biscuits in the past. It'd be cool to try out the seasonal special! *

- My goodness I could write a whole post on just these blimmin' balls!! It was one of the first ever toys that Baker got as a puppy, was fabulous when teething and grew to be his favorite thing. As aposed to other balls it never broke. It floated in the sea. You could stuff treats in it. It bounced up high making for fun catching games AND it fit perfectly into regular ball launchers.
After over a year and a half of this one ball going strong, while we were living in Fawdon (Newcastle) and playing on the field one day some kids ran out of the trees and stole it before Baker got to it! It was a sad day. We then bought another after searching all over the internet for one and only went and lost it a couple months back in the wheat field. I searched for over half an hour for that thing and again each day we passed the same spot with no luck. So if the makers would just like to send over a life time supply we will happily promote the heck out of it! haha ...Sorry, I told you I could write a whole post on them...:P

- Something that I think would be helpful for those cold winter days where someone just had to run through a muddy puddle but it's too chilly to fully bath them!

Top Left, Clockwise.
- Everyone is well aware how fab the Disney range at BHS is this year and yes, I'm just another one who wants something from it. My old Disney money tin had to be cut open to get my savings out so I'd prefer a more permanent one. 

- I dream of one day having/working on a farm. Plus my current jacket isn't very water proof.

Mickey Mouse Spoon Rest
- I make so many cups of tea for Jake everyday that if I used a clean spoon each time we'd have no spoons left by the end of the day. I usually like to rinse mine off and leave it on the draining board but I've had my eyes on this (and the rest of the collection) for sometime now.

Beauty and the Beast Throw
- So beautiful and adding a bit more of Disney into our house without being too over the top. I think it would look nice in our 'good' room once we get the new sofas eventually.

- Not usually being into white made this addition to the list a surprise but I fell in love with it when I saw it in store about 3 months back. I have a couple other little woodland creatures in my bedroom and this owl would fit in nicely!

- Self explainitory. Any books to do with the greatest man that ever lived would be well received. 

- Disney Couture has some beautiful pieces and I own a couple too. But lately there hasn't been alot of it I've been crazy for, (not being a fan of Frozen and all!) I have always liked the thought of collecting up some of the other bangles though. I think this is my favorite.

- Any animal on a cushion! I have a deer and a highland cow and I want a full wildlife exhibition on my sofas!

And there we have it. Our little 'Letters to Santa' so to say! haha Maybe it helped you think of a couple of ideas of things you would like or could get for someone else. Please remember though that having your family and friends happy and well is the greatest gift. If you can spare the time or funds this year, do remember those less fortunate.

Other ideas for gifts can be found in my 'gift guides and wishlists' link in the sidebar to the right of this post as well as this Perfect Pet Lover Gift Guide that I put alot of effort into at the beginning of this year.

Last but not least I am selling 2015 Calenders! They are beautiful 12 photo A4 wall calenders full of photos of the stunning wildlife here in the North East of England - all taken by me! I'd love your support so just let me know if you would like one (all my contact methods can be found in the tab at the top of the page!). Only £10.00 each! Fab Christmas gifts or just a treat for yourself :)

* We are NOT sponsored or endorsed by Barks and Bunnies in the slightest. Just big fans! They are a fab family run business with amazing customer service and their forage box packaging is one of a kind! Go give them a shout of twitter or facebook and tell them we sent you :D


  1. Well you just made my (our) day, we could do with one of those Orka balls. Or two, to avoid squabbles!!
    And if Santa doesn't bring me a Hakuna Matata bangle, I'm kicking off.
    I'm off to stalk Barks and Bunnies, ciao!
    M x

    1. Aw yey!! Yes, most certainly two haha. I can imagine jealousy over something like that :P
      Cannot speak highly enough of Barks and Bunnies. Baker and Bunny have had a few packages from them and it's just an amazing experience. Say hi to them on twitter! @barksbunnies ;)


  2. The Mickey Mouse money box is so cute!! Your blog always makes me miss Disney World so much! :(


    1. Isn't it! haha I think you're due a visit and to do some posts to show me ;)


  3. This is awesome! I started a wishlist post a few days ago, but I was too sicky feeling to finish it. Lol. I never thought to include a pet wishlist. That's a really nice touch! Oh, Edwin and Berty love the antlers too. I never seen the Orka balls before though. o:

    Sara Bloo xo

    1. Thanks! Oh no poor you :( Hope you're feeling better today. I've actually got your post open now ready to comment on haha!
      The antlers seem really popular, I've heard a few people mention them recently on facebook :)


  4. I'm all for a new winter jacket like that, great for when Kris and I just want to go out walking and exploring.

    Kris and I don't really buy gifts at for each other. I tend to buy one or two things and him for me, but that's all we do for the holidays. I do enjoy getting him gifts, it's just a nice gesture :)

    1. Yeah we spend so much time out walking that a coat is a must. My current one isn't water proof and has a broken zip. Not fun.

      We don't do gifts for each other either, just the dog and my parents haha. Maybe once we're better off financially we can start to treat each other.


  5. Love the Hakuna Matata bracelet - perfect sentiment! And my dogs would go nuts for the antler chew too - may have to purchase them, thanks :)

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