Sunday, 2 November 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 4

October 27th - November 2nd.

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
- Having all of Saved by the Bell and Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes on my laptop. Makes editing photos a little less boring when I can't use the internet.

- People who have mentioned or tagged me in blog posts. (NinSara.)
- Seeing Baker have lots of fun running and jumping in the dirt tracks and jumps he found.
- Halloween being an excuse to eat more sweeties than usual.
- Watching lots of old Dugger videos on YouTube and appreciating their family morals and values. 
- Mam's Halloween chocolate cake and my recreation of Hazel Jane's Fingers and Mash (see below).
- Buying my first prize for my imminent give away/competition! I'm going to build up a few things as and when I can afford to so please stand by for word of when it will take place! 

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Clifton Rocks Railway by Louisa
Big Bottomed Girls by Lily the Corgi (at Farm Girl)
Halloween Look Inspired by Gaga by Cydney
Quick & Easy Halloween Treats by Hazel Jane
Our 1st Family Holiday by Hayley
Walk in the Woods in Autumn by Anne
Iceland - The Blue Lagoon by Shazza
A Zoologists Guide to Autumn by Rowan [A must read!!]

Bloggers Group Hug

BloggersGroupHug is about S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity.  Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word was 'Hug'-
Although a simple method of showing affection and in some situations appreciation, it is actually something to me that physically is pretty intimate and I only share very rarely, with specific people. I realize that it sounds slightly up tight of me but as someone that is very much anti social (in the best way possible) and in a way reserved and modest (can you believe it?! Yes, me!) I feel pushing your body against another human shouldn't be over used.
Side hugs, shoulder hugs and hand shakes will do for me. Though if I do hug you, feel honored!    ;)

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Roman Find in Newcastle
26 more times Tumblr had serious questions about Harry Potter
Sign the Petition to Help Protect Your Pets!
Boy and Dog Coordinate Halloween Costumes Every Year - So Cute!
A Woman Called 911 And Pretended To Order A Pizza To Alert Them Of Domestic Abuse
Halloween Inspired Light Paintings at Disneyland

Question of the Week.
If you could spend a day with 3 people that are no longer alive, famous or not, who would you choose and why? 
Mr Walter Disney, My friend Sarah, My Granda.
Mr Disney is the person I look up to most in the world. Insanely talented, intelligent and inspirational. To even have the privilege of meeting him and thanking him for helping me to live life the way I do would be enough for me. 
Sarah was one of the worlds nicest, kindest, most thoughtful, beautiful souls I have ever and will ever meet. She was my best friend and was there by my side during some of the toughest things I've been through. She was taken away from us all way too soon after the evil disease that is Cancer finally won a long battle and not a week passes without me thinking of her...If only I had trusted her judgement at times that I should of...although yet again, I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't done what I did.
Lastly, my Granda. more than anything I just want him to meet Baker - he's the reason we got him after all. That and tease him with the tattoos I've gained since we lost him! 

Remember to leave your answer below!


  1. Saved By The Bell and Sabrina episodes sounds sooo good! :D I rewatched all the Sabrina's last year and I think I might revisit them again - such a good show haha. I haven't taken part in the first Bloggers Group Hug challenge, but I'm thinking I will for the next one as I got the email today about it :)

    Also, Im crying laughing at that Harry Potter Tumblr link!! :')

    Jemma xx

    1. Ah Ive seen all of them so many times now that I know them off by heart!
      You really should take part! :)

  2. That photo is so Halloweeny haha I love it, lovely post! Abi :)

    1. Thank you!! I miss it already...the room seems so bare without it all...


  3. Ah I love the Duggars. I don't have TLC anymore and I hate missing the new episodes. The seasons were on netflix but now they are gone. Waaaah. I love them so much I might just have to buy the episodes! :P


    1. I don't have TLC at all so I have to keep up with the through their blog and then the episodes that get uploaded on YouTube haha! Them and the Bates are just so inspirational, even if I don't believe in god!
      I need American Netflix by the guys get better/more shows than us!


  4. I used to watch Saved by the bell every morning! I have to continue doing that. I really miss it!
    I really like your BloggersGroupHug piece ! So different XD ( roundup will be posted tomorrow)
    Jade x

    1. Sounds like a good part of a morning routine to me! What happening to shows like that?!
      Thank you :) I'm glad it's okay...was a little worried how it would sound compared to others.


  5. Hi Danielle, Lily the Corgi here. Thanks for including my post! It was my first one, and obviously I'm very talented, since you mentioned me on your blog.
    I wish I could meet Baker, we would have so much fun together! Running and jumping in dirt tracks is my favourite thing to do!
    Your friend, the resident zoologist knows where it's at. Fireworks are the WORST. Humans, look at the size of my ears - they not only look like bat ears, they can hear like them as well.

    Bye for now, Lily

    1. Oh Lily you are very welcome, you are super talented indeed and I can't wait to hear more from you.
      Baker says it's a date! However I think I'll have to explain to him how far away you live. I bet he'd adore exploring where you live with you.
      And Rowan is a very dear and intelligent friend of mine, I love that post and I hope that everyone has Mama's like yours and me to make sure their dog pals are safe and happy at this scary time of year.


  6. Aww thanks for the shout out lady! I love your Halloween decorations, especially the bunting - it looks fab!
    If I could spend a day with 3 'no-longer-alive' people, I'd choose my materal grandparents (because since they died, I've found out lots of things I never knew about them, stuff from the Second World War and the 1930's and I'd love to ask them more about that) and the other person would be Rowena Cade, the lady who built the Minack Theatre in Cornwall (mainly because I think she's very cool and one of my inspirational people!). :-) xx

    1. You are very welcome!
      Thank you :D I was pretty gutted when I had to take it all down :( haha

      I LOVE your answers to my questions and this is no exception. Not only is Rowena Cade inspirational, I think your grandparents sound it too!


  7. Ahh Saved By The Bell, now that's some memories!

    1. Heck yeah!! If only kids watched shows like that today!