Sunday, 14 December 2014

Weekly Reflections // Week 10

 December 8th - 14th

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

Getting to see my online friends hand writing in lovely Christmas cards.  
Baker getting to play with an old friend.
All the supportive tweets, Facebook messages, blog comments and even emails from fellow bloggers after my little twitter 'escapades' and break last week. 
Receiving such positive comments from the beautiful people who bought my calendars. (I have 2 left if anyone wants one!)
Having such amazingly caring and attentive landlords who sorted the broken heating out.
Having a warm house.
Jake bringing home sweeties after he'd had a bad day at work to snuggle on the sofa.
(A little superficial but) being 'Top Comment' on a Shaytards video after standing up to haters. 

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Spam Comments by Crumbs in the Bed
DIY Hot Chocolate by Little White Socks
My First Gingerbread House by Unexpected Geek
Before Wild Weather Came by Through Tashas Camera
What I Wore: Operatorium Jewellery by Tiny Grey Cat
Santa Around the World by Simply M 
A November in Shantiniketan by One Tiny Wish
Woofers Guide Hungry Hounds Holidays by Lisas Life
Baby on Board by Tales of a Mermaid
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year by Amazzable

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Gift
I am not an overly materialistic person, no matter what my Disney collection may make you believe, and so to me a gift isn't always something wrapped up in paper, stuck under the tree. 'Tis the season of giving of course but please think about giving in different ways this year. A simple nice gesture of clearing the table after Xmas dinner, bringing something to share or in alot of cases just being there can be gift enough to someone. Time is a most precious gift. Give it to your friends and family, and if you can, branch out and volunteer your time to those less fortunate or lonely in your community. 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Why is My Dog Growling?
The Pope Says, 'All Dogs Go To Heaven'
Anonymous Woman Forks Out Over £12,000 On Strangers Reserved Xmas Gifts
Will and Kate 'Thank' Media with Christmas Photos of Prince George
Homeless Man Reunited with his Family For Christmas (Thanks to Facebook!)
The Way We Loved 'The Santa Clause' Movie

What I've Watched.
[!] Finished Season 4 of The Walking Dead
[!] Finished Season 2 of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
[!] Holiday in Handcuffs 
[!] Yes Man
[!] Christmas with the Kranks
[!] Camp Takota
[!] The Christmas Bunny 
[!] Basil the Great Mouse Detective 

Question of the Week.

In your lifetime, what have you done that hurt someone else?
Probably leaving and starting to see Jake. But if it hurt that much then surely they wouldn't of beat me and treat me like rubbish for years. Usually I'd say that I didn't mean to hurt someone, or felt bad if I did but in this instance it was more than deserved (though not done on purpose or in spite) and although that sounds harsh and I can't fully explain the situation, just believe me. 

How has your week been? I miss all you guys that I usually talk to on Twitter so let me know how you are!


  1. Ahhh the Suite Life of Zack and Cody brings back memories <3 Such a good show. I don't believe that you'd ever hurt anyone purposefully and I know that if did hurt someone then it was more than deserved, especially if they treat you that way. Much love! x xx

    1. Isnt it?! I love older Disney Channel shows.

      Thank you beautiful <3


  2. Baker is such a cutieeee!! <3
    Aww I'm glad your heating got all sorted, it's nice to know you have an attentive landlord as so many can be awful! :)

    Missing you on Twitter m'lady!

    Jem xxx

    1. Isn't he!
      Oh it makes all the difference having a good landlord - hope you've got a good one at the new place.


  3. Loving the photo - so, so cute!

    The Walking Dead is so good - you need to catch up to avoid spoilers! x

    1. Thank you! Sleepy boy with his Granny and Granda!
      Uh I know! We used to watch it as it was on TV but got behind and now have been catching up on series four. Five isnt on Netflix though so we need to find it somewhere...


  4. Thank you again for the mentions!!

    Don't fret about escapades in the internet, your opinion is just as valuable as everyone else's!

    1. You are welcome!
      I wish everyone thought the way you do ;)


  5. I've watched nothing on your 'What I've Watched' list! I feel SO old ;)

    Many thanks for another mention, Stella does love writing her Woof Wednesdays and sends nosekisses to handsome snoozy Baker xox

    1. It's the first watch of some of them for myself! I like to get my moneys worth of Netflix haha.
      You're more than welcome. Baker sends lots of nose kisses back!