Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What We Got For Christmas 2014

I swear it was like, 5 minutes ago that I wrote up my 2013 version of this. I hope that time slows right the heck down so I don't have to write another for a while! Not that I dislike writing them or anything, but now more than ever I am realising how fast life is zooming past and I want to savour it as long as possible. 
Anyways, you don't want to hear yet another person going on about how 'fast the year has gone', blah, blah, blah - you want to see what this post is about. 

We'll start off with Baker, 'cause he's the one that matters most. Here is my boys Christmas haul!

It seems alot of you are already aware of our financial situation so I cannot claim credit for any of his fabulously thoughtful treats. (Minus the mustache thingy and a new bed - which are really thanks to those who bought calendars. Now you know where I spent the little profit I made :P)

A quick rundown of his gifts are as follows:
♥ Quacking Duckling and Patchwork Elephant from Barks and Bunnies, kindly gifted by the amazing Leona and Rex ♥
♥ Dentastix and Turkey Flyer toy, kindly gifted by my super lovely friend Claire. ♥
♥ A fab ball on a rope toy (not pictured, because someone was playing with/bashing me around the calves with it) from the ever awesome Rowan. ♥
♥ Christmas Hamper from Muddy Paws, 'Bakers' treats, Choc Drops and x2 of his favorite ever Pet Stages balls (not pictured) from his god/Granny. ♥

And although my amazing trip to Disneyland Paris was meant to be my only birthday AND Christmas gift my Mam and Dad still got me too many 'bits'! (Oh and Dad paid for our aerial haha)

Here's what I got:
♥ Rabbit Cushion and Rabbit Storage Basket from M&D ♥
♥ Soap and Glory Shower Puff, Hair Towel, Long Handled Brush and Face Wipes from M&D ♥
♥ Lush Snow Fairy, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and Snow Fairy Sparkle from M&D ♥
♥ Vanilla Cupcake Yankee Candles, Ed Hardy Perfume and Boots Deodorant from M&D ♥
♥ Minnie Hoodie, Mickey Mouse Notebook, Make Mine Music & Treasure Planet DVDs (not pictured) from M&D♥
♥ Lots of sweeites! Hot choc and Mini Marshmallows from M&D ♥
♥ Disney Princess Fleece Blanket and M&Ms from Claire♥
♥ Awesome Tattoo Notebook from Rowan! ♥
♥ Dickies Wax Jacket from my love, Jake (yet to arrive) ♥

I'll of said this before and I'll say it a millions times more but I want nothing from anyone but their time, love and friendship. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the very thoughtful gifts though. It's one thing to give someone a gift, but a whole different thing to put the effort in and choose something that is exactly what they will love. I have the best friends ever.

"Christmas isn't about candy canes, holy, or lights all aglow. It's about the hearts that we touch and the care that we show."

If you know where that quote is from (without Googling!!) you are awesome. Give yourself 10 UtW points. Thanks so much for reading and I have to tell you how lucky I am to actually have this post up. See, my laptop has given up on me and I've had to travel to worlds end, through Narnia, Wonderland and friggin' Hogwarts to get this up on time. haha I HOPE I'll be able to have the rest of this weeks posts sorted too, but if I don't you know why!


  1. What a lovely collection of presents! I love all the Disney gifts, as well as the Lush, Soap and Glory and Yankee Candle bits and pieces - and all of the sweets and chocolate, of course!

    I also love how many presents Baker received!


    p.s. I hope you have a lovely New Year when it comes!

    1. Thank you! I have very generous family and friends :)
      And Baker is the child in the house so he usually gets the most but this year we just couldn't afford it. Wait for his birthday! ;) haha

      All the best for 2015 Charlene <3


  2. That's a load of goodies! :) I love the 'stache ball!!!
    I can never get enough yankee candles!

    1. Lots of goodies, we are very lucky :)
      Isn't it fun?! haha I can't get him to keep it in his mouth long enough to get a photo.


  3. What a nice selection of presents you received, I particularly like the decent sized pile of chocolate, if you ever need to ship some of that off, you know where I am ;)

    I still have yet to try any of my Lush stuff, maybe I should do that some when as they're just sitting there fragrancing one of my drawers quite nicely!

    Big Hugs,

    A xo

    1. Amy, I'm sorry to say - Its ALL GONE! haha I wanted to finished before New Year so I could cut down but now I'm regretting that and 2 days in craving chocolate so bad!

      I've used Lush for so many years now (with them being cruelty free) that Mam always gets me a couple bits. Usually bath bombs and stuff but the new house has no bath :( Boo! The skin care is fab though, the only stuff that works with my skin!

      Love ya! xo

  4. You got some really cute things! I love Snowbites and I didn't get any this year, so upset about this!

    Jegz xo

    1. I know right, I'm all about that cuteness! :D Oh no way. If they're still in stores they will be super cheap to get rid - stock up ;)


  5. Can't believe I'm only getting around to catching up on this all now. I'm the worst! Love Baker's moustache thingy! It's so cool. My sis got Berty the ho ho ho bones. He looooooves them. You got some great stuff too. I feel like everyone got snow fairy and yankee candles! Aha.

    Sara Bloo xo

    1. I can't believe I'm only replying to the comment now! Oops!
      Isnt the moustache fab?! I'm still trying to get him to sit still long enough for me to get a photo... And I know right?! Its like all bloggers have gotten the same stuff. My Mam gets my Lush stuff every year...for like too many year to remember now.