Friday, 19 December 2014

YouTube Videos You Need To See #13

The 13th installment of my inspirational video sharing series is here and it's better than ever. As you may or may not know, I watch more YouTube than I do TV and I favorite alot of videos...I then like to share the most touching, inspirational ones with you here!

When I saw this on Facebook, it had a misleading title. The real story behind it is so lovely though!

The many faces of homelessness. Think about the story behind the individual before judging.

The real meanings behind Harry Potter spell words!

You've probably seen this...But this is a Disney dog fo' sho!

The World Record Breaking, Largest Nativity ever!

If you watch one video this season, make it this. No matter your religion. 

Adopt DON'T shop!

My all time favorite Christmas song, Disney style!!

A sneeky but super sweet Xmas Proposal...

This dog got his buddys back!

This doesn't need an introduction...

Even celebrity dogs have a past. You don't need a pedigree or 'designer' dog, consider rescuing the next addition to your family.

The look on the mother deer's face says it all. If only we were always seen as friend not foe and it wouldn't be such a surprise.

There we have it, I hope you watched a couple, got inspiration or a smile on your face! Something else you might like to see is something from December 2012. I put together a post of videos of people getting dogs as Xmas gifts and as it is that time of year I thought I'd re-share it here. It's not how it sounds - it's the sweetest thing.


  1. My fave is the Harry Potter one! ^__^ Gotta love a little spell knowledge ;)

    Jemma xx

    1. Pretty cool eh?! I always knew words were taken from 'actual' words but this was really interesting to find out exactly what.