Friday, 30 January 2015

Exploring Edinburgh // Camera Obscura

I'd seen lots of photos from this place on Facebook and heard people mentioning it to others when asking for recommendations of things to do in Edinburgh, but I couldn't recall ever seeing it in passing when I was in Scotland's capital, so when we were there in November I was really keen on going to Camera Obscura.

Situated super near the castle, up the Royal Mile, Camera Obscura is actually the citys oldest purpose built visitor attraction amazingly dating back to the 1800s!! To read a more detailed (and actually very interesting history of the Observatory and World of Illusion) you can do so here
In short the Camera Obscura refers to the optical device that Maria Theresa Short (you'll have to read the history to find out who she is haha!) installed on the top of a townhouse she bought. A Camera Obscura, also known as a pinhole camera was the original device that lead to photography and the camera as we know it today, and the one at this visitors centre projects images through a giant periscope into the Victorian rooftop chamber.

But that isn't all this place has to offer. I wasn't able to take any photos in the actual show but we took plenty while exploring the other 5 floors. 

There's the Magic Gallery, Electric Room, Mirrors, Lights and Senses, Moving Pictures and Optical Illusions. Within these different sections you'll find a mix of interactive and fun things to play around with or simply look at. Now I know 'looking at' stuff doesn't sound so fun but with different visual tricks and work by artists such as Salvador Dali and many more, you'll leave entertained and perplexed. Plasma balls, funny mirrors,  a zoetrope, a praxinoscope and holograms are all among the fun too.
I was a little skeptical to enter when I saw the price of entry (just shy of £14) but I can tell you now that it's more than worth it. They recommend allowing yourself two hours to explore and see the show but I'm sure we were there for at least 3 hours. It was pretty busy when we went so choose your days and times carefully, especially if you don't like kids. Seriously, they'll push in front of you and be noisy during the show so during the week is when I'll next visit - they're open everyday of the year except Christmas you know?!

Even as a 24 year old, with my parents, we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs - especially in the light tunnel where you feel as if you are spinning upside down while walking over the bridge, and the mirror maze which is sooo much harder than you'd think.   
So if you find yourself in Edinburgh and looking for something fun for all ages to do indoors, for sure give this place a go. :) 

Click to enlarge!

Oh, oh, oh! I forgot to mention there are also free telescopes on the rooftop and on a clear day like we had you can see for miles around in all directions. The panorama above was taken on a regular 18-55mm lens in four photos looking North and shows Princes Street and the gardens, Leith, New Town, the Firth of Forth and Fife. Breathtaking I'm sure you'll agree.
Have you ever been to Camera Obscura? Did you enjoy it? If you haven't is it somewhere that you think would interest you?

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My Top 5 || Reasons Disney Is GOOD For Kids!

It seems there are two types of people. Disney lovers and everyone else.
Nah, I know there are obviously inbetweenies who aren't bothered either way, but it seems the worlds leading childrens movie production company is very commonly scrutinised. I have heard a lot of people who think that Disney is bad. Don't even get me started on the whole 'dirty Disney' claims, I've touched on that subject before and there will be a more in depth post in the future, but for now I want to talk about why I think Disney movies are good for children to watch.
Google it and you will see ample amounts of 'Disturbing Life Lessons from Disney Movies', 'Ways Disney Corrupts Kids' and forums discussing why the movies are bad for your children.

As a fan from an early age I am here to stand up for the company and say first of all that these people putting together these ridiculous posts ridiculing Disney are clutching at straws, picking at any tiny point they can to try and deface the name. You can decide for yourself but these are the reasons I think Disney movies are GOOD for children to watch.

Teaches them Right from Wrong.
Evidently each classic Disney film features the token 'baddy' or villain who is nasty and horrible and all things sinful. Conversely the main character is proven to be a good person. Charitable, helpful, sweet and kind. And what happens at the end of the movie? Good prevails!!
Surely having your little girl look up to a Disney Princess or little boy Idolize Buzz Lightyear rather than a wicked witch or a hunter is a good thing?

Every Story Has A Moral.
 No matter what circumstances life may throw at you and no matter how others treat you, you can choose the moral high ground and treat others in a respectful and appropriate fashion.
♥ Family don't always have to be related to you. Friends (including of other species) are the family you choose.
♥ Always be yourself. Never try to change anything or pretend you're someone you aren't for someone elses benefit.

And of course there are way, way more.

Animals are Friends.
Following on from the last point about animal friends being part of the family - just look at Stitch - there are instances in almost every Disney movie reiterating the goodness of all creatures . Be it showing that any species can get on together without human interference, showing animals as friends to people who have no one else or that they have feelings too and are affected by the likes of hunting, it's great to see these impressions made when kids are young.
Not only that, and perhaps a little far fetched but I think that it may also help stop children from developing fears or anxieties around animals.

Dreams DO Come True.
Wishing on a star might not, but working hard to get what you want may just help you reach your goals, just like Princess Tiana!

Introduces Different Cultures.
So yes, the likes of Mulan and Pocahontas aren't exactly historically accurate (putting it lightly) and are often scolded for being 'stereotypical' but these films aren't for the purpose of teaching people about a countries actual history - they are for entertainment purposes. It seems to be okay when people insinuate all British people talk like the Queen and drink tea when in fact we don't so why can't other countries be shown in the same light? 
In small towns like mine when I was young, kids grow up oblivious to different races, religions and cultures. Watching Disney films takes them on a magical ride around the world featuring different skin colours, animal species and accents.

There we go, there's my two cents! I hope you get what I'm trying to put across, I know I'm not the most literary advanced blogger out there (usually my images do the talking) but like I said, this is an issue close to my heart! The post may anger some people, or you might agree...but I know either way people can be very opinionated on the subject. Therefore I won't be publishing comments on this post if there are argumentative or offensive in any way. We are Disney lovers here!!!! haha

Monday, 26 January 2015

My Very 1st Giveaway!

The time has finally come, after weeks..actually months of collecting little bits together, to announce my giveaway. Many of my Twitter followers will remember that it was originally to celebrate my 3 year Blogiversary, coupled with hitting 300 followers but it's taken a little longer than expected haha.

I wanted everything to be a little bit of me and my blog, so as you'll see from the following pictures each thing was chosen for a specific reason. I know it's not much but I have bought it all myself (and you have to factor in shipping too :P). So I guess this is it, here we go...

A quick low down of what I'm giving away:
* Because of my love for Nature and Bird photography, I wanted to try and pass on this hobby to you with a Bird Watching kit!
* So that you can have some Disney magic in your life, included is one of the best movies of the last 5 years (or so I say!) Saving Mr Banks on DVD.
* Being cruelty free is very important to me, as is trying to look after my skin, hence giving away my favorite face masks from Montagne Jeunesse.
* I hope it doesn't seem too self absorbed or anything but as my 2015 Underland to Wonderland Photographic Calendars were so well received I saved one especially for this occasion...there's still 11 months that you can make use of...
* When I spotted this 'Happily Ever After' plaque I had to pick it up! Not only is it what one of my tattoos reads, the old name of this blog and a great symbol of my love of fairy tales, but it is a super cute home ware item and you know I love my decor!
* The one item that was actually sent to me for this giveaway was this awesome print by the super talented Catillest. I'd love this 'Why Otters are Orsome' artwork for my own home too so I'm sure my fellow animal lovers will appreciate this.
* Surely when you think of me, you think of chocolate. Or at least I know when I think of me I do! haha So to share the bunny love as well as the sweetie goodness you'll find a Hoppy Bunny Dairy Milk and 3 Lindt Chocolate Rabbits.
* Last but not least is the very first item I bought for you. A Deathly Hallows Necklace. Just like mine!

I'll let you have a closer look at the items I've included before proceeding to tell you how you can enter, there's a little twist to this that I hope you'll like.

So I know at this point most people would insert a rafflecopter widget and let you guys do your thing but not me. As all my gifts are personal I want the whole experience to be. If you're here just for some free stuff I'm sorry because the reason I'm doing this is to thank those people who actually follow and enjoy my blog for what it is. I have met some incredibly supportive people over the past 3+ years as well as made some awesome friends - to you guys, thank you.

How To Enter!!!

I wanted to do something more than for you to click a button and be entered so Jake came up with a fabulous way of entering. What you have to do is of course, first and foremost be a follower on bloglovin' and secondly send me a photo. This photo has to feature a 'hidden' Mickey! (If you don't know what that is click here!) You can create it using items around your home or from nature, you can draw it, or it can be a photograph of one from a Disney park or even one you spot while out and about. Use your imagination.
Jake rarely reads the blog and doesn't know any of you guys so he will be the judge, though all photos will be shown to him anonymously anyways.

Entries can be posted to my Facebook page, tweeted to me saying 'This is my entry to the #UTWGiveaway' or emailed to underlandtowonderland[@]
Get all entries into me by midnight on the 1st of February and I'll announce the winner in another post on the 4th so I can get it posted out as soon as possible! Unfortunately this time it is open to UK residents only, sorry to my amazing followers over seas!

Thanks again guys and I hope lots of you enter! Feel free to share and good luck :)

[EDIT - Please read the above two paragraphs carefully!!! To enter you must send me an image and you will find out of what above. All the conditions are clearly stated, so apologies to those who do not follow them as you will unfortunately not be entered.] 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 16

January 19th - January 25th

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

♥  Jake meeting Baker and I at the park after work for a quick playtime.

♥  Crossing things off 'to-do' lists.
♥  My beautiful friend Oh Leona mentioning me in her post and everyone else commenting on my new banner. 
♥  The last prize for the giveaway arriving!
♥  Being nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by Sunnydei
♥  A day out with the wonderful Rowan.
♥  The beach all to ourselves.
♥  Passing 125,000 views!
♥  Having fun with these three in our usual Facebook chats (DeeAmy, Jemma.)
♥  Going to the Panto with Mam and Nana.
♥ Having a nap in the dogs bed.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
Stress Less by Fine and Dandy
5 Ways to Challenge Your Dogs Bored Mind by Hello Rigby
Sunday by Trisarahtops
I'm Weird Because... by Prompts By Dee
Staying On Track by Tartan Mouth
My North East Story- I Dream of Coco by New Girl in Toon
Woof Wednesday Essentially Stella by Lisa's Life
You Can Do It by Amazzable
10 Things I Thought Would've Happened by the Year 2015 by Simply M
Tweet tweet! Birdwatch 2015! by Through Tasha's Camera

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Moment 
Although, me being a photographer, a photo would probably of been the most obvious choice for me and this word seeing as it's the reason we take them, I decided to truly express the meaning of a moment it needed to be written. Many photographers will use the word on their website while stating that using their services will help preserve your special moments is a beautiful way and I am no different. Though I rarely take on any jobs any more it is most certainly my main reason for carrying my camera everywhere and of course why I partake in annual photography projects. Time moves so fast, and a moment passes so quick that I want to freeze as many and savor them forever. 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Incredible Photos of People Living Off The Grid Who Abandoned Civilization for Life in the Wilderness
Harry Potter Fans: A Golden Snitch Engagement Ring Exists!
Pope: Catholics Need Not Breed 'Like Rabbits'
5 Common Canine Myths Busted by An Animal Expert
Triple H Breaks Character to Console Crying Boy
Animals Rescued From Labs Become Magic Models In Alice-In-Wonderland Photoshoot via Oh Leona!
Tourists Get Knockout Selfie With Sylvester Stallone Atop Rocky Steps
Holocaust survivor salutes American soldier who liberated him from Nazi concentration camp hell in emotional reunion after 70 years  via Bloo and Stuff

What I've Watched.
[!] Friends Season 5 & 6
[!] Minor Details
[!] Wish Upon A Star
[!] The Expendables 3

Question of the Week.
If you had all the money in the world but still had to have some kind of job, what would you choose to do?
Obviously, as many of you already know, I'd run my own animal rescue center/retreat type thing. I'd use all my money to buy all the land and hire all the staff I required to make sure any animal of any breed that needed a home had on. It'd be the best job ever and I wouldn't mind mucking out and getting stuck in. Now if any rich people want to donate a considerable sum to me you can see it'll be well used. My bank details are... haha 

Friday, 23 January 2015

YouTube Videos You Need To See #14

Just sharing a little more love, inspiration and awesomeness from the videos I have favorited on YouTube! Let me know your favorite video in the comments below. :)

An Amazingly Inspiring Blogger.

The Most Emotional 'Don't Drink and Drive' Ad For Pet Lovers To Watch.

(I know it's way after Christmas but...) Magic Santa for the Homeless.

A Pod of Dolphins in Berwick (My Home Town!!)

We are ALL Perfect.

Someone Tell Me Why All Of The Worlds Restaurants Haven't Adopted This System Yet?!

A Hope for Paws Video Has Never Failed to Make Me Cry. If You Aren't Aware of Eldad and His Work Already, Please Introduce Yourself. 

The Response of the Public Actually Disgusts Me. A Human is a Human No Matter What. Watch this and Think Twice Next Time You Judge Someones Appearance.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag!

It's taaagg time! The first of this year infact and has given me the opportunity to get you guys to all pop over and check out the sweetest, most lovely lady who tagged me, Kaleidoscopes and Polkadots. ❤️

1. What do you watch or read during me-time?
Harry Potter and Disney movies. It's common knowledge by now that I re-read Harry Potter practically on a loop and I am (or would be willing to fight for the title of) the worlds biggest 24 year old Disney fan. However Jake isn't. He doesn't like Disney at all, so that kind of stuff has to wait until my 'me-time'.

2. What do you wear during me-time?
Jogging bottoms and a Disney tee.

3. What are your me-time beauty products?
On the rare occasion I'll use a tea tree toner tab from Lush, a Montagne Jeunesse face mask and when we had a bath I was a fan of many different Lush bath bombs.

4. Current favorite nail polish?
I don't actually wear nail polish. With having the household chores to attend to and a dog to play with they just chip and stuff too easily. I did actually go and buy two Barry M (cruelty free) nail paints to make my fingers pretty for Disneyland, but that's it!

5. What do you eat or drink during me-time?
Chocolate, sweeties, cake, rice pudding, ice cream. Anything in that food group that I can get my hands on.

6. Current favorite candle?
Anything vanilla. I'm a plain person. Oh and I love a wax tart as well as a candle.

7. Do you ever have outdoor me-time?
All of the time!! You'll know that if you are a regular reader as many of my outings are documented here. On a daily basis Baker and I go on a walk and around maybe once a fortnight I'll go for a bigger walk with him and my Mam or friend Claire.

8. Would you ever go see a movie alone?
Probably not. I don't like being around alot of people and so I think that it'd just make me feel even more uncomfortable to not have someone else with me.

9. Favorite online shop?
I haven't got one! Is that pathetic? We don't have a lot of money to just 'shop'. It's very rarely we buy something new and when we do it's a particular item we need, so I suppose whatever website turns out to stock the thing we want for the cheapest is my favorite! haha

10. Anything to add? What else do you do during me-time?
Blogging is one of the main things I do with my time, and that is for at least 2 hours everyday. I annoy Jake with how often I'm doing something be it editing photos, writing up a post, reading other blogs or interacting on social media. I really cannot understand how people can do all of that and still work full time because I swear my days disappear.

And I tag:
A Growing Petal

Monday, 19 January 2015

Project 52 || Summary 2014

In 2013, after previous years of trying, I succeeded in my very first Project 365! Taking one photo, editing it and uploading it every day of that year - harder than you think! I enjoyed the fact of having a photographic diary to look back on to remember my year by but didn't want to subject myself to that stress again the next year.
And so in 2014 I chose to attempt a Project 52. Simply take one photo per week, edit and upload. That took a lot of weight off my shoulders and helped me enjoy it more, although there was the odd snap left until the night before - oops!

Anyways, here I've picked a photo from each month of 2014s photography project and will include a short summary of my life that month. To see all of the photos you can always find them here and of course pop on over to see what I've decided to do this year...

January: After working right over Christmas and New Year, January came without being very eventful. We'd had a bad time over the holiday season with our neighbours and it only got worse with one of them stalking me as I came to and from work. I hated to be in the house because of the purposeful noise making to intimidate us so despite the chilly days and lots of frost (no snow though), Baker and I played at the park a lot. The hours got less and less at work too, so Baker and I took the opportunity to hop on a train and visit the home town and see Nana while we were there.

February: This month saw me get closer to some work colleagues and have them round for dinner and monopoly! It was also Jakes 26th birthday (haha old!!!) and one of his friends came to stay which was a lot of fun...then I failed for the first time in the project when I couldn't upload a photo for the last week of the month. Boo.

March: The 'fail' of the past month coincided with a week that had many photos taken when we celebrated Jake's birthday late on our holiday from work therefore saw two photos uploaded on week 9 catching us up. We got to have a day away together without Baker at Beamish which was also Jakes first visit there, it was awesome. That week we also got to go do his birthday gift from me, a tour of St James Park! Mam and Dad came with us too and we were so lucky when the other people booked in that day didn't show up so it turned into a private tour just for us! It was fab to see the men have a good time.
It seems that March was a fab month for us overall because it was when we took what would turn out to be a photo that won Baker the Pet Pawtraits Competition and I got to meet a blogging friend in 'real life' too. If you didn't know I hate being around alot of people so don't attend any meet ups or events and I was even super nervous for this. But Claire was even more awesome than I thought and we have a fab day looking around the shops, walking around Leazes Park and taking photos.

April:  I'm struggling to type this because when I think of April I just think of Bunny. My poor little baby Bunny passed away at the beginning of this month, strangely a few days apart from the 1 year anniversary of his partner in crime Nike. It sucked so much and although I'd lost rabbits, hamsters, a guinea pig etc in the past it affected me so much. I won't go on, because I can't. But the support from friends was nice, considering others said 'it was only a rabbit'.
Other than that I took another trip up to Berwick to spend Mothers day with my Mam and Nana.

May: Can you guess where the dog and I took a trip to? Yes, Berwick! Like I said (and explained more in this post) I hated being at home so whenever I had a couple of days off at the same time I got a cheap train and escaped to the country. There was lot of beautiful sunshine this month, I painted fence panels and took a lot of photos. Jake and I spent more time together and had one particularly fun day playing frisbee and taking silly shots.
By this point we had also agreed that we wanted to take the plunge and leave the city for good. So I had busy last week of the month juggling shifts at work, travelling to Berwick for a job interview and had a photoshoot with my cousin for some dancer portraits.

June:  Notices had been handed in at work and it was common knowledge that we were moving! We had no jobs, no house, but it had to be done for our safety and happiness. Between packing, working, Jake travelling to Berwick for an interview, having a last day out with all of my 'friends' and finally hosting my very first public charity event, June was super busy!
On the 21st I sat in the back of a moving van, with every single possession we owned, for 60miles travelling North. Oh, what I forgot to mention was a couple days before the move Jake got news from the place he had interviewed at saying he had got the job and he started the Monday after our move. The weekend was spent exploring and enjoying our new surroundings and saying goodbye to Jakes beard.
Everything happens for a reason, and everything was falling into place!

July: We'd only been away from Newcastle two weeks when we decided a celebratory night away for just the two of us was in store. We stayed in a hotel at Whitley Bay, had a walk along the coast taking in our favorite places from when we first started seeing each other and had a bite to eat in a lovely pub at Cullercoats. The next day before travelling home we took the chance to see the 'Toon Times' exhibition on Newcastle United football club at the Discovery museum - another of my favorite places to go.
Other special moments this month were: Baker learning to swim, Jake taking up his new hobby of fishing, seeing a red deer and her foal and following my little bunny family friends.

August: ..was pretty uneventful. Jake was working, I was exploring and photographing (and also job hunting by the way) and we were house hunting. To keep me busy I took on a new project ready for use in the new place whenever we got it and we celebrated Bakers 2nd birthday before finding a place and moving on the last day of the month!

September: A month of settling into our new home and exploring our new surroundings. I got to spend more time with my oldest friends and share our love of history and culture and go on plenty of woodland walks with Baker, my camera and Mam.

October: I turned 24! My best friend from Newcastle came to visit. We decorated for Halloween. And we went to DISNEYLAND!

November: As you can see the last four months of the year slowed down and got quieter. We really didn't do much at all. However I did finally got around to/ the confidence to do two things I wanted to do for years; put together my own photographic calendars and film a video (in front of the camera) for YouTube - both of which turned out to be very well received by everyone. :)
My Mam, Dad and I also had a family day away together to Edinburgh which was lovely and I photographed the first robin of winter!

December: Did December even happen? For the 10 zillionth time, I'm sorry, but it went so fast!! It went by in a whirlwind of food, windy walks that I couldn't of done without my ear muffs, food, Christmas crafts, decorating and gifts, food, being cold and food. I got to take a trip to Newcastle to eventually see Fenwicks window with Mam. We did a bit of shopping and I got to catch up with Claire and Laura!
Finally come Christmas we were super lucky that Jake was off right through until the 5th (minus one day) so we had a nice lazy time together watching Netflix and eating rubbish until he went back to work!

And that's it. 2014 in photos. Click each month to see the corresponding photos and if you head over to my second blog now you'll find the first two weeks of Project 365 2015!!! Thanks for reading guys!

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 15

January 12th - January 18th

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

♥  Cracking out the Rice Pudding!

♥  Baker wanting to wear a scarf to the park.
♥  Mam bringing me chocolate :)
♥  Having food in the house after doing a big online shop.
♥  Seeing how wiggly little mans bum was when his Granda came over.
♥  Beautiful sunsets.
♥  Fun times in the studio with Claire!  
♥  Breakfast Out with Mam.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
DIY Vintage Tea Cup Candles by The Life of Dee
Walking in Sunny Winter Wonderland by Little Miss Disney
Churros at Zapatista by New Girl in Toon
Xtreme Shark Dive 2015 by Love From Jess xo
The Pressures of Choosing Career Path by My Thoughts, Views and Values
Fitting in With The Norm by Things Tanith Did
Doggie Days by Rosy Smiles
Waggy Tail Stories by Lisa's Life
Bucket List by Genius vs Beauty
Six Years Relationship - One Year Living Together by Oddly Lovely 
Kalamazoo Beard Wash - Not Just a Funny Name by Under the Beard

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Pen

Other Articles etc of Interest.

A Flower Girl And Ring Bearer Just Got Married Nearly 20 Years After Meeting
Was this Nessie’s ancestor? Giant prehistoric monster roamed Scottish waters.
32 Magical Destinations To Visit In This Lifetime
British Prime Minister Suggests Banning Some Online Messaging Apps [Yes!!!] 
Eminem Grants Wish For Terminally Ill Fan
Seattle dog's rush hour ride: on the bus, by herself, weekly
Arrested teen hailed as hero after helping cop who collapsed
Pope Francis: Free expression doesn't mean right to insult others' faith
Cat Saves Abandoned Baby By Keeping it Warm

What I've Watched.
[!] Friends Season 3, 4 & 5.
[!] Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure
[!] World's Greatest Dad
[!] Cyberbully (The Movie) 
[!] Brave

Question of the Week.

What is the first thing you do upon waking up in the morning and the last thing you do before sleeping at night?
Ashamedly, the first thing I do is usually check my phone. I pick it up to turn of my alarm and instinctively type 'bl' into my browser. After I see I have no comments I head to check if I've any messages on Facebook or @ replies on Twitter before getting up and pulling on the clothes I've laid out the night before.
Conversely, I often fall asleep with a book in my hand.

How has your week been? Have you done anything interesting or had anything that sparks in your mind as a happy moment? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Q&A #2 feat. You!

It's been a while since I did a question and answer post, over 10 months actually, and since I had a question or two about the blog I thought I'd add up a few more questions over the past couple weeks to make a post out of it. I got some pretty cool questions last time around aswell, so once you're done here you should go check them out ;)

#1 - What's your favourite Tattoo and is there a story behind it? [Asked by Life Outside London]
For sure my chest tattoo. The birds were done a while before I got the writing added, at a time where life was 'falling apart' or so I thought. They are the Disney birds and I cried when I saw them completed. I'd always wanted birds by my collar bones but as I was moving away from my parents for the first time (properly, not just for college) I suppose it was also a little bit of a 'flying the nest' type of deal.
I then got the title of a Jimmy Eat World song inked between them, which is also one of my mottos. It relates to many points in life including what people may think while they are giving me horrible looks when staring at it, 'Believe in What You Want'.
My tattoos do not define me, nor do my clothes. I am more than you assume and I am actually a very nice, charitable, really don't have to stand rather than sit next to me on public transport just because I like to have art on my body.

#2 - What's the best compliment you ever received? [Asked by Dorkface]
Surprisingly, since starting blogging, I've had a few. I always find the ones to do with my blog or photography and not about me personally are ones I love the most. I couldn't think of one to mention in particular if I tried, though I obviously highly appreciate them all.
(Oh and because I've received it while writing this post, ''Hey @UnderToWonder Just clicked through 2 your blog - I think it's safer if I set some time aside because it looks amazing! :O'' from Hollie Dee on twitter! Eeep :D)

#3 - If you wrote an autobiography, what would you call it? [Asked by Dorkface]
Underland to Wonderland of course! (To find out why exactly, see question 8)

#4 - If you had a choice, would you rather travel to space or to the deepest part of the ocean? [Asked by Shona Elizabeth]
Ooh! This one is super difficult for me because I actually have a fear of the sea and I don't agree with space travel haha! I suppose that if I had to choose, I'd just have to go with the Space thing haha. I've sat here trying to make myself type the ocean but my fear is so bad that I just can't.

#5 - If you could add yourself into any Disney film as a new character, which film and what would you call yourself? [Asked by Prompts by Dee]
Okay, I'm gonna have to give you two answers for this. If it were a Disney Pixar movie I'd choose Toy Story and I'd like to be a some sort of soft toy. As for a classic Disney animation I have to say the original, Snow White and I'd be a bird if thats allowed? haha Names?! That's too difficult!

#6 - What's your favourite Disney ride and why? [Asked by Amy]
Obviously I only have Disneyland Paris rides to choose from but I'm their biggest advocate so that's no issue for me. I'm gonna have to mention a couple because how can anyone choose just one?! The Ratatouille ride that just opened in July 2014 is beyond anything you have been on before. 3D projections, motion based simulation, heat, smells and more physical special effects makes it an experience that you will not forget.
As for a classic, The Flight of Peter Pan never fails to amaze the child in me. If you are interested in hearing more, keep an eye out as I have a 'Top 5' post coming soon!

#7 - If you had to be named after a city or country, which one would it be and why? [Asked by Life as Amazzable
Though I am very British looking, I'm a fan of exotic, mystical sounding names so the likes of Aruba and Mali! Aspen and Juno are very pretty too.

#8 - You're standing at the gates of heaven and God asks you why he should let you in, what's your answer? [Asked by Life as Amazzable
As an atheist I'd be in a lot of shock haha, but in all seriousness I'd say that I have done my best with what I have had to care for and help others as much as I can, as well as using my time to try and spread as much inspiration and happiness to those around me as possible. I've loved creatures great and small too Sir!

#9 - Where did the name for your blog come from? [Asked by Sebastian Leaver]
I wanted something that was both descriptive of me and my life as well as having a hint of Disney so people could have an idea of what to expect. When I first started this blog in particular it was named, 'Once Upon A Time They Lived Happily Ever After' - yes, I am aware it's a mouthful...hence the need for a change.
With the ups and downs we've had and the hard time we we're having at the time, coupled with our want for a better life, I merged the setting of the Tim Burton adaptation and the original and the Alice in Wonderland inspired 'Underland to Wonderland' was born!

#10 - If you could travel anywhere in the world for a week, to blog, where would it be? [Asked by Wanderness]
Other than Disneyland, I'd have to say South America and Mexico so that I could travel around for the week seeing the wonders that are Chichen Itza, Christ the Redeemer and Machu Picchu. Not only are they amazing historical and cultural sights but the photographic opportunities would be awesome!

#11 - If you were stuck on a desert island for a month, what 3 objects would you want with you?
A Harry Potter Book, a manual camera with film and a knife.
I have re-read the full Harry Potter series so many times over the past 15 years that I've lost count, however they are one of the only series that I can do that with and not get sick of it. My theory is that if I were on an island alone I'd get pretty scared, lonely and bored and so one of those books would help me to feel comforted and keep me busy.
I think the camera is self explanatory. Even if I only had one roll of film I'd use the 24 or so exposures sparingly to document the most important moments or views.
Lastly, a knife would help me to eat...cutting fruit etc and also be a form of protection.

#12 - Which animal living or extinct would you love the chance to photograph in the wild? [Asked by Bloo N Stuff]
There are so many it's crazy. I have an amazing friend who spent some time in South Africa and another who is heading there soon and I'm super jealous of the animals they have/will of photographed. An elephant would be something so interesting to be able to photograph I think with all the different types of shots you could get.

A huge thanks to everyone who asked a question, I hope you learned a little more about me..and more than just the fact that I'm indecisive. :P Feel free to leave your answers to any of these questions in the comments.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Disneyland Paris 2014 // What I Bought.

Ahh, it's with two minds that I bring you this 'haul' post of the purchases I made at Disneyland, last year. This seals the deal as the actual, very last last post of them all! Obviously, as I've said a gazillion times, the trip itself was paid for by my Mam and Dad as a joint Birthday and Christmas present, Dad gave me some spending money and Jake gave me chunk too, as well as having my little 'piggy bank' savings - so thank you to my favorite people for all of this.

Before I went I put together a post of things that I wanted so I didn't waste money on things I didn't really need, therefore I was slightly gutted to find that the three main things I was after didn't exist anymore/they didn't stock.
I think the thing I actually wanted the very most and wouldn't of been bothered if I couldn't of gotten anything else just to get it, was my engraved necklace. I'm not a huge jewelry wearer apart from special pieces and my favorite necklace ever is my Mickey Mouse head that has my name and Minnie on one side and Disneyland 2010 on the other. I SO wanted to get another with 2014 on, you know, 'cause it'd be cool, but the staff had no idea what I was on about even when I showed them mine!
I'd seen official Disney Parks charms online too and was silly enough to think they'd have them outside of the US...they did have a one with a Mickey head and initials on though so I got that instead.
A limited edition soft toy (just like my Steamboat Willy Mickey that I also got in DLP in 2010) was another thing I couldn't tick off the list hence getting my two smaller soft toys - the Peter Pan Mickey to go with my Tinkerbell Minnie and something that classed as my 'something Halloween', Jack Skellington Mickey which is pretty awesome!

If you've paid attention to my ramblings on our trip then you'll wonder why I also have a pin for the Disneyland hotel, and that's because I stayed there in 2010 and forgot to pick it up then. Now I have a pin for the 3 Disney hotels I've been in in 2010 & 2014.

Two things that I decided not to bother with was some Ears and an Autograph book because they both were just too expensive for what they were. Last time I was there I bought multiples of both. I went completely all out on that holiday and I had way more money back then  but this time I could swear they were a lot more expensive. Ears are something thats a fun memento and a cool thing to have at the parks but nothing practical that you'd use at home a lot, though I am still in two minds about having not gotten an autograph book after having met so many characters that I hadn't already...

Anyways, with the stuff I didn't get I had extra money to get things I spotted and hadn't planned on getting! The two tops were from the Disney fashion store and we looked at them on a few separate occasions before Mam said, 'Just get them!' and I'm glad I did. The hoodie was bought on my second to last day and was pretty much the last of my money. I had been looking for a hoodie but wanted a black one and none really stood out until I finally found this sneaky one in a boutique on Main Street that wasn't anywhere else! I love it.

My favorite purchases of all are my Chip and Dale ear muffs that have been so practical they've been worn pretty much everyday for the past 2.5 months seeing as I don't wear hats and of course I love the stuff I got Baker. People will think I'm mad having bought a soft toy for him as they aren't exactly cheap dog toys, but he adores his Timon and hasn't broken it thankfully.

The last photo you see is gifts for others. I got Jake a mug because he drinks so much tea and this had a 'J' for Jack though I'll pretend its for Jake and some sweets. The shortbread biscuits and Chip and Dale tree decoration was for my scottish friend Claire and I actually still have the keyrings.
So there we have it, the complete and bitter end of all of this series. So sad! haha.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Exploring Berwick || The Gun Tower

Just as I thought we we're running out of historical sites to explore in the home town, Bell Tower (you'll see in the next post and the last photo in this post) and Gun Tower came to mind while thinking of somewhere more quiet, away from the crowds of Christmas holiday walkers and their thousands of dogs, to take Baker.

This site is directly opposite what was my Middle school and I haven't been here for many years, despite its close proximity to the town. It lays right by the side of the road, en route to the most popular caravan park in Berwick as well, and though many people will pass it on their way to the town centre, it seems very forgotten about and 'out of the way'.

I don't know what I thought this ruin was up until now, but I didn't think it was what it is.

It's more than common knowledge that Berwick has been constantly fought over by both sides of the border and changed hands between English and Scottish ownership no less than 13 times! That is how popular we are :) haha Oh and while we're on the subject, just to clarify, we do infact currently belong to England and have done since 1482!! Boom! haha
Anyways, back to the point, this gun tower was built to protect the North- East side of our medieval 'walled' defenses. Finished in 1542 it even gained the interest of King Henry VIII himself, who drew plans for the gun tower ( sadly they don't exist anymore), which I think is pretty freakin' awesome!

Originally it would of been a two story affair, boasting a crowing parapet and captains quarters, (where the set of stairs on the right hand side of the second to last photo would of led I assume)  though you can see that is long gone! They were demolished when the Elizabethan parts of Berwick walls were started.
On the lower floor, that has 6m thick walls, you can still see the areas where the swivel guns would of stood, an oven area, latrine (toilet!) and small living quarters. Amazing.

I really feel alive when standing in a place as heavily encased in history as this. How could you not be excited imagining all those people who stood there hundreds of years before?? Or am I just strange?
Do you guys have anything like this in your town? Have you ever been to explore it, or would you if you haven't? I'd love to hear about the history near you! Let me know what you think of this post and watch out for the next one about the tower above.

Thanks for reading as always you awesome people - have a great week. :)

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 14

January 5th - January 11th

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

♥ Dry, windy days that allowed me to put washing on the line!

♥ Bird fat ball making!
♥ Sleepy doggy cuddles when Jake is on nightshift.
♥ Being nominated for this, by Bloo N Stuff! <3 
♥ Vanilla Cupcake scented living room.
♥ Having started my Project 365 for 2015 and getting lots of compliments on the new layout!
♥ Having other people are not loaded/spoiled to talk to.
♥ Multiple questions about a 2016 calendar!
♥ While rewatching Friends, realizing how many of my traits seem to of derived from that show.
♥ Pizza at the parents house :)

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
2014: The Year of the Unicorn by Fizzy Peaches
Adventures Await; Thank You 2014 by Through Tasha's Camera
Answered By Amy #1 by Life as Amazzable
Why Do I Blog by Hayley's Little Things
I Thought I Was a Model and I Hired a Photographer by Mind of Kiwi
Batman Turns 2! by Sophie Louise Anne
Stay Happy This Winter by Sunnydei
Afternoon Tea at Lanercost Priory by Bangkok Girl
Moochin' with the Pooch - The Beach by Hannah Sundae
How to Make Your Life Sound Epic by The Small Desk
Ways to Make 2015 Count by Girl Behind the Blue Door
Into the Woods Review by Meg Siobhan
I also urge you all to check out the beautiful buttons in the sidebar. They will be there for the next 30 days so make sure to make the most of it and find a new blog to love - each one is absolutely wonderful in its own way. 

Bloggers Group Hug.

Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Bird 
To quote Nelly Furtado, 'I'm like a bird, I wanna fly away!' This word means alot to me, so much so I have birds tattooed to me and spend a large percentage of my time photographing them, watching them, feeding them. I've flown birds of prey and talked to little birds that I pass on my daily business. If I could be any animal in the world it'd be a bird, to fly high above the world, be alone and see beautiful places or be with others and twitter on. I love birds :) 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Taylor Swift Revealed Something Amazing She Did For Her Fans
Guide Dogs Buddy Dog Helps Autistic Boy Finally Say 'I Love You'
Gaston Owns Male Challenger In A Push-Up Contest!
Liam Neeson Prank Calls On Screen Daughters Ex Boyfriend
Guy Tweets About Lack of Toilet Paper on Train and Gets a Special Delivery

What I've Watched.
[!] Friends Season 1 & 2
[!] Read it and Weep

[!] The Little Mermaid
[!] The Emperor's New Groove
[!] Legally Blonde

Question of the Week.

If you were to relive the whole of last year, what would you do differently?
Nothing. I could think, and think, and think some more about this but I'll always come back to the same answer. Regret nothing, learn from every mistake. Everything happens for a reason and if I were to change anything...I wouldn't be where I am now with who I am.

What about you?! Answer this weeks question and tell me the happy things that have happened to you this week in the comments!