Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Inked & Awesome // Hayley

Name: Hayley
Age: 27
Website: All She Wrote Was...
Occupation: Admin

Tell me about your very first tattoo: 
I was 18 when I had my first tattoo, I booked it for about 3 months after my 18th birthday so my dad wouldn't see it on holiday. The first design I took in was faith and spirit (the design in the photo) spirit I had chosen for my great nan who has died the year before and faith was more for me to remember to have faith in myself, other people and that life would work out.

I later changed my mind to another design meaning faith, trust and honesty, so off I went to get my tattoo done, and after nearly passing out and nearly throwing up it was all done. About an hour later it suddenly dawned on me that the tattoo was the wrong one. They had actually tattooed the first design and not the one I had changed it too. Now I'm so glad they did the wrong one because it's like I have my nan with me all the time, and the tattoo has a lot more meaning to it.

I had loads of piercings and tattoos were the next step so I didn't really have a reason for getting my first tattoo other than I was 18 and I could get one. I still have it, it's on my lower back. I don't have any of my tattoos covered or removed they all have meaning too me.

Do your tattoos effect your job, have they in the past: 
I've actually been really lucky that they haven't affected me job wise. I only really have one which is visible on a daily basis, and in a previous job when we were told that tattoos had to be covered I asked about the one on my wrist and my managers reply was 'you have a tattoo? How long have you had that??' So they had never even noticed it.

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed:
Again because most of mine are hidden daily not many people realise I have tattoos at all.

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours: 
I have a couple of friends with tattoos and also one who loves her random piercings as well. My family aren't really a fan of tattoos in general but they have always said mine are nice, but they don't really have much to say on the subject.

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it: 
This one was my last tattoo, which it think I had 3 years ago now. I was very bored with my life and wanted to do something other than just work and go home every day, so after listening to all time low - weightless a couple of times I booked to go backpacking to Australia on my own. And I had this tattoo done a couple if weeks before leave for oz. this song has a lot of meanings for me, but it basically makes me smile and think more positively. I love this time from the song, and I also had my mum write out the lyrics for me for the tattoo. So the music is from the piano sheet music to weightless and the lyrics are written in my mums hand writing so this tattoo is by far my favourite, even though some letters need re-inking and it's not perfect I love it.

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it:
All of my tattoos have a meaning to me.

The Chinese writing on my lower back is for my nan so that is close to me, even though I can't see it or see my nan anymore I always know that it's there.

Treble clef on my wrist, I can't sing or play music but music is such a big influence in my life, certain songs can depict my mood whether it be happy or sad. I drew this design myself as well, so I love that too.

Stars and swirls on my right foot, I had this one done when I was 21 and I love it. It has 8 stars because I was born on the 8th. This is probably my second favourite tattoo.

Design on my right ankle, my aunty and I have the same basic design, which again I did but she has hers extended down her foot where as I am going to get mine extend upwards because I already have a foot tattoo on the other foot. But the top of this tattoo is an 'A' because of our surname so that is my connection with this tattoo. Although it is my least favourite it still has meaning to me. Plus I'm going to add more stars and lyrics 'roll the dice, never look back and never think twice' to it soon.

My all time low tattoo on my ribs, I've talked about what this tattoo means to me in the previous questions. I love this tattoo.

Do you think all tattoos should have meaning: 
not necessarily, all mine do and I personally wouldn't have something random, I feel all mine would have to have some meaning to them but having beautiful artwork on your body doesn't mean you have to have a deep meaning behind it, if you like it then nothing else matters.

Are you planning anymore: 
Yes, I'm planning to add to my ankle tattoo then maybe next year I'm hopefully planning a new one on my left hip/thigh.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?': 
Yes they bloody hurt like hell in places, but are so worth the pain.

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification: 
if it makes you happy then why the hell not. Don't get something or hold back because of what other people say, it's your body, your canvas - colour it in, leave it blank, add some holes, be yourself and make yourself happy.

As for how they will look when your older... If we worried about how everything would effect us when were older then we wouldn't live in the now and do what makes us happy now. If people aren't open minded 30/40 years down the line then they never will be.

I understand certain types of jobs would rather you didn't have tattoos but I wouldn't let that stop me, having a tattoo doesn't effect my capability for doing the job and if they can't see that then I'm not sure that is the kind of company I would like to work for.

A huge thank you shout out to Hayley for her participation in this series, I can only apologise about the length of time it has taken me to get this up!! 
If anyone else would like to be a part of Inked and Awesome feel free to drop me a line at underlandtowonderland[@] and discuss it.


  1. I love reading these! I only have 6 tattoos or is it 7 now...but am keen to get more! Xx

    1. I'm glad!! I need more participants with some good quality photos so if you'd like to take part and/or feel you'd be able to answer the questions give me a shout and I'd love to feature you!


  2. Love this! I currently have 4 tattoos. My sister and I are planning on getting a matching one soon though! She has, like, a million already. LOL

    1. Aw that sounds so sweet! I'd love to have someone close to me to get matching ones! You'll have to be sure to let me see when you do!


  3. Replies
    1. Aw thank you! It's my least popular so that's nice to hear!!


  4. I always wanted to get a tattoo. But then again, the whole "tattoos aren't accepted at workplace" is a big scare. *sigh* Anyway if I do get someday (which is still highly unlikely) it will probably on my wrist or my nape. I'm thinking the symbol of Libra (or scales) or maybe a Yin-yang or or... oh, I know. The symbol of Dauntless (from the Divergent trilogy). It's flames inside a circle. I love all three of these. So if I get one anyday - if I do - it'll be either of these three. Or all. Well. Haha!

    1. Oh you really should get one!! It's a lovely way to comemorate an event, memory or life. I'm trying to save to get a one for my Nana and Granda...though failing as they are so expensive.
      I am a Libra too! (So I vote that haha) And the Yin-yang is a brilliant thing to get too. Just go for it ;)


  5. Love that all her tattoos have meaning to her--I love her first tattoo!