Friday, 27 February 2015

Life Lately // February

Trying to spend more quality time with Jake. What with it having been his birthday, he'd booked a couple weeks off work before he lost his holidays come April. We've caught up with The Walking Dead and Person of Interest, watched some movies together and been on plenty walks with our little man.
Today (as you are reading this, not as I'm writing it up) we are actually at Edinburgh Zoo!! So exciting as I haven't been since I was a child and Jake has never been. I'm hoping to of taken lots of amazing photos and perhaps some video, to share with you all as well as put together a little edit just like the ones we did at Kielder and Scarborough Sealife Centre.

Why a certain disgusting book was ever made into a 'movie' and in turn why women are going so mental over it.
I made my feelings completely clear in this post that I wrote about it back in 2012, but it's just so mind blowing that 'ladies' have no shame in openly fawning over something that is really something that should be kept on tops shelves, shown on pay per view adult channels and not sold in supermarkets or shown in cinemas! Oh and that's just the 'adult content' aspect, we won't even get started on the obvious domestic abuse aspect...which doesn't seem to bother anyone that hasn't actually been subjected to such a terrible existence in a relationship, like myself.
I know my opinion is very rare and super unpopular - but I'm entitled to it nonetheless so leave me alone :)

Life in general I suppose haha! It took me a while to decide on what to say for this. I've been loving the past two months, but I've found my passion for positivity re-ignited and overall have just been enjoying the good moments lately.
I may still be a 'homemaker' as my career, whereas I'd prefer to of gotten one of the little cleaning jobs that have been applied for, meaning we had a better income...but we're managing fine.
My photo project is going really well this time around, despite having a broken auto focus and struggling light sensitivity issue with my camera...but I'm getting amazing feedback regardless.
All in all I am loving looking for the silver lining and enjoying what I can when I can.

Costochondritis! After having chest pains for a few days earlier in the month I got up the guts to get it checked out at the doctors with having heart problems in the family, and thankfully it was diagnosed as Costochondritis. It's nothing serious, just inflammation of the cartilage between my rib and sternum caused by infection from the bug I had at the beginning of the month, but heck is it super sore!!!! I can't take tablets, so have been relying on kiddies medicine but all I can take to help it is anti inflammatories anyway. The doctor said it'll take around 6-8 weeks to go away, the internet says you can have it for months - lets hope its soon because it hurts.

- My Mam got her 1st ever tattoo on the 31st of January!
- We've been on lots of beach visits while we can before the wave of holiday makes arrive.
- I held my first ever giveaway and Sara won!
- I got to catch up with my friend Rowan before she headed off on her adventure in Ecuador.
- Project 365 has been going well and I've been trying harder with my photos.
- Jake turned 27... :O
- I hit 400 Bloglovin' followers eventually (with the help of many of you including a lovely shout out on twitter from Dorkface) after bouncing between 395-400 for about a month! Thank you all for being a part of our family.
- Jake and I helped to rescue a  baby pigeon that had been spray painted.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How To Do A Disney Trip on A Budget!

Holiday's are expensive, and Disneyland is no exception.
On both of my trips as an adult I've had plenty people tell me that, 'You could of afforded to go to America for the same price as a Paris trip!' and so I'm here to prove that wrong.
I'm not made of money, and you all know that haha, but with a little saving up and these following tips, anyone can have a trip of a lifetime to the magical Disneyland Paris!

Go Off Peak.
First up, the time of year you decide to have your holiday makes all the difference. The cheapest times to visit are called the 'off peak season', simply meaning the times when it is less busy - usually when there are no big holidays like Easter, Christmas or when the schools are on break. (And not just the UK school holidays, remember Disneyland is in France so you have to take into account their schools too!)
When staying for less than 7 days I'd recommend avoiding the weekends where possible as well as obviously for the locals it's a popular location for a day out. For a full list of French public and school holidays, have a peek at this website!

A lot of people don't like to go off peak as at quieter times the park sometimes has shorter opening hours and closed attractions, but to be honest you will find closed attractions throughout the year as they are being maintained etc. You can actually check on the Disneyland website what the park hours will be and which attractions will be unavailable, though only for 3 months ahead.

Book at the Right Time.
I won't go too far into this point, but as you can imagine just like everywhere else, Disneyland has offers on through different parts of the year in which you can save between 15-30% off the usual price you would pay. For example, right now the '40 Yes Days' offers are on, on trips between the 1st of April and the 31st of October if you book by the 31st of March!
Some of these are even available during school holidays for those who can't take their children out of school and have to go during peak season which is handy.

Stay Longer.
You'd think that staying more days just means paying more money but it actually pays off to stay a little longer. Extra days are cheaper to add to your trip (or sometimes if you book 3 nights you'll get a 4th free etc) as well as meaning making the most of your park tickets, having the chance to see and do more.
This applies especially during peak season as queues are undoubtedly longer, taking up more of your precious exploring time by waiting! It's worth it though eh?

Make the Most of the Meal Plans.
When we went for my 6th birthday (1996) I'm pretty sure that 'half board' at Disney wasn't an option? Though I'm sure there are some experts out there who will prove me wrong. Anyways, both my trips in 2010 and 2014 were drastically improved by paying a tiny bit extra when booking to get meal vouchers.
Food, everything from meals to snacks, is super expensive - probably one of the biggest expenses at Disneyland Paris so I 100% push the meal plan option at anyone who asks for my suggestions.
With different options you can customize your meal plan experience to suit your families budget and eating habits, for more information click here!
It's no exaggeration that we saved upwards of 400 euro!!

Don't Go Shopping Straight Away.
It might be hard to compose yourself and not run directly into the hotel boutique right after check in, or even blow all your money in the park shops on the first day - but do try and refrain, it's worth it.
Perhaps buy your ears and an autograph book if you are doing so, but by leaving souvenir and gift shopping until your last couple of days you won't waste money on spur of the moment purchases and will have had time to have a good look around all of the different things on offer.

Take a Limited Amount of Cash Per Day.
Similarly, one of the biggest tips I have regarding shopping is to leave the majority of your money locked away in the suitcase or safe in your room. Budgeting is key and by only allowing yourself a certain percentage of your money per day, you'll be sure not to run out and leave sad on the last day because you can't afford that one must have item. (Another point to add is I really do not recommend using your bank card while away. Obviously take it incase of emergencies, but just be careful with the every changing exchange rate and card charges!)

Make a Wish List.
I had a good idea of things I wanted to bring back, that you can't get over here, before I went and so put together a wish list - which you can see here! I know not everyone has a blog or wants to make such a thing but it's just like going to the supermarket with a shopping list.
Buy the things you 'need' from your list first. Then at the end of the holiday if you have any left over spending money you can treat yourself to the extras you may have spotted.

Buy a Photo Pass+.
If you are the type who only has a mobile phone camera to take photos of the family with the characters, or would like your screaming face from Space Mountain in a frame at home, I highly suggest investing in a photo pass and buying the photos from the rides and that the professional photographers take for you.
Buying the photos individually can be pricey, so the PhotoPass+ is an excellent option which saves high quality digital files to the website where you can access them to share and download whenever suits you! (Well, within 1 year of its purchase..!) See more here.

Choose Travel Wisely.
There are many ways of getting to Paris. Plane, train or automobile (via ferry of course) so price up your different options and choose the best for you. This will vary from which part of the country you are in! For example, the cheapest option from where I am in the North East of England would probably be coach. You can get a 2 night stay for 2 for only a few hundred pound, with everything included, though it takes maaannnnyy hours of travel. Plane is the next best thing, you can get cheap flights from Newcastle with not much other travel than perhaps the shuttle from Charles De Gaul to Disneyland itself.
Next time however, despite it's extra expensive, I will definitely be going by eurostar again as my fear of flying is so bad and only worsened with our experience at Charles De Gaul airport! It's a relaxing journey, cheap in itself and you step out of the station right at the gates to Disneyland. The only thing that makes this the most expensive option for us are the trains in the UK, which at a minimum will cost around £100 each to get to London!!

Take Your Own.
This has been something we've had to do no matter where we've been on holiday because I am just that fussy. Last year we took the little Robinsons juice concentrate squeezy things with us so that we could buy bottles of water and add it to it, for something to drink both in the hotel room and in while walking around in the park. It wasn't just handy for fussy old me who struggles to find food and drinks that I like while out and about, but it also was a money saver!
For those who can drink just water, maybe you could take one of those water bottles that have the filter inside to fill up and take around the park with you.

And there we have it, my not so quick advice and tips for doing a Disneyland Paris trip on a budget. I hope this is of help to at least one person, even if with only one of the points.
Let me know if you enjoyed this, if you've used any of the options above or if you will in the future.
Thanks for reading and please do feel free to share this with anyone you know that has been looking into a Disney holiday.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Why Dogs Are the Best Pets (& Bakers Winter Photo Set).

According to my calendar, this past Friday was Love Your Pet Day! Obviously, to proper pet owners, everyday is love your pet day but I thought it fitting to get a new post up about my fur child asap!

Back in December my beautiful friend Dee asked me to put together guest post to share over on her blog, Prompts By Dee. I was actually really happy with that post and wanted to share it here too so much, especially as it had a set of Bakers photos I hadn't shared here yet...sooo, I asked Dee if it was alright for me to share it here now and she so graciously obliged.

Anyone who has followed my blog for any length of time will know how much of an animal person I am, especially how much this guy means to me, so I thought I would share with you his most recent photo set that I took back at the beginning of November, along with my top 10 reasons that dogs are the most awesome pets!

So in no particular order, here we go:

1. They can detect illnesses and help those who struggle with conditions to live a normal life.
Not only have dogs been known detect cancer but they can help with a multitude of conditions like the following; preventing Eczema in kids, detect seizures, help babies build better immune systems, detect low blood sugar, alert you if something you are allergic to is nearby, keep Fibromyalgia sufferers warm, as well as being able to fetch medication and call for help for other conditions.

2. Help you to be more active and social.
Dogs need walked, hence getting you out and walking more! Simple as. It’s also mad how many people you will interact with and form friendships with purely through having owning a dog in  common.

3. Can comfort people with depression, dealing with bullying etc.
Studies show that even chronic depression can be eased by the company of a dog. Their ability to provide you with unconditional love as well as empathize and literally comfort you is amazing and their hugs are the best!Hopefully you will also of heard that they are used in hospitals, hospices and care homes to bring some joy into the lives of people who need it and their title is simply – Comfort Dogs.

4. Is a baby for those who cannot/do not want to have children.
For people like me who don't want children per say but like something to look after, mother and receive love from, dogs are a pretty close substitute. Especially when raised from a puppy they are just as much handwork to train and most certainly form a close bond with you. I know of and have read online too about how fabulous they can be for the women who sadly want children but cannot have them.

5. They are great judges of character. They don't like someone? I don't like them!
If Baker growls at someone in the street, I assume that they mustn't be a nice person. Maybe not the best way to make friends but if he senses it, I take his advice. He is very rarely wrong…

6. Give unconditional love and keep you company.
This to me seems important for the elderly and people who live alone. Everyone, no matter how much of a loner (like me!) needs some kind of company. He may not be able to talk back but Baker most certainly listens to me, licks away my tears and makes me feel safe when Jake is on night shift.

7. Are the best models for your photography.
See the photos in this post! haha And of course, you can see waaayyy more of him here and here.

8. They can work as hard as the rest of us, in amazing jobs.
Mobility Assistance, Hearing Dogs, Guide Dogs, Seizure Alert, Psychiatric Service, Autism Dogs, Search and Rescue , Herding ‘sheep’ Dogs, Sled Dogs, Water Rescue , Guarding/Watch Dogs, Police and Army Dogs and more. They are extremely intelligent, hard working animals!

9. Protect you and your property.
As mentioned in the point above they can be used as guard dogs, however I mean more the barking when someone is at the door kind of thing. I'm the type who is hesitant to open the door to anyone unless I know they are coming and so a barking dog is a great deterrent for anyone who may be any sort of threat.
Again, when out on walks or coming home in the dark I feel alot safer with my boy by my side than being alone knowing that if anyone were to be untoward to me, he would protect me.

10. Provide your life with a purpose.
As Baker has done for us.When we got him we were struggling to find permanent work and were so low that getting out of bed in the morning was a task. However having a puppy who needed out for a wee at 6am became our reason to get up. The dog who wanted to play and have kisses made us smile and the boy who needed walks and vet visits gave us the chance to go out and get fresh air and spend any extra money on him rather than chocolate.

And there we have it. A mere 10 points out of many more, but I hope (especially if you aren't the biggest dog fan) that this has made you realize how extremely lucky we are to have such a beautiful animal on our planet.

Do you have a dog or any other pets, tell me a little about them in the comments!

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 20

February 16th - 22nd.

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Birthday walkies with BOTH of my boys! 

♥ Photographing some lovely young swans.
♥ Having something to look forward to next week...
SarahAmy and Kerri both tagging me in more blog awards. I feel so popular haha. 
♥ Jake buying me a late Xmas gift (as my original gift had to be returned) of antique Disney figures!
♥ Doing our part to help save a beautiful baby pigeon. 
♥ Sophie speaking so kindly of me in this post full of fab people.
♥ Two wild pheasants flying over head when returning from our walk.
♥ Baker swimming on our chilly day at the beach.
 The new series of  'Tales from Northumberland'.
♥ New (awesome) laundry detergent. And on that subject, that my store stocks lots of Astonish!
♥ The juvenile Stonechat above posing so nicely for me.
♥ A Rainbow.
♥ Productivity and preparations for starting to get the garden sorted.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Happy Birthday Cinderella by Tartan Mouth
Domestic Violence. My Story by A Growing Petal
Fundraising for the British Tinnitus Association by Compass to Guide
The Harry Potter Tag by One Tiny Wish

Dream, Believe, Achieve. Working for What You Want by Love from Florence Grace
My Thoughts, Views and Values  as a blog in particular that I feel deserves more readers.
Bye Bye, Beehive by Oh Leona!
What's Been Occurring by The Dusty Attic (with an exciting announcement) 
Lots of Goodies for Bloo by Bloo N Stuff
Woodland Adventure by Sunnydei
Get To Work On Your Blog by Dorkface
Arts 'n' Crafts | Paper Craft Hedgehogs by Bloo n Stuff
Highlights & Lowlights Of The Week by Crumbs in the Bed
The Me Time Tag by Sophie Louise Anne
Caturday: February 21, 2015 by Through the Thicket
Places to Visit in 2015 by Creative Countryside

Bloggers Group Hug.
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This weeks word is - Time
Time and I have a rollercoaster of a relationship, I'm sure you'll agree that most of us do.Recently I've been trying my hardest to use my time more efficiently and stop procrastinatingThe older I get the faster it seems to go and the more I want it to slow down so I can savor the good moments. Though...of course there are those days where I wish it would stand still, or even skip completely. It really is a crazy thing to think about when you get into it, seconds, minutes, hours, days. I'd love to meet the individual who came up with the measurements of time elapsed as they are today.

Other Articles etc of Interest.

'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep' Documents Parents' Final Moments With Terminally Ill Children
Mysterious Forests You'd Love To Get Lost In
22 Inspiring Acts of Kindness That No One Ever Talks About
Masters of Photography with their most famous images
Dear Lady Who Tutted at Me For Using the Disabled Loos
Extreme Acting Methods

What I've Watched.
[!] Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series 3 & 4
[!] Better Call Saul Series 1
[!] Person of Interest Series 3
[!] Saved By The Bell Series 1
[!] Neighbours
[!] 22 Jump Street

Question of the Week.

What does success mean to you?
Being happy. I don't car about posh cars, trendy clothes, flash holidays or stacks of cash from having a 'career'. My success is measured in the smiles and laughs from my family. How happy we are and how much fun we have. The amount of time we can spend doing the things we love because we don't have to be responsible for other people due to having a high position in a boring, depressing company,

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Hancock Museum Revisited

With the amount of times that I've now been to The Hancock Museum in Newcastle, I thought I'd have more blog posts on it. However upon looking back it seems only my very first visit there in June 2012 with Jake for a date day and my leaving 'day out' to see the Magical Worlds exhibition have been documented. That makes this post a lot better as I'm not covering things I already have.

On the 31st of January, Mam and I took the train down to the town for her to get her very first tattoo! While we were in town we met up with my good friend Laura, and where do you go when you've no money to shop and it's cold outside? A museum! It was Saturday and so full with children and there were no special exhibitions on, but it was Mam's first time there and we had a lovely time exploring.
Here are some photos from our day.

Click to see larger!! 
As I said in my first blog post about this museum, I'm always in two minds about the taxidermy. However, their displays of so many different beautiful species really is amazing to see and I think is a brilliant way to teach children about our wildlife and how to look after the worlds animals.
No matter how many times I've explored the many cases of bunnies, birds and other beauts, I still spot something I haven't seen before. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the cases containing butterflies - blurgh!

It isn't just a stuffed zoo though, The Hancock is home to a range of Egyptian, Greek and Roman artifacts - all displayed in such a stunning way. However one of my favorite things is the large scale, interactive model of the Norths very own Hadrians Wall!
Something that I wasn't aware of however, was that from the back end of last year until the same time this year, there is also a Planetarium housed within a part of the museum. There are a handful of different shows on throughout the day and although admission to the rest of the place is free, there is a small £2.50-£2.95 charge to enter each show. We didn't have the time to visit on this particular day - booo :( but I am hoping to make time for it on my next trip down to the town.

Here's a few more photos to leave you with. Let me know what you think and if you've been to/enjoyed the Hancock museum. Are there any museums similar to this in your area? 
For more information about the museum and to see what's on etc, you can visit the website here!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Inked and Awesome || Jemma of Dorkface

Name: Jemma Morgan Humphreys
Age: 26
Occupation: Digital/Social Media Assistant

Tell me about your very first tattoo. 
It was three simple black stars on my forearm. Very emo! I was terrified, and shaking on the day, clinging to my friend Mark. But it was awesome, and I got the bug. I've since gone back and totally added to those stars and now its a colourful, chaotic, swirly, star spangled arm :)

Do your tattoos affect your job, have they in the past? 
Not at all right now.
I've had some previous jobs where they didn't want them on show, but they never outright told me to hide them - so I never. Lol.

What, if any, discrimination or bullying have you encountered due to being tattooed?
People always assume I'll regret them which is annoying. People who don't even know me. I have met one or two people who don't see them as 'professional' - which is just... wow. Kind of weird in 2015 right?

Are your friends and family into body modification too? If not what do they think of yours?
A lot of my friends are. My family - nope. I can't even name anyone with a tattoo in my family I don't think. My mum hates me getting them, but she knows not to argue about it now - lol. The only one she likes is my Alice in Wonderland one on my foot.

Show us your favorite piece and talk us through it.
So hard to choose! But probably the one on my thigh. It's a decorated heart with a skeleton couple inside, and 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' inscribed in it. I find it so beautiful, even years later. It's very personal, and has such deep meaning to me that I don't think I'll share. But it means more than any other tattoo. Plus, a little homage to one of my favourite songs.

Which tattoo of yours has the most meaning or sentimental-ness behind it? Do you think all tattoos should have meaning?
The thigh one, as I say :) - And no way, people can get them for whatever reason! If they simply find a piece attractive, beautiful, or they are drawn to it for whatever reason. I've actually experienced a weird reversal effect too. Like, I got one or two simply because I liked the design - but over time they began to mean so much to me. They reminded me of that specific time of my life.

Are you planning anymore?
Definitely. Many more. I hope to have my legs covered one day.
I'm up to like 10/11 right now, and I'm sure that'll easily double. Or they all start 'joining up' haha.

In one sentence what would you tell someone who asked, 'Did it hurt?' 
Well yes. But some a lot less than others. I wouldn't let it put you off though - it's so worth it.

Leave us with some words of wisdom regarding body modification.
Take tattoos seriously, don't get one without thinking it though. But even more importantly - Don't judge people with tattoos! They dont need to know what you think they'll feel about them in years to come/
I'm pretty psyched that I'm gonna be an old woman covered in them personally, but that's just me :)

Monday, 16 February 2015

10 Reasons I Love You [Happy Birthday Jake!]

A few years back, in 2012 to be exact, I wrote one of the soppiest posts I ever have and ever thought I would. 10 Things I Love About You paid love and respect to my partner of 8 months at the time. 2 years and 10 months later I thought it time to do an 'update' of sorts to wish my Prince a happy 27th birthday!

Like Woody and Buzz, we're best friends.
Neither of us have that many friends, but I don't think it really matters. We're into the same things (minus Disney you pain in the bum) and so we have a good time together no matter what we're doing. We get out for walks and days together rarely, but when we can and even just sitting in the living room, me on the laptop and you on the Xbox I still wouldn't prefer to be in anybody elses company. Perhaps minus when you're playing Fifa though... ;)

You deface my notes and leave your own 'important' ones.
Like every nagging female I leave you notes to make sure you do the 'jobs' I need you to do. Not only do you complete them but you 'edit' them to say funny things and when you leave your own notes the are hilariously short in comparison. 'Take Squid out freezer' for example! haha

Your accent has developed some North East twangs!
Maybe no 'wey aye man's but you for sure come out with words that would never of done before living in Northumberland. You always seem to think I'm making fun of your Bristolian/North Eastern mash ups, but really I just think it's canny.

You're such a giant baby when you're tired.
For real. It's annoying sometimes, but it's always so funny how you go on as a (now) 27 year old man, just because you're tired. It makes me smile that you need me.

The Beard.

I'm 'too soft' with Baker but you hold him like a baby and play cute.
How many times have you given me wrong for lifting up the dog and pampering him then you lay on the sofa hugging in with him, while he lays like a baby licking your nose? Point made.

That you stopped smoking for me.
As much as it should have been for yourself, I will always appreciate you switching to vaping 'for me' as you say. It's always a worry losing a loved one prematurely so having that extra worry, cost, etc away from us now is great. That you wouldn't of done it had it not been for my nagging makes me happy. (And prove that nagging works :P)

You help me with blog stuff.
You might not be my biggest fan and think that I take all this way too seriously, but you're perfect at giving constructive criticism without either hurting my feelings or not saying enough in fear of hurting my feelings. Of late you've had more input too, giving ideas and judging my giveaway like a boss!

Like a true man, you are the breadmaker and take care of us.

It's no secret we've had a tough time money wise since we started out. I've been the worker, we've both worked part time and now you're the one working full time to bring back the bacon (not literally, we're not that rich haha).
I have always loved and will always love the way we work our life, even if others don't understand it. The old fashioned way feels like the best way - I'm glad you agree :P

If you were anymore laid back you'd be horizontal!
With me being such an uptight worry wort, your constant 'don't worry' motto really helps even things out. The ying to my yang.

Love you poo face.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 19

February 9th - 15th.

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Getting a big food shop and having full cupboards.

♥ Finishing the full 10 series of Friends.
♥ Baker having the time of his life with a cardboard packing tube.
♥ Finding out that the chest pains I'm having are not my heart.
♥ Being productive.
♥ Getting lots of blog posts written up/photos edited.
♥ Tasha nominated me for a blog award!! 

♥ Seeing two wild otters in my town (even if I didn't manage to get a good photo with them being so far away).
♥ Jake being off work for two weeks now!
♥ Getting to see photos from Rowan's first week in Ecuador (link below). I also want to wish her a very Happy Birthday for yesterday - hope you didn't have to do too much mucking out Rowan! haha

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Week 1 Andes to Amazon by Rowan: Resident Zoologist
Wash Day with Jarvis by Lunch Break Adventures
Atmosphere by Sophie in the Sticks
My Blogcation Has Come to an End by Upbeat Uplifts
101 in 1001 by One Tiny Wish
50 Things I'd Rather Do Than See 50 Shades at the Cinema by And On That Note She Wrote
A Message To... by Amazzable
All of 'Hello Miss Jordan's Mexico Posts!
365 Project, Week 6 - Power by The Dauntless Dreamer
My North East Story: Valentines Special by New Girl in Toon
I got a portrait of my dog commissioned by Lyn Dixon for Christmas! by Tea in the Tub

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This weeks word is - Nothing
Words fail me this week. As do photos. So for this weeks word I really do have 'nothing' for you. ;)

Other Articles etc of Interest.

6 Real Quotes from Fifty Shades That Could Make You Rethink How You Feel About It (As an ex domestic abuse victim, it boils my blood that this filth has become so popular.) 
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Sign the Petition to Make Pet Licensing a Legal Requirement.
Adorable Flip Book Proposal
If You're a Fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, Please Seek Counselling.
You Couldn't Find A More Deserving 'Lottery' Winner!

What I've Watched.
[!] Friends Series 10

[!] Sabrina the Teenage Witch Series 1 & 2 
[!] The Walking Dead Series 5
[!] Good Luck Charlie Series 1
[!] Taken 3
[!] Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
[!] Horns

Question of the Week.

If you could only keep one memory, what would it be? [Thank you to Florence Grace for the question]
Probably one of the most difficult questions I've ever had to answer and one that has really made me think, especially with my Grandma suffering from Alzheimer's which makes it hard to comprehend not being able to keep all of my memories.
Because of that I think that, maybe surprisingly to you, it wouldn't be of Disneyland or of lost loved ones, but rather a time when all of my family has been together - so that I could remember everyone. I really want to say Kielder, but Baker wasn't even a twinkle in his Mammys eye then although it's probably rather boring for others to hear about, I'm going to choose a day from last year, after we'd moved back to my hometown and we all were at the beach. The men were fishing, the dog was swimming and my Mam and I were there too. 

Friday, 13 February 2015

My Life In Photos // The Beach in January

I've been doing really well with my photography project for this year, so much so in fact that it's been a month and a half (practically) and it's flown by! When things become the daily norm it's time to up the game and push yourself, so on the 21st of January I went to bed with my camera on my nightstand, ready for a day full of photo taking the next morning.

I chose today, of all days, to document as I was seeing my good friend Rowan for the first time this year and what would also be the only time for at least 3 months. See Rowan is now in Ecuador!! She has already done a 3 month stint in South Africa last year volunteering on a wildlife reserve and will be doing the same this time around in Ecuador - so amazing. I urge you to go check out her blog...though perhaps after you finish reading this post ;) haha! 

And so here is my 'little more than a photo an hour' day in my life post. I hope you like it.

1 // I wake in daylight usually. I'm a night owl so am slightly lazy not rising until around 8.30-9.00am.
2 // After a wash and pulling on some clothes, today I took the chance to put some make up on as I don't get to on a daily basis.
3 // Time to go wake lazy bones up! This guy would stay asleep in his cosy cage until 11am everyday if I let him!
4 // A spot of breakfast, Twitter catch up and a couple videos on my YouTube subscriptions while Baker plays his new game of 'putting my ball under the tv cabinet and crying until Mammy gets it, then putting it straight back under.' Its so much fun. Not.

5 // The sun rising between the crazy clouds of the mid-morning sky to the South of the town, as we walked across the 'old bridge' into town.
6 // This hill kills my asthma. SO BAD.
7 // These guys are famous little things around the walls and if you read my Lowry post you may of spotted them.
8 // Down the stairs we use so often, thinking of how many soldiers and the like trudged down them hundreds of years before...

9 // ''Mam! Beach! Hurry!''
10 // A lovely little Redshank carrying on with it's business despite a playful Baker running around. (Here I must state that Baker does not chase any birds or wildlife and has been trained not to. Though he must be reminded to be quite when I'm photographing them nearby!)
11 // The lady herself, Rowan in the winter sunshine.
12 // Our private cove for the day gave me peace of mind for Baker to play without the fear of dog attacks!

13 // Up the super steep steps over the cave that spooked Baker and another opportunity to say hello to Mr Asthma.
14 // The view from the top of the cliff is beautiful. And this wandering poppy made you think.
15 // A 'landmark' so to say that I see everyday but always find compelling to photograph, especially when surrounded by Swans, ducks and seagulls.
16 // We waited for over an hour for a bus that ended up having being cancelled. The sunset was beautiful though and made Baker look like me circa 2010.
17 // After waiting for so long in the cold a trip to Greggs was in order haha. The sky was pastel behind our famous Town Hall.

18 // Couldn't not include a snap of this little Grey Wagtail we spied while in town. I've never seen one in person before believe it or not. Though ever darkening sky makes for rubbish photos.
19 // Yes, another of the stunning sky. On the 'New' bridge heading home.
20 // Our temperamental internet took some convincing to stay on!
21 // Photo editing for a blog post while watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
22 // With Jake off to bed for work the next morning, I got settled on the sofa with blankets, pillows, a hot water bottle and Netflix on the Xbox One before heading to bed myself.

I've really enjoyed putting this together and hope you've enjoyed following me on my day out. As you may or may not of noticed the graphic at the top says January... So, I think I was subconsciously challenging myself to try one of these every month or, maybe more realistically, every other month. Let me know what you think and if you've done a post similar be sure to link it in the comments.
Oh, and I'll take this opportunity to point out someone else who does a project that is similar and that I love to read, check it out - Photo an Hour by Crumbs in the Bed.