Sunday, 1 February 2015

Weekly Wondering // Week 17

January 26th - February 1st

Favorite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.

♥ Last minute meet ups with Claire to walk Baker.

♥ The nicest chocolate microwave mug cake I've ever made!
♥ Lovely blogger friends putting up with me and supporting me when I get all sad and paranoid.
♥ Cleaning.
♥ Some fab entries to my giveaway. (Which has had the deadline extended until tomorrow night at midnight! So enter!!!)
♥ Making the most of our 'private' beach before the holiday makers arrive in March!
♥ Seeing Mam get her first ever tattoo <3
♥ Getting to catch up with Laura!

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
10 Things I'm Already Good At by Duck In A Dress

Pregnancy Update - Baby Bird Guest Post With Allan! by Tiny Bird Heart
I Wonder If... by My Thoughts, Views and Values
Slipknot, Prepare For Hell Tour with Korn 16/1/15 by Skulls & Kisses

I'm No Charlie Dimmock by Life Outside London
Hola, Mexico! by Hello Miss Jordan
I'll Be There For You by Meg Siobhan
UK Travel / Kielder Water at Northumberland by Wanderness

Tips For New Mums by Girl Behind the Blue Door
While We Are Young by The Salty Sea Blog
Meet Ming by Cream Tea and Rose Jam
January by Rowan: Resident Zoologist

It's Okay To Say No by My Thoughts, Views and Values
Changing Views by Through Tasha's Camera
Photo Essay | Babylonstoren by A Girl With a Camera
Date Challenge: January | A Home Cooked Meal for Two by Dib Dab Debs
Matching Coats by Hazel Jane

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word is - Eighteen
I see this as a little bit of a cheat this week...but here's a photo (actually one of the only photos I can find), of me at 18 in Ibiza. Apologies for the indecency but it really is one of the only photos I have. Me pre-tattoos and pre- giant weight gain...inspiration! 

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Emma Watson Cast As Belle in Disney's Live Action Movie
17 Ellen DeGeneres Quotes That Prove She’s The Greatest Ever
9 Reasons We Wish We Grew Up In Andy's Room
Why We Shouldn't #SaveDippy
pet owner creates bucket list of adventures for her terminally ill dog
12 People Who Proved That Nothing Is Impossible
Homeless Man Who Refused To Leave His Dog During Below-Zero Temperatures Gets Shelter For Pup

What I've Watched.
[!] Friends Series 7 & 8
[!] The Pregnancy Project
[!] Brother Bear
[!] The Interview
[!] Bambi
[!] Saved By The Bell: Hawaiian Style

Question of the Week.
When does quantity mean more that quality?
Where chocolate is concerned. Give me it all! 


  1. Lovely post :) x

  2. Thank you for the mention again, Danielle, I'm glad you're enjoying my posts so much! Lovely photo of Baker and you look so happy in the photo of you in Ibiza! I love looking back at old photos. I love your response to question of the week - I agree! That and books! - Tasha

  3. Thank you for including me lovely lady!! And don't know what you're talking about this 'indecency' that's a fabulous picture of you! You look gorgeous! xx

    1. You're more than welcome, loving your Mexico series - super jealous! haha
      Aw bless you, thank you :)


  4. Baker is such a handsome boy. Love these posts from you also give me some new blogs to read :)

    Pams Stuff and Things Lorac Pro Palette Giveaway

    1. He's just a bit of a poser eh? haha Thanks so much, I'm glad you like them!


  5. I need to learn how to make chocolate microwave mug cake!

    I love reading your round up posts - it's nice to see what you've been up to.


    p.s. well done to your mum for getting her first tattoo!

    1. I will send you the recipe! It is literally the bomb!! haha
      Thanks so much, I'm glad they are becoming so well received. And I'll pass that onto her :)


  6. Great post! Love your blog! :)


  7. I will NEVER tire of photos of Baker, I say it time and time again haha. I will also never tire of these posts of yours, it's such a nice way for me to find new blogs. We have similar interests so I always check out the links. Thank you so much for not only mentioning me once in this post, but twice. You really always put a smile on my face, both with your lovely thoughtful words, and posts, keep it up :)

    1. Aw haha me either but of course I'm bias with him being my baby haha.
      You are so lovely Miriam, I'm glad you enjoy the posts and get to check out the other blogs too! Thank you.


  8. Aww, thank you so much for the mention. I can't believe I forgot all about the giveaway! I had an idea and everything but my weekend was so busy that I just clean forgot.
    Debi x

    1. You're more than welcome! I hope it was a good busy, filled with fun things! :)


  9. I've always wanted to try and make a microwave cup cake. I do need a new recipe in February for my yearly goals... I'm tempted :)

    1. Do it!! So many amazing recipes. But once you do it, you'll do it all the time.


  10. Awh! Look at little 18 year old you! :D

    Sara Bloo xo

  11. Aww thanks for the shout out lovely! I do like your round ups very much, I usually always find a new blog (or several) to follow! :-) xx

    1. Always more than welcome! I love your 'Heres the News' posts for the same reason! haha


  12. I love these posts, I always find a lush new blog or few to read! :)
    Katee xx