Monday, 30 March 2015

My Top 5 // Lessons We Learnt From Saved By The Bell

Been a while since we've had a 'My Top 5' post eh? And far too long since the epic Saved by the Bell has been mentioned. I have all of Saved by the Bell (plus the movies, The College Years, The New Class and Good Morning Miss Bliss) on my external hard drive and alternate between watching all of those right through with Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
After having just finished another cycle of SBTB, I thought it fitting to share some of the awesome points and life lessons that one of the most popular 90s shows taught us.

Drugs are Bad.
We've all seen the 'Im so excited' episode where Jesse gets addicted to caffeine tablets, haven't we? Although it gets a lot of laughs and mocking, it posed a great point. (And of course made me cry, you guys know my eyes flood at the drop of a hat). Class A, Stimulants, Alcohol. Its all bad for you and abusing it will get you in trouble.
This isn't the only episode that touches on addiction, but also the 'No Hope With Dope' from season 3 and 'No Smoking' from SBTB The New Class season 3.

Don't Drink and Drive.
It's an obvious fact, though I bet you know someone who has done it before, thinking that they can handle it!
You can watch the full 'Drinking and Driving' episode by clicking the link and see the mistakes they made, the lesson they learnt and the journey of lies inbetween.
I think this also taught us that you need to always trust your parents. They'll always find out everything in the end so instead of giving them a mess to clean up, how about just giving them all call for a lift instead?

Remember the Animals.
One of my favourite episodes, though very sad, focus' on Zack, Principal Belding and the classmates relationships with the natural world and wildlife within their school grounds. When the school strikes oil everyone is excited to of hit the jackpot and plans for their dream school start to become a reality. However when the situation compromises the welfare of their animal friends they make a decision. I won't tell you what for fear of spoiling it for you (full episode here) but it's a great episode to make people think there are some things more important than money.
Other episodes that spring to mind including animals are:
Good Morning Miss Bliss S1E4 Leaping to Conclusions.
College Years S1E? 'Featuring X97 the laboratory mouse'.

Honesty is the Best Policy.
Telling the truth is probably the biggest running lesson right through all of the SBTB series'! Zach, Scott and Ryan play similar scheming characters and good always prevails with their money making scams, trickery and the like going wrong in the end.
Some favourite mess ups of mine include the attempt at subliminal messaging in S1E14 'The Zach Tapes', fake ID making in S3E9 'Fake IDs' and S1E4 'Fatal Distraction'. I could actually go on listing them forever haha.

Trust Your Friends.
Good friends get you through anything. Trust them, talk to them, help them out. I love how these groups of friends defy the social stereotypes too. Geeks, Nerds, Jocks, Cheerleaders - all friends together.
'Friends forever!'

I hope you've enjoyed this post, there may even be a part two in the future as I obviously love Saved by the Bell a lot and think, like many 90s shows, that it touched upon some really important subjects. Many more serious ones that aren't included here.
Let me know all about your favourite moments/episodes from the show and what lessons it taught you when you were young.

I have to leave this post on one of the best moments, when Zach, Slater and Lisa return to help save their beloved school! Click here. 


  1. I've never watched Save by the Bell but it sounds like they taught a lot of valuable lessons! Wish there were more kids tv shows like that nowadays! xx

    1. :O!! Really?! Yes, definitely. Every episode had a moral :) There really should still be shows like this instead of kids watching Eastenders and the like! haha


  2. I think I might be the only person in the world who says this but I never liked Saved By The Bell. I'm not sure why, I just never liked it! Xx

  3. I've always loved Saved by the Bell!! Literally every morning before elementary school I woild watch it as I ate breakfast! Reading through the lessons you picked, I totally remembered those episodes!

    1. Woohoo! Oh how awesome it would of been if it had aired on morning TV here! I'm sure we got it on Nickelodeon in the evenings.
      So cool that your remember it too, its a great show. :)


  4. I used to love Saved by the Bell! Kelly was pretty much my idol in the 90's. I even liked the college years! I also used to watch Sabrina & Sister Sister too :)

    Roxie ♥

    1. How good was it?!! She was pretty gorgeous I must say! Yup! I watched them all and Kenan and Kel, Clarissa etc etc :D