Friday, 27 March 2015

The TMI Travel Tag!

After goodness knows how long since Ness tagged me in it, I am finally bringing you a post that has taken so much time to write! haha This is, as you see from the title, the TMI Travel Tag and as I'm not as well travelled as some it's taken a little more thought to answer it interestingly! I hope you enjoy :)

Sant Antoni de Portmany, Ibiza. 2009

1. What was the last country you visited?
France, for our Disneyland Paris trip in October last year.

2. How many countries have you visited?
Not many, and no where near as many as I wish. Only 6...and that's including England and Scotland :P Though I have explored many places within most of those countries. 

3. What is your favourite place on the planet, that you have been to?
I guess this is going to be a running theme throughout the post, and I don't mean to be predictable but I'm gonna just have to say Disneyland Paris for this one. I'm choosing this as my answer because I don't want to say the place that is the next questions answer, and I haven't been to Yosemite National Park. :)

4. Favourite place in your home country?
Kielder! Rolling hills, glimmering water, wildlife galore? All that is missing is my castle in the hills, where I can live in peace forever. 

Leaplish, Kielder. 2012

5. If you could board a plane now, where would you go?
I wouldn't, as I've vowed never to fly again. I have a really bad fear and my last experience was awful. Now if a boat could take me somewhere I'd head over to America and explore the aforementioned Yosemite National Park, get to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, as well as Disneyland and Disney World of course!

6. What's your cup of tea - Tropical island getaway, snowy ski break, or city exploring trips?
Anything but a city break! I'm not great with crowds or busy places so anything quieter is what I go for. I've been skiing in the past, had many family beach holidays and of course UK countryside breaks but never a Tropical Island getaway...that sounds pretty idyllic as long as there was no smoke monster. ;) (Lost anyone?)

7. What are your top 3 hand luggage must-haves?
My camera and travel organizer are an obvious two, but a 3rd item escapes me. I suppose I'll just say my little 'emergency' kit. It has plasters, hand sanitizer, my inhaler and other little things like that in it. 

8. Any travel tips to share?
Organization is key. Like, I know it's fun to be spontaneous but to me it takes the majority of the stress out of it when everything is planned and all important documents and items are sorted in a particular place. I'm a worrier as it is so anything that can reduce potential stressful situations, I'm all for!

9. Most embarrassing moment abroad.
Oh! There will of been a few! I know looking back on things I'm a little embarrassed but I wasn't at the time. One main one that springs to mind is running around the swimming pool in Zante, slipping and cutting my hip and consequently throwing up at the side of the pool. I was a child at the time by the way haha.  

10. Biggest disappointment.
Zante aswell. I had to ask my Dad what he thought for this one as between the ages of 2 and a half and about 15 I was lucky enough to go abroad on holiday almost every year, and you forgot some over the years. However, not only did I fall by the pool at Zante but our apartment had ants in the kitchen and the bed broke just from sitting on it. I can't even remember what the area was like because those point are what I associate with that holiday. :(

11. Nicest surprise.
Corralejo in Furtaventura, Canary Islands.  It was just an overall great trip. We went away with a family that we'd made friends with a year or two before on another trip and found a cool bar with great people running it that was a lot of fun. The island itself was beautiful aswell of course and we did lots of fun things!

Tossa De Mar, Girona, Spain. 2007.

12. Three places at the tip of the travel bucket list.
Yosemite National Park, South Africa, ???.

13. Favourite food discovery. 
Okay, this will be so weird to most people, but as the worlds fussiest eater I'm not big on trying things. But I first actually started eating cheese on my pasta, after having ordered plain pasta and being adventurous enough to sprinkle on some of the parmesan they brought with it when on holiday in Tossa De Mar (nr. Barcelona). 

14. Why do you travel?
I like to learn. The majority of my travelling is to places rich in historical sites, architecture and the like - be it in this country or another (obviously this doesn't include Disneyland so much!). I get to experience amazing new places to photograph and explore, while learning awesome stuff about the history and culture of the area.

15. What 3 things would you take on holiday/going travelling if you could?
* Baker! He is the main reason family holidays abroad are a thing of the past now. When I went to Disneyland for my birthday with my Mam, Jake had to take the week off work to stay home with him and I missed him so much! It's the longest I've ever been apart from him. 
We are looking forward to hopefully going away on Bakers first proper holiday to Kielder this summer.
After going away and thinking about this with Jake I've come to the conclusion that there isn't anything else. Some people, like Jake, are particular about their pillows and stuff. Others would like their bath from home. But me? I can sleep/wash/whatever anywhere. All I'd want would be my little family. 

16. Have you picked up any phrases from travelling?
Not so much from travelling, but when I was quite young I learnt a few main things in Spanish for our family holidays that I still remember. Actually. Remember the movie Madeline? Well I had a CD ROM for the computer with games and stuff and it was where I learnt a lot of it. 
You know the basics like: Hello. How are you? 
My name is... What is your name? 
Please. Thank you.
Good Morning/Day/Night.
Where is the...pool/beach/toilet/town center?
Chips/Beer/Water/Ice Cream ...please.
And I can count up to 20.
I'd love to be fluent in a language but just don't have the patience with myself to learn now.

17. What two places would you not go back to and why?
Oooh. Good question! I think that there are resorts and hotels I wouldn't return to, but I don't think there are any particular towns/cities/countries. Sooo, I'm changing this to which two places would I go back to! I adore Tossa De Mar and have been twice but really want to go back one more time with Jake, (wish me luck, he refuses to go abroad) and of course Disneyland. I'm hoping the end of 2016 will be my next trip as that will mark 20 years since my first ever visit there in 1996. :)

Disneyland Paris, France. 1996, 2010, 2014.
18. Your dream travel companion.
Just someone I can get on with for at least a week? haha I'd say someone like Sir David Attenborough, but really I'd prefer not to have someone who knows everything and would be telling me facts and stuff all through the trip. I like to explore and find things out for myself!

19. Most surreal travel moment.
Surreal in a bad way - our last trip. Disneyland Paris with my Mam last year was of course brilliant, minus the situation we got into on the way home. The two previous times I've been to Paris I haven't flown and Charles De Gaule is sooo daunting. Well as we got to the machine to check in, it spat out a slip telling us to proceed to the desk...cue worried faces. We got to the desk and stood in silent anticipation for at least 20minutes until the lady told us our flight (that we had been booked onto for 9 months) was apparently over booked. My Dad is usually the 'main one' when we'd go anywhere and so it fell upon me to sort everything out. All we could do was go sit at our gate and wait.
We sat in floods of tears while a group of around 10 business men completed the flight and we knew that their 'important' booking must of bumped us off of our flight home. Stuck in a foreign country, inside a humongous crazy airport, we had to put up with a disgracefully terrible member of staff  and not know what to do next.
Thankfully someone helped us find the Air France desk and they were so fantastic and apologetic about the cow who'd been awful at the gate. They got us booked into a hotel, gave us little over night bags with everything we'd need as our cases had been checked and of course compensation. 
It was still a truly terrifying night and so surreal but cemented in my head that I will never fly again.
Woah, sorry for the life story! haha

20. Three people you would like to see do this tag - (#tmitraveltag responses on twitter)
And who ever else would like to! 

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to check out Ness's post here


  1. This post was fab & Kelder looks absolutely stunning, it reminds me of a US National Park or East Coast/Canada or something, a little bit Twighlighty? Haha! I have to ay Disney provides me with some of my happiest memories too!
    Bee xxx

    1. It is amazing. I love it! Its a man made reservoir but completely stunning. I've never seen Twilight but I hope there are no vampires! haha


  2. Love reading about other peoples travels! I haven't been to too many places yet, but I plan to travel quite often when I'm able!


    1. Me too! :) I get super jealous of my friends exploring the world while I can't go far because of having the dog but I wouldn't have it any other way! :)


  3. Thanks for the tag! Now I have something to write about on the weekend :)

    Have to say, trying the food is my food out is my favourite part :) I am partial to a plain pasta and cheese every now and then, although with some tomato sauce too :)

    1. Woohoo! Look forward to seeing yours, Im sure it'll be amazing.

      Lol, I'm such a baby eh?! :P


  4. Definitely think I will have to steal this tag some when as the questions look quite fun to answer. You mentioned Yosemite National Park and for someone who is so into photography, it is literally a bloggers paradise. Some of the views we experienced were breathtaking! As for Corralejo, you never told me about going there missus. You know I absolutely love it.

    Amy xo

    1. When you get back from holiday you for sure need to do it!! Oh I forgot you'd been there - you lucky thing you!! haha
      And I wonder if ever you were there while I was there...How strange would that be?!


  5. Great post! I haven't really travelled too much but it's something I'd love to do & I'm off too Paris in July for the first time I'm so excited! :D
    Chelle x

    1. Thank you! Yes, I'd love to do it more. Oh how lovely!! You'll have an amazing time :D
      I'll be looking out for blog posts... ;)


  6. Really enjoyed reading about your travel experiences and might have to do this tag on my blog as it was fun to read! :) I love to travel but feel like I'm getting a bit like my Mum now I'm older and I'm starting to become a homebody and don't enjoy flying either!

    Have a lovely weekend! :) xx

    Lucy x |~ LULU Locket || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Thank so much! Yes, you really should - it's lovely to make you think back to all the different places you've been.
      Oh I'm a big home body too, my Mam and Dad actually go more places than me :P

      Hope you have a great week, thanks for stopping by!


  7. Oh goodness that is so sad about you getting stuck in the airport :( that's enough to put anyway off. It was a really interesting read though, I must admit I chuckled about your cheese on the pasta being your favourite food discover, my boyfriend is really fussy as well so I know how much he struggles!

    Courtney xx
    Courtney Says What

    1. Haha I know right?! Super frightening.
      Thank you! I'd love to be able to eat anything but at least you know what it's like with your boyfriend.
      It's better now than it was in the 90s as they didn't have as much English food on offer in Europe but now I manage better :)


  8. I love reading the travel tags as I want to see so much more of the world and I always like to pick up tips for future excursions, especially any tips you have for Disney trips! I love all your holiday snaps and I love, love, love the video you took at Kielder - I will have to go there at some point, it looks amazing. I can just see you in a lovely house there, enjoying the widlife! I went to Fuerta Ventura as a kid and I've got very fond memories of walking around among the sand dunes there and driving through the mountains - it was a lovely place to visit but I wish I'd spent a bit more time off of the resort as they place we stayed wasn't as nice as some others I've heard of. Lovely post! - Tasha

    1. Me too! If you haven't already you should check out my friend Rowan's blog, she currently working at an animal sanctuary in Ecuador and did the same in South Africa last year! >>

      Kielder is a must for a UK nature lover, it's amazing!!!!

      You should do this tag! I actually am now tagging you haha, I'd love to hear about the places you've been!
      Thanks so much Tasha.


  9. I LOVE this post and idea! I just might have to steal it with credit of course. I love Disney sooo much too! It's a pricey hobby.

    1. Oh for sure!! I'd love to see yours. Make sure to come back and link it here for us all to see :)
      Oh and Disney is only as expensive as you make it ;)


  10. Thanks for the tag (and sorry it's taken me an age to get to it!!)
    Completely agree about the pooches though, all we've done is a couple of days in Paris since we've had them and it was torture. Sigh.

    M x

    1. Don't mention it! :)
      Yep, same here. 6 days away for Disneyland Paris and I Skyped the dog more than Jake hahaha