Sunday, 22 March 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 24

 March 16th - 27th.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Seeing Mam and Dad after them being away on holiday last week.

♥ Giving Dad his 50th Birthday gifts.
♥ Writing up my new weekly cleaning schedule.
♥ Sunshine finally after a few gloomy days preventing me getting washing dried.
♥ Finding out my references cleared and my official start date is Tuesday!
♥ Getting pumped to workout by certain music.
♥ Sofa snuggles with Baker.
♥ Shopping for seeds and coming home with random pointless tat haha.
♥ Lunch with Mam and Claire.
♥ The Olsen Twins.
♥ Seeing the baby seagulls learning to catch fish.
♥ Dad treating me to an amazing new canvas (in tomorrows post).
♥ Nap time. 

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

Week in Review by Dorkface
A Letter to You by Life Outside London
Midnight by Planet Megan
Musings || 11 Things About The First Bike Ride Of The Year by Crumbs in the Bed
Day Trip Top Tips! by Miss Nicklin
Flare and flourish by Sophie in the Sticks
Sunrise by Creative Countryside 
Event | RSPCA Sheffield VIP Blogger Event by Prompts By Dee
Lying down with dogs + Let's grow together {Link-up #11} by Farm Girl
5 Fun Facts | St. Patty's Day by Simply M
Mothering Sunday and Infertility by Duck in a Dress
The Woman in Black @ Fortune Theatre, London by Mini Adventures 

Week 6, Parrot juggling by Rowan: Resident Zoologist
Kids These Days by It's My Life
One Year Blogging by Dorkface
Female Joys by Life As Amazzable
5 Slang Words I Will Never Understand by Simply M
Learning to Walk Again by Duck in a Dress
27 Things This blog on a whole has such a unique and awesome way of doing things. I can't wait to read more!

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word is - ???
I didn't receive an email this week and can only assume that we are having a break this week due to the fantastic host having had exams. I hope they went well Jade and that your results are as great as you <3

Other Articles etc of Interest.

Funny moment Katie Price's son Harvey, 12, calls her 'babe' on live TV
All grown up: Bratty child stars show just how much they've changed.
Meteor over Loch Ness: This is how the photographer captured the breath-taking picture
Ed Sheeran Shows Support For Bullied New Zealand 'X Factor' Contestant
9 Ways to Avoid Being a Cliche Tourist in Edinburgh via Genius vs Beauty
10 Things That Are Scientifically Proven to Make You Happier
#GiveBenAJob: Mother takes to Twitter to find work for her son with Down's syndrome – and has already led to TWO offers
Video captures heart-warming moment dog is reunited with owner after six months missing.
These Corgis Just Predicted the Royal Baby’s Name

What I've Watched.
[!] Saved By The Bell: The New Class Series 3
[!] Hello Sister, Goodbye Life
[!] The Back-Up Plan
[!] Snowball Express
[!] Identity Thief 
[!] Switching Goals
[!] The Lost Medallion 
[!] Our Lips are Sealed
[!] When in Rome

Question of the Week.

Which Disney character would you like to be? (Taken from Amina's liebster award post, check it out.)
Human character I'll say... Snow White. She's my go to because of the whole cleaning, cooking, caring, animal friend. Shes just a better put together version of me!
And cartoon/animated character, hmm. So I took to the internet and completed 4 different 'quizzes' all of which said I was most like the main man Mickey Mouse :D (apart from being female obviously).

How has your week been? Tell me your favourite happy moment from the past few days and which Disney character would you be??


  1. Thanks so much for including me, you are the best!
    The corgi race is hilarious, wouldn't it be too funny if the royal baby really is an Alexandra?

    1. Aw you are more than welcome Miriam!
      Isn't it?!! haha Oh I hope so much that it is :P


  2. Aw sounds like you had such a lovely week. Seeing family after they've been gone is the best, as is snuggles with pets! I will now be looking up all the links you posted, I think that we like very similar stuff, I always love the links you post :)
    Thanks for linking mine up!
    I LOVE "our lips are sealed" I have it on video (how old do I sound?), and used to watch it every day! I loved them two growing up. I also was obsessed with their movie "billboard dad" ever see that one?

    If I was to be a Disney character I think I would be Belle, because of all the books :) I do have a little of Snow White in me too however!

    My favourite moments this week have been skyping with my boyfriend (he's in America and I'm in Ireland :( ), spending a lot of quality time with my brother, playing basketball with him, enjoying the beautiful weather, and this post. It ALWAYS makes me happy :)

    1. Every week is lovely if you make it that way ;)
      You are very welcome - I hope you enjoy reading everyone elses!

      Oh of course haha, I've seen them all...big Olsen Twin fan!

      Aww some lovely happy moments. Thank goodness for skype eh?!


  3. I could definitely do with a weekly cleaning schedule in my life!

    And thanks again for the mentions!

    1. It's a big help! (As long as you stick to it...)



  4. thank you for the mention, so glad you enjoyed my blogpost :) right now if I could be a disney princess I would be sleeping beauty so I could just go to sleep for 100 years haha!

    1. You're very welcome - I did indeed!
      Oh my gosh that is such a good plan!! haha


  5. Love that you'd like to be Snow White! It's so nice to see the sunshine out now! xx

  6. Thanks for the shout outs lovely! That meteor over Loch Ness is stunning and I'm checking out that post about not being a cliché in Edinburgh - I want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong! :-) xx

    1. Couldn't help myself , love all of your posts but these two particularly.
      Amazing eh? What a lucky capture. And yep! My friend sent me it after we'd been and we were all good thankfully :P