Sunday, 5 April 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 26

 March 29th - April 5th.

Favourite Photo.

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Seeing Cinderella at the Cinema with my Mam.
♥ Getting clean dry socks on after soaking my feet walking Edinburgh in the rain.
♥ New Disney T-shirts!
♥ Two Jackdaws following me along the bridge on the way home from work.
♥ Big companies and Newspapers joining in on the April Fool fun.
♥ One of the most amazing things this week was being named Debi's Blog of the Month: March, I still can't quite believe all the lovely things said about me. If you aren't already you must go and follow Dib-Dab-Debs - a beautiful little blog by a supremely lovely lady.

♥ Seeing my Mam's creativity in decorating her boiled eggs for work. 
♥ Two Swans sitting next to a Grey Heron on the river, looking like it's body guards!
♥ My pansys starting to sprout.
♥ Collecting my first wage from my new jobs! (And spending some of it ironically on cleaning supplies :P)
♥ Seeing Baker open his Easter gifts. (Video here!) 
Elena saying the sweetest thing about me. 
♥ Going to see the lambs again.
 Baker playing with his awesome new frizbee!

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.

TATTOOS: and animals... ink saving fur by Illustrated Teacup
Oliver's Easter Basket by Little O and Me
DIY Decorated Wooden Easter Bunnies by The Life of Dee
Our Day in Southport by Paper Crowned
Throwback Thursday: Warkworth Castle by Genius vs Beauty 
Easter Crafts with Children by Whimsical Mumblings 
Fandom: My Time in a Harry Potter Film by Prompts by Dee
On A New Start... by Sophie Louise Anne
A Trip to Mill Race Garden Centre...Online by Lisa's Life
The Boyfriend Tag by Lose the Road
The Wedding Diaries: The Little Details by Queen Beady 
Ecuador Week 8, New Faces, Old Friends by Rowan: Resident Zoologist 
My Spring Bucket List 2015 by Prompts by Dee
Arts 'n' Crafts | Easter Egg Fun by Bloo N Stuff
Introducing Sir Pork Chop by Crumbs in the Bed
Easter Cupcakes by Gill McLaughlin
Nerdy Must Haves by Melificent
Has Spring Sprung in Cumbria? by Bangkok Girl

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!

This weeks word is - Hide
The best type of 'hide', is a bird hide!

Other Articles etc of Interest.

The amazing moment stray dogs showed up at a funeral to pay respects to the kindly lady who used to feed them 
26 Magical Ideas For A Hogwarts Themed Wedding
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What I've Watched.

[!] Cinderella (2015) 
[!] Saved by the Bell: The New Class Series 4
[!] Labour Pains
[!] Annie (2014)
[!] Just My Luck
[!] Getting There 

Question of the Week.

How do you & your guy experience Disneyland Paris as childless adults? (from Jean Marie of Wanderlust Guide)

Well first up, Jake doesn't! haha He goes as far as to say he 'hates' Disney and won't even watch a movie with me. I'm pretty lucky that he still lets me fill our home with it and even buys me lots of stuff.  
As for myself I find that going to Disney without children is even more special. Fairytales and Disney in general mean so much to me that I can't really express in words, so going to Disneyland is a million times more special to me now, as an adult, than it was a child.  
I'm not the biggest fan of kids (or more so the ones that are running around these days acting like grown ups and obsessed with technology) - but Disney makes everyone act differently, so when there is a spoiled child screaming because they're not allowed their 15th stick of sugar of the day I just smile and walk past haha. 
On my last trip I actually met a couple who were in their 30's from Holland and the lady had brought her partner to Disneyland for his first ever trip. We also saw a big group of OAPs, all in wheelchairs who had been brought for a day trip and looked like they were having an amazing time. Just goes to show Disney isn't just for kids.

There we have it, another awesome week of life! How has your week been? Remember, even if you've had some downs they are only there to make the ups seem that much more special. Please sit down at the end of each day and think of 3 things that made you smile during the course of it, be thankful for what you have and as always share those things with me in the comments!!


  1. Aw thank you so much for the post mention! AND commenter of the month!? You sure put a smile on my face today :)
    I can't believe your bf hates Disney!! I don't think mine likes it as much as I do, but he humours me ( thankfully lol!)
    As always, loved your post! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. You are more than welcome - you always support me so much, I just want to show my appreciation.

      Oh I know, I dont know how anyone can dislike Disney. My other half is a special type of different ;)


  2. I always enjoy these posts, so many great links and blog posts to catch up with and read and I love that gorgeous last photo, the pose of the bird is perfect! Lovely post. - Tasha

    1. I love that they have become so well liked! They're always fun to put together as I do it bit by bit all through the week.
      Fun fact about that photo of the bird - I was actually that close. I had no zoom lens and it was taken at 18mm on my standard lens.

      Thank you Tasha!

  3. "Remember, even if you've had some downs they are only there to make the ups seem that much more special. Please sit down at the end of each day and think of 3 things that made you smile during the course of it" - I really love this sentiment. I have a bad habit of focusing on the negative and letting myself feel overwhelmed by stress and worries, so I've started to keep a notepad by my bed where I jot down all of the little things which have made me smile that day. It's nice to flick back through and remember all of the positive things which have happened, especially if I've had a bad day.


    1. I think everyone has had moments in their life where they go through that same bad habit, I know I have. Feeling sorry for myself and thinking the silliest, tiny thing is the end of the world.
      I love the notepad idea!! A great thing to have on those down days :)


  4. Such gorgeous photos as well! I really want to see Cinderella (but mostly I want to see Frozen Fever) :P I still can't believe Jake hates Disney! That's crazy talk! xx

    1. Aw thank you!
      Cinderella was amazing, way better than Frozen! Although the Frozen Fever short was really good too.
      Indeed, not a fan at all unfortunately.