Friday, 24 April 2015

Who Do They Think You Are #11

Hello again strangers! To find out more about this series please click here.
And let the guessing begin...

A 23 year old Female had these guesses! - 
Name: Kerry or Louise 
Age: Around 26ish
Location: Lancashire/Preston/some other place up here.
Occupation: A nurse or something with a creative aspect.
Hobbies: Reading, music, travelling maybe? Exploring local treasures? Haha I don't know lol
Musical taste: Indie, electro, rock.
Other: She looks friendly & like maybe she does a caring or creative kind of job or hobbies. Maybe she is quite outgoing and as much as she loves a cosy night in with a takeaway and a glass of wine, nothing beats classy cocktails and dinner with the girls (though not a party girl). I kind of feel like maybe she's quite family oriented too like she's close to her family they have fun together :)

A 36 year old Female thought this - 
Name:  Claire
Age: 31
Location: Leeds
Occupation: Nurse
Hobbies include: Martial arts
Musical taste: Pop/dance 
Other: Very sociable, easy to get on with, likes a laugh.

A 34 year old Male had this to say -
Name: Anna 
Age: 22
Location: South coast UK.
Occupation: Student. 
Hobbies include: Reading and Cooking.
Musical taste: Mainstream top 40s
Other: Fun-loving, easy going. Genuine sort of person who is well liked by her peer group.  Studious sort who enjoys the study and does well. 

A 25 year old female answered the following - 
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 20
Location: London
Occupation: She looks like she could be a teacher for small children. Maybe at a daycare!
Hobbies: I don't know why, but I could see her playing the flute.
Music: Mainstream music... anything that plays on the radio.
Other: She looks like the quiet type. Not really shy, just more reserved and to herself. I feel like she sticks to a good schedule, like going to bed early, eating three meals a day, etc. haha

The Lady herself tells us the truth about! -
Name: Sarah
Age: 24
Location: South West, UK. Middle of the countryside!
Occupation: Stay at home mum
Hobbies include: Blogging, crafting, massive movie obsessive.
Musical taste: Feel good Pop (the cheesy stuff), Rock, anything really, just not R & B!
Other: Friendly and Down to earth. Slightly OTT and immature sense of humour! 
Soon to be mum of 2. Would like to train as a primary school teacher.

Pop over and check out Sarah's brilliant blog at Whimsical Mumblings!

For the background behind this series click here. And to take part by either being judged or judging a photo please email me at underlandtowonderland[@] with 'STRANGERS' in the subject line!


  1. I love these posts!! So interesting! I'm going to email you soon, I would love to have my photo judged. It would be so fun reading what others guess!

    Renee | Lose The Road

    1. I'm glad you like it! Yes!! Make sure you do, I'd love to have you as part of the series!


  2. These posts are great! What a good idea. I'd love to see what people thought of me! It's interesting that the first two people thought she was nurse.

    1. Thanks! Pop me an email and we'll soon find out ;) haha
      I know right?! Very weird!


  3. I loved this post, and taking part.
    Thank you for having me :)
    Everyone said pretty true things, and nice things. It makes me happy! :)
    Sarah xx

    1. No, thank YOU!
      I'm glad you were happy with the outcome :P


  4. I love reading these! So cool. Keep doing this! It's really nice to see how people think of someone else.
    Jade x

    1. Thanks Jade! Great to know people enjoy them :)