Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Disneyland Paris TAG!

Good day fine fellows and welcome to my new tag! I've noticed a little gap in the market so to speak so decided to act on it. There are numerous Disney tags and Disney World tags, of course as usual the focus is on America. Seeing as I'll never get to visit those parks and am a complete advocate for Disneyland Paris I wanted to create this. I hope you enjoy!!

1. What year did you first visit DLP and how old were you?
1996. I was 6 years old and my Mam and Dad actually took me for my 6th birthday.

2. Which of the Disney hotels have you stayed in, if any, and do you have a favorite?
I've stayed in the Disneyland Hotel, Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe so far. However I will be staying in the Sequoia Lodge on my next visit in 2016. I think out of the ones I have stayed in the Cheyenne was my favorite mainly because of the restaurant and lobby/reception area. Santa Fe was lovely too but I didn't enjoy the restaurant as much. As for the Disneyland Hotel, it is far too upper class for someone like me and although the hotel, facilities and staff were fantastic, other visitors (who were dressed to the nines just for visiting Disneyland) made me feel quite out of place.

3. Let us in on where the best places to eat within both parks and the Disney Village are.
Annette's Diner! That is in the Disney Village and is so much fun. Its a typical American diner with amazing food and at certain times of the day the staff (who are mostly on roller skates) get up onto the tables etc to sing and dance!
Cable Car Bake Shop on Main Street USA is a underrated little gem I think with yummy muffins and hot chocolate where on our last visit we spent most of our 'tea time treats'.
Lastly I think Café Hyperion in Discoveryland deserves a mention too. My main reason for choosing this place in particular is how you can sit and enjoy some old Disney classic cartoons, while eating your lunch, on the big screen. As far as I am aware (as I've experienced it) it is also one of the many places that they bring out extra characters if and when everyone heads indoors due to bad weather. The story behind the design etc is very interesting too but I think I've bored you enough with restaurant talk without that! (But give it a Google!)
As you can see I prefer more casual places and although I've eaten in places like the Silver Spur Steakhouse, I'm much more at home with the menus elsewhere.

4. Where is your first port of call when entering the Disneyland Park?
Well seeing as I almost always take advantage of the extra magical hours which you get when staying in a Disney hotel, not everywhere is open yet. After making the most of there not being many people around and taking lots of photos at the Bandstand, down Main Street and of the castle at sunrise, I have to say that Le Carrousel de Lancelot has often been the typical first ride.

5. Do you have a favorite 'land'? If so why?
I adore each land for different reasons and if you have checked out my blog posts showing the details of each one you'll realize how hard I find this to answer. For the purpose of not avoiding my own questions I'm going to say Frontierland. I adore the River Boat 'ride' and who can't visit Phantom Manor at least 3 times per holiday??

6. Which ride could you ride over and over and never tire of?
Most of them to be fair! Well minus the roller coasters etc, I'm not a 'big' ride person. I'm going to be greedy and pick a few... Peter Pan's Flight, Pirates of the Caribbean and Ratatouille.

7. Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios park?
Disneyland Park. But only just!

8. Tell us about your favorite character meeting ever at DLP.
In 2010, at Toon Town in the Walt Disney Studios park when meeting Stitch! It really was an absolute dream of a meeting for someone that isn't a child and doesn't have a child and proves that everyone is treat the same at Disney.
As soon as Stitch appeared infront of the waiting queue he ran right up the line giving high fives to everyone but stopped in his tracks at me. He took hold of my hand and tried to pull me to the front of the line receiving laughs from everyone, but then obviously was shepherded off by his accompanying cast member.
When it was our turn he ran over to me and gave me the biggest hug and pulled me to the middle of the meeting point or whatever. He signed my book and drew a big heart then got down on one knee posing for photos and kissing my hand - it was very overwhelming to be made such a fuss of but for some reason my usual anxiety subsides a little when I'm in Disneyland and I was over the moon to get such a great experience.
Not only that but when it came to switching places with the person I was with Stitch wasn't happy. He put his hand in front of their face for the photos, stole his autograph book and wiped it on his bum, before running off behind the scenes and getting other random characters to deface his book! It was hilarious and even more so looking back on it. haha

9. What is a parade/show from any year that is most memorable to you?
The Main Street Electrical Parade that I saw in 1996. It ran from 1992 - 2003, and especially from a childs eyes, it was completely magical with the floats and cast members costumes covered in lights.

10. You can only ride one - Mad Hatters Teacups or Dumbo the Flying Elephant?
Dumbo! It's another hard question to answer but the views that you can get when riding Dumbo, especially at dawn and dusk steal the show and win my heart.

11. What do you think is the best attraction in the Walt Disney Studios park?
I would say the Ratatouille ride, but seeing as I've already used that as an answer in this tag, I'm going to say Animagique. I've seen it multiple times but always have a ball, singing along and enjoying the unique style of the stage performance.

12. Describe your happiest Disneyland Paris memory of all time.
Isn't every memory at Disneyland Paris happy? haha I've sooo many!
I've enjoyed meeting the amazing staff, characters and sometimes other guests.
Spotting the herons while on the river boat, the birds perched in trees and of the sides of buildings and the ducks wandering around wherever they please.
I love seeing people trying to take a family photo then running over to ask if they'd like me to take one for them so they can all be in it.
The first go on each ride when you haven't been on them for a few years is always a brilliant moment.
I could keep going but this post is already long enough  :P

There we have it, just more of my thoughts on Disneyland Paris. If you missed it the first time around I did a whole huge series of posts of reviews, photography and more from my last trip there last year which you can find here
Now for the whole point of tags posts...

I tag my lovely friends who I know have been to DLP -


Once you have done it, please make sure to come back here and leave the link to it in the comments for other people to read!


  1. As someone whose never been to Disneyland Paris this was really interesting to read and I love your cute photos! The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is one I am dying to experience just once, but they all look so good! - Tasha

    1. I always hope to make people who've never been, think about going. It really is fabulous and way better than people who prefer the American parks say. You can't experience POTC just once, you'll want to go on over and over!! haha


  2. Making up a tag, now that's a whole other level of this tagging malarky! But, I will admit, I did enjoy reading your answers. I love hearing people talk about things they love, I love hearing (and seeing) people having the best time.

    1. Well ya know, gotta step up my game! Plus couldn't have DLP being left out!! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
      Hopefully it'll be you having the best time next year! ;)

    2. Great post Danielle! I've never been to Disneyland so it was great to read and learn about it in your answers :D


  3. Ahh I've only been to DLP once and that was when I was about 10 years old. I don't remember very much from the trip except going round the Haunted Mansion about 10 times in a row then having it break down :') xx

    1. I'm surprised you of all people haven't been a lot more! It's a lot better these days, they've expanded it well.


  4. Here's my post after being tagged-
    It's so nice reading about everyone else's experiences xo

    1. Yay! Thanks for doing it. Really enjoyed reading.


  5. I love this post! I only went to Disneyland Paris once when I was really little so only remember little bits of it. We went over halloween so it had all the decorations up which was really cool. Hoping to go back soon! xxx

    1. Thank you! Yeah, apart from photos, videos and what my parents of told me - I can't really remember much either.
      I went over Halloween last year and it was amazing! It'll be part of the Christmas celebrations next time I visit so I'm looking forward to photographing those decorations.


  6. Oh wow, this post made me really pine to go back to Disneyland Paris! I haven't been in three years and it feels so long ago. It was the first Disney park I visited, back when I was 10, and I celebrated my 21st there too, so it's got such a special place in my heart. I visited during their 20th birthday and it was so special - the anniversary show against the castle was spectacular.

    Thank you for tagging me! I'll let you know when I've written my post!


    1. Yay!! I know what it's like, I was only there last October but it still feels like its years since I was there haha. Aw yeah I remember that. I wish I could of been there for that! I was there for the Mickey's Magical Party Time though which was fun!

      Cannot wait to read yours!!