Sunday, 17 May 2015

Weekly Reflections // Week 32

May 10th - 16th.

Favourite Photo.
[Will re-upload in better quality when my internet decides to work properly ;P]

Top Thankful or Happy Moments.
♥ Getting my printer up and running!
♥ Seeing Mr Otter in the river again.
♥ Counting 12 different species of bird within my 15 minute walk to work.
♥ Adding 7 'new' preloved Disney VHS to my collection.
♥ Getting the 'your camera has been dispatched' email!
♥ Crying at every other paragraph in the last few chapters of 'The Deathly Hallows' despite having already read it at least 5 times.
♥ Sitting on the sofa all day (minus work and Bakers walk) on Thursday after a week of being non-stop.
♥ Photographing Sand Martins.
♥ The look on Bakers face as he bolts towards the sea when we get to the beach.
♥ Having the time to catch up on a big chunk of blogs!
♥ Being DIY queen and doing some artexing and painting for Mam and Dad.

Best Blogs or Posts I've Enjoyed.
A Photoshoot and Interview With Miss Yorkshire 2015
Out of the Woods by Life Outside London
Overnight in the Inyo National Forest by Dear Skim
Walking around lake Buttermere | Lake District days out by Sophie in the Sticks
The Easiest Milkshake Ever by Dorkface
A Day Out in North Yorkshire by Gingerbread Smiles
Disney Trip Adventures- My top tips on Meeting Characters by Cakey Dreamer
A Photoshoot and Interview With Miss Yorkshire 2015 by Sunnydei
Soap & Glory Wishlist by Hey Claire Bear

Bloggers Group Hug.
Bloggers Group Hug = S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here, & join!
This weeks word is - Traditional
Tradition and being traditional is a big part of my lifestyle. I am a 24 year old, born in 1990 who should of been born 100 years previous if my beliefs and 'traditional British' values are anything to go by. That being said some traditions are better left dead and buried like that of the using hounds, horses and guns to chase and kill beautiful, innocent foxes. If you are from the UK and wish to keep this 'tradition' banned please sign this petition because the current ban is set to be appealed within the next!

Next weeks word is - Yourself

Other Articles etc of Interest.
Classic Cars Next to Their Modern Model.
This Guy Didn’t Know How Long His Puppy Had To Live So He Filmed Her Every Day

What I've Watched.
[!] The Cheetah Girls
[!] Ratatouille

Question of the Week.
Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend if it meant saving them from life imprisonment?
It depends if they were guilty or not! If they had done the crime, they should pay the time no matter how good of a friend/family member. Laws are there for a reason and I don't condone rule breaking. However if they had been falsely accused or set up I might think about lying...if it were the very last option until I could prove their innocence. Probably not though...


  1. That photo is so sweet Danielle! Sophie's post about Buttermere has been one of my favourite posts recently too, such a pretty place. I really hope that the hunting ban is left where it is, there's no reason for it to be repealed - such a shame thye're even considering it! Great post, as always, Danielle! - Tasha

    1. Thanks Tasha :) Yes, Ive been very jealous of those posts from Sophie! And indeed - lets hope nothing comes of it. Its the only reason I didnt vote for them as I usually do.


  2. UGH YES!! I love your BGH! Some traditions need to die.. definitely!! SO glad you thought of this because I actually haven't !
    I truly wish more people think like this.
    Jasey x

    1. Thank you! :) Are there any cruel sports like that where you live??


  3. Yay for dispatch emails! I still need to reply to your email! I forgot over the weekend haha.

    1. Yay!! I still need to reply to YOUR email. I've been busy but I don't know with what lol.


  4. That's such a wicked photo! Beautiful in black & white :) xox

    1. Ah thank you!!! They're doing their 'cute' faces apparently :P